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Responses to Convo Hub

  1. patty says:

    love your website – read it every day.

  2. Shelah Layton says:


    I was looking at your living room pictures and there is so much I love about that space you created, I want to first say that you are very talented and I’m learning a lot from everything you post. Where did you get those leather sofas? I love that coffee table and would love to create one of my own, should I located a local welder? Thanks for sharing!

    • you guys keep giving me the best ideas for posts! πŸ˜‰ Yes, I would hire a welder. But the good news is, that once it’s done, its done, and you can switch out the tops! {I plan on doing that one to mine, soon!} And I think the leather couches are from rooms to go-purchased a long time ago, and I have a love hate relationship, but theyre perfect for now, for our three wiley children! πŸ˜‰

      • Shelah Layton says:

        Thanks for the info! I would like more instructions on the coffee table. Such as, size, and the material you use for the top that can be interchanged, is it ply wood? Also, how did you decorate it, paint and stencils?

  3. Kimberly says:

    I know this post is super old, but I just stumbled upon your blog and was looking around……and wanted you to know….

    I wear that dress. As a dress.

    And I sleep with a minister, too. :)

  4. Minda Montes says:

    Hello, I just found your blog (thru Nester) and your home is fantastic, you’ve done such an amazing job. Your kitchen is my favorite room of all.
    I have a question for you and I’ll admit that I’ve only found you today so I haven’t searched through your past posts yet…..but do you sell your paintings? Do you paint & sell? For some reason that sounds funny to me. Anyway, I am in LOVE with the painting of the nest in your living room. Love Love Love!
    The moment it popped up on my screen it just screamed out to me.;-)

  5. Amber says:

    Hi, Just stumbled upon your website from the Nester and Love, love, love your house. beautiful. My question is what color pain did you use in your living room. The color plays wonderfully against the frames you have! Thanks!

  6. Amber says:

    ha ha,.. never mind. Just found them while i was searching through your wonderful sight. Can I say you inspired me! Now…. if only I can wrangle up some time …. :)

  7. Christina says:

    I found your blog last month via The Lettered Cottage… and well.. I’m hooked and can’t stop reading! Trying to get those cute thank you notes… I can’t find the list where it says thankyounavy thankyougold thankyougreen. When I hit the button to go to the list- it just opens a window where you can see all the freebies posts but no way to download :( Would LOVE to use these- they are so cheery :) I love all of your stuff :)

    • hey girl. We’re in the process of trying to fix that, since we just moved two days ago. Still trying to work out the kinks, and bring those PDFS back over. Check back in a few days, and it should be working. πŸ˜‰

  8. Michele says:

    The dresser that your TV sits on is the same dresser that I had growing up. Now my niece has it in her room. Let me tell you, it’s tough trying to fit much of anything in the small drawers that run down both sides — at least from a clothing perspective — but would come in handy for DVDs, CDs, craft supplies, etc. (My niece agrees)

  9. Christina says:

    ooh ooh! it’s working now, ashley. thanks so much :)

  10. erin says:

    Found your site through The Nester. I have been struggling with curtains. We have vertical blinds that I want to get rid of, the husband disagrees. Just ordered curtain panels from Penney’s for my toddler’s room and they are not very appealing, but they will do for now. You are really boosting my confidence on borrowing a sewing machine and getting acquainted with it. I looked for curtains for 2-3 days on the internet and it was a nightmare.

  11. Jadie Creeger says:

    Such a great idea! {I am referring to the crib spring memory board thing, but I don’t see it at the top?} Really love your site, has inspired lots of little projects around here…My house is a little bit prettier because of you! Also can’t help but adore the way you talk …err write, because it totally sounds the way I talk to my friends and they never quite can figure me out… like chandy :)

  12. The room is so pretty! I love the new header and name. :)

  13. Bethany says:

    I also am new here, also found through Nester, and also LOVE EVERYTHING.

    Alrighty, since this seems to be the place for random questions, here’s mine… :) You said you made the photo frames for the vintage paper doll clothes in your daughter’s room. Was that wrapping paper you used? Or just how did you make those? I’m looking for some aquaish wrapping paper like that, and was just wondering if that’s what yours is or where you got it. :)


  14. Tiffany says:

    I just discovered your blog and have really enjoyed it. Very inspirational. I am also new to sewing myself! Its amazing what you can do with a little work and a LOT of patience!

    I need some design inspiration – my husband and I keep a dry erase board in the kitchen to jot down a running grocery list as well as meal ideas and notes to each other. We’ve recently decided that we need to expand this to include a monthly calendar. Any tips for creating a stylish fun calendar that won’t look like it came straight out of a corporate office??

  15. Christian W. says:

    Hey there Ashley! I found your blog thru Mandie at Altar’d and I am currently in a MAJOR rut when it comes to decorating. I love the post on your paint colors, and was wondering if you ever gave ideas out for people with uber high ceilings? My problem is that the living room, kitchen and dining room are all one room, and my ceilings are about 20 feet. I am afraid to paint because of the largeness of the room! I love your colors, but wonder if you might have chosen differently because of the ceiling height? Thanks also for posting about everyday life. I can SO relate to many of the mommy posts :) Glad to know I’m not the only one!

    • hey Christian! I think that that would give me even more reason to go with a fun, bold color, to really make a statement. My colors are so light, they almost read as neutrals, so I LOVE them. I would think that high ceilings would be a challenge to paint as far as labor, but COMPLETELY worth it in the end. I am a color gal. I say go for it. no fear. all the way. {I’m thinking about bringing back the “no fear” t-shirt craze. thoughts? maybe beside a hyper color one as well to help us choose our wall colors. sweet.}

  16. Jenny says:

    I love your idea on splitting a spindle to place on the island. The guy at HD looked at the spindle in my hand when I asked him if he could cut it in half lengthwise and he got all nervous and said no. :( Did your hubby jig up anything special to make sure it didn’t split?

    • Hey! Jamin didn’t do anything specific. He simply measured it out, and carefully cut. It made me nervous, but he didn’t have any problems. And he’s no Ty. {he’s my Ty. bless him-he knows that.} I say go for it!

  17. Your home. is. so. FUN! I stumbled here and am in heaven…:) I wanted to know where you got your art work. The phone, the egsgs, truck…etc…Did you do them? In love!

    XoXo, Meme from Screaming Meme

  18. Mia says:

    I love your website and all your projects! I notice you post pins from Pinterest often. Are you on Pinterest? I would love to follow you!

  19. Cary says:

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!! I love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Katie says:

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog. It is love at first sight. Where did you purchase the frames with your family photos? I love how different non-traditional. Perhaps they will be a starting point for me in a living room redo. I’m looking forward to coming back to visit.

    • hey katie! thanks for stopping by! I am not sure which ones you are referring to…if you are talking about the ones over the tv, they were either revamped or handmade. I will be covering more of that, soon! πŸ˜‰ let me know if you have any specific questions!

  21. ashlee c says:

    i absolutely love what you have done with all of your amazing picture frames/family photos. it is so heart warming and personalized. we’ve been living in our new house for nearly 8 months now – and we don’t have a single picture on the walls. which is a CRYING SHAME. i have the most wonderful collection of old family photos, dating all the way back to the early 1900s. it’s such a shame that i don’t have them on display…yet. working on it! you’re my inspiration to get the job done :)

  22. Jennifer says:

    Just made three sets of the monogramed coasters (as gifts) they look so cute!!!!!! thanks for the fabulous (and oh so easy) tutorial!!!! Keep ’em coming

  23. Jennifer Talley says:

    Can u comment on your “go to” trim color? I’m choosing colors for a spec house and don’t want to use the “builder beige” color scheme, but still want to keep it universally acceptable. Is there such thing as basic without being boring?

    • Hey Jennifer! At the moment, my go-to is the entire color we painted our laundry room and kitchen in. ;} benjamin moore’s chantilly lace. It is a very crisp white, and I love it for walls, AND trim. ;} I hope that helps!

  24. ashlee says:

    hey ashley,

    i’ve been searching my brain, trying to figure out how you’ve made all these amazing huge wooden frames..the ones in your bathroom, living room, emerson’s room, etc. how did you do it? what kind of wood did you use?

    • hey girl! I always go with MDF. If you can wait a few months, I have an ebook coming out about that. It will be a few months from now, so if you can wait, everything you have questions about should be included, and more. πŸ˜‰

      • ashlee says:

        hey ashley :)

        just coming back to this comment.

        my husband attempted to make one of your ‘mdf frames’ today. he wasn’t sure what tool to use (in your picture on the diy striped tutorial, he thought it was a circular saw…) so he used a jigsaw. but he had a hard time getting an even cut that wasn’t straight.

        can you help us out?


        • ashlee says:

          i mean…i meant to say that he had a hard time getting a cut that WAS straight, lol. it was kind of waver-y in some points. & yes, that’s my made up word. haha.

  25. Tiffany says:

    OK, I have been spoiled by the introduction to Spoonflower and all your gawgeous curtains! I hate everything I see in stores now–ha! But I don’t know anyone who sews, and, at this point in life, learning how to myself is just not something I can take on. Any advice for someone consigned to buy?

  26. Jennifer says:

    Love your blog! I can’t figure out how to scroll thru old posts… any suggestions? I can’t read anything beyond the eight or so on the front page.

  27. Lindsey says:

    Hi there, LOVE your blog. Your design style screams to me! I just want to hope through the computer and come on over. Can you tell me the fabric used on your living room pillows? The blue and white stripe? Also the yellow drapes in your girl’s room? Keep up the wonderful blog! Thanks.

    • hi Lindsey! I need to link the blog up to the one that talks about the fabrics, huh? πŸ˜‰ Sorry about that. The blue stripe is from and its waverly, if you search it will pop up. The yellow is part of the premier prints collection from the same site. Hope that helps! πŸ˜‰

  28. Jenny Kassera says:

    I haven’t had the kids under my dress BUT I have another kind of exposure. My kids, including my husband as one of the kids, pull on my shirt. As a pastor’s wife we are to dress appropriately but “friends” have made comments to my hubby about how I wear shirts that are too low cut. REALLY?!?!? Do they not see that I have kids yanking my shirt down and stretching them out? And of course, my husband didn’t stand up for me and say that I am constantly getting pulled at! I am embarrassed on a weekly basis with kids pulling my shirt down. Seriously, EVERY week! Then sometimes they get a hold of the nursing bra and unlatch the flap while pulling the shirt down. Grrrr

    People understand when the kids do things like that, but in my case some people have to witness it to get it through their worthless minds.

  29. Becca says:

    Girl, you are not the only one who has been so exposed by her naughty children! :)
    I was in a restaurant not too long ago, trying to catch my 3 year old from running all around creation and picked him up and what did he do? The little bugger grabbed the middle of the neck of my shirt and – I kid you not- pulled it all the way down to my BELLY BUTTON! Now I am a well-endowed, nursing momma (not nursing my 3 yr old-thats not how I roll. I also have a sweet little 1 year old girl) and I’m sure whoever saw the heinous act got quite a show! Talk about embarrassing. But what do you do? Just look around, laugh nervously and try to recover whatever little dignity you have left. Our mishaps make for great stories later, don’t they?
    Love your blog. :)

  30. Nancy says:

    “Sometimes I wonder if stuff like this happens to anyone else…or if I’ve been especially appointed to endure certain amounts of regularly induced humiliation.”

    Word. πŸ˜‰

  31. sarah kemp says:

    your blog is absolutely amazing. thank you for the inspiration!

  32. Sara says:

    Oh my! This is my life. Thank you for encouraging me to laugh at myself. Totally necessary stuff!

  33. samone says:

    THANKYOU so much for the lovely printables.
    I now have abc for my playroom wall, nursery art and a chore chart!

  34. sher says:

    I just adore your blog. I love everything about it. I also love how you did Emmy’s room. I adore paper dolls. I love finding old things and framing them. Great job!

  35. sara says:

    I could love an entire afternoon on your website! :) I love your wall photo collages and I am DESPERATELY behind in putting family pictures (ok, any pictures) up! Love the frames & the arrangement! I’m going to try to tear myself away now πŸ˜‰

  36. Karen says:

    This is a blog post I did in my last pregnancy years ago (YES!), if you have time to read it you will see you are soooooo not alone.

  37. Alisha says:

    Hey Ashley! I’ve noticed your are posting some of your old projects on your new site. Β Yay! Β I have a request. Β You did a little girls room with a white daybed and light blue walls that I absolutely loved! I was going to refer back if we had another girl and now that we did I’m totally bummed that I can’t find it. Β So, please, please consider re-posting it one day. In not in a hurry since I’m not sleeping enough to take on a project yet! Β :-) Thanks girl!

  38. Leanne says:

    Um, Wow. My daughter is almost nine months old… It’s not too early for me to make her these, right? πŸ˜‰

  39. Lesley says:

    Oh we had a possum incident recently.. Dog going crazy barking, she caught the possum, took a chunk out of it .. ! My husband, in his pajama pants, double bagged it and scooped it into the large trash can. TWO days later, dog is barking mad at the trash can! Husband opens can to find possum alive and well, but pretending to be dead again.. hanging onto the inside lip of the can !!!! He rolled the can to the creek and dropped her off !!

  40. MacKinzie says:

    Just stumbled onto your blog! Love it!! I am really loving your kids’ playroom! You have done a beautiful job with your house:)

  41. You – and this – and your blog in general are just ADORABLE!!! And this comes in a week where I am covered – literally – in poo. Toilet training sucks big time. Your chart puts a smile back on my face. So thankyou. xo

  42. Ashley, I just came across your blog and I can’t get enough! I absolutely love your home and your style. The colors you use throughout your home are just beautiful. I would love to add a few of your room images to the inspiration galleries on my site and include you in a feature post. Let me know if you’re interested!

  43. Beth Miller says:

    Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that your “Regina the rabbit and lulu the lamb” post saved me today! I was making a crayon folio that I spied on Pinterest and totally winging it without a pattern. When it came time to attach the handles, I had them all pinned in place and something didn’t look right. I had a flashback to your post and suddenly remembered that the handles needed to be INSIDE before I sewed it all up and turned it right side out! Whew! That saved me a lot of seam ripping! Thanks for being real. I so wish you lived in Nashvegas!
    A faithful stalker, I mean follower :)

  44. Leanne says:

    If I don’t do this my head will explode. LOVE I’m thinking high gloss candy apple red! yay! a new project!

  45. Renee says:


    I noticed the blue dresser in the boys’ room. Did you and Jamin paint that yourselves? If so, do you remember what colors you used? I am loving it!


  46. Ashley H says:

    Hi Ashley! I have had so much fun since finding your website a couple weeks ago. I must say, your style choices match my taste perfectly! I was midway through redecorating my kitchen when I found your site and it turned out looking a lot like yours! :) My next project: we are finishing our bonus room this fall/winter. The color I envision for my walls is this color on your living room walls. What brand/color is it? I love how it’s bright but not over the top. Please let me know! And if you want to do a post on setting up a bonus room (that serves as play room/office) I would thoroughly enjoy. πŸ˜‰ Thanks!

  47. Shannon says:

    Hi! This is going to sound like a broken record, but wow, your site is ah-mazing! I am in the beginning stages of designing a room for my 2 year old daughter. I happened by your entry on the Polkadot Peacock and must say it was meant to be as your taste so perfectly captured the look I am going for. With swatches on the way, I wanted to begin moving along and was curious as the “blue” paint color you referenced in your post. I clicked on the link but it didn’t take me to a paint color but rather another page on the site.

    {Here’s the link:}

    If you could tell me which paint color and the maker that would be so very helpful! Thanks so much! I also can’t thank you enough for your detailed notes about your inspiration board. Even though I love designing and coming up with ideas on my own, why fix something that clearly isn’t broken. Thanks to your time and efforts, I can point, click, and in most cases buy! Perfection!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Shannon – Thank you so much for your sweet words! I appreciate you dropping a line! I’ve noticed recently that polkadot peacock has stopped carrying a few things, and picked up some new products. One of these things is the Serena and Lily paint colors. I chose this from their colors, and it no longer works because they no longer carry them. I am pretty sure, however, that it is pool. try this and tell me if it looks similar! you can order samples from them. {and if they’re pricey, have it mixed somewhere else to save a little money} Thanks so much and I hope this helps!

  48. Jennie West says:

    Pleeease. Can you email me where you got the rocking chair now in your boys room? I have searched and searched your blog for mention of it but have come up empty. I beg of you. : ) love your blog! Such an inspiration!

  49. LauraC says:

    So glad I just found your site (via How About Orange)! I am in. love. with your kitchen (and kids’ loft). Just pinned them both to pintrest! Thanks, and congrats on a beautiful family and home. (Oh, and thank you for the vintage car pics; I just printed them out for my sister’s sister-in-law’s new baby boy (yeah, wrap your head around that one)!)

  50. Nesbi Maret Hernandez says:

    Re: No one told me that reinforcing the idea of manners in my children requires the patience and tact of a flipping ninja warrior trained by martha stewart herself.

    Hear Hear!
    I began when my eldest was a year old, with example always saying Please and Thank you… Still have to remind them (Now I have 2 )

    Love your Blog, Thank you!

  51. Wanda Icenhower says:

    Just saw you on Nate Berkus today. Fell in love with you and your style! And you are a Southern Girl (G.R.I.T.S) to boot. Great family. You are learning the secret about what life is really about.

  52. Betty F says:

    Saw you on Nate’s show today. Great job!!! You are as talented as Nate, very creative. I put your site in my favorites so i can visit again.

  53. Marcia says:

    Saw the segment on Nates show.. very intrigued. I am an empty nester, who can only afford diy projects, (on a fixed income.) But even if I weren’t I think I wd like doing things myself, they mean more to me that way. I am interested in ideas for wall art that I can do myself. Love the driftwood star you did!I have 2 matching bureaus and they are wood I wd like to paint them white or off white, maybe shabby chic?? Don’t know how to prepare them for the paint. Gotta clue??

  54. Tabatha says:


    Saw you on Nate Burkus show. Totally looovvvee your style. Your home is gorgeous! Did you make that robins egg nest painting? If not, where did you get it? I am in love with that.


  55. Jane says:

    My mom just text me saying I had to come check out your site. Good ole mom! I love everything, I’ve already spent a good chunk of time looking around and I’m about to continue. Great stuff!

  56. Katey says:

    LOVE your blog! Love, Love, and even LURVE!!!! Big time.

    Quick question – the signs you made for the playroom (dream, imagine, etc)…I’m dying to know where you found the polka-dot paper that you used for the dream sign. It screams everything that is good about my home and I’ve got to get my hands on some of it! Thanks!!

  57. Sara says:

    Hi Ashley!
    Love your home! Gorgeous! I was looking up your idea boards for the Yellow House Project. I’m wondering if they have a blog to see what they have actually done with their house from your ideas? I can’t seem to find anything!

  58. Annette says:

    Thank you for the tutorial on tea staining. I just finished one of my end tables and LOVE it!! Can’t wait to get started on the other one.

  59. Anne Marie says:

    I Love everything in your kitchen. What paint color did you use on the walls?

  60. Roxanne says:

    I am new to your site (thanks Nate!) and absolutely love all of your ideas! Now on to my question….(because you will know a great answer…I’m positive!)
    I bought 4 porch pillars and 2 gates from a torn down 1800’s farmhouse…, I had some friends make me a bed, which I adore! My faux pas was having them paint it (What was I thinking?!). Gone is the chippy wood, and rusted gates that inspired me in the 1st place. How can I un-restore my bed? I’m afraid that sanding it will make it too smooth, and it’s too massive to take outside and beat with chains. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  61. Sarah Royal says:

    Found you on Nate and am absolutely giddy checking out your site….literally giggling with joy! Know that you are inspiring so many of us!

    PS: Which gray did you use in Emerson’s room? My master bedroom needs a lovely light gray, something airy but not too cool. That gray looks perfect.

    Thanks again!

  62. Amy says:

    Your sense of style is classic. I want to be you when I grow up. You are so creative. I love your site.

  63. sandra says:

    Hi there I just wanted to THANK YOU so very much for your wonderful potty partayy and chore charts, we have 2 special needs children and have been trying so hard to come up with different ways to help the toileting progress and getting them to help lil bit around the house and these hit the nail on the head so to speak SO THANK YOU so much for sharing all your wonderful post loved seeing what you been up to..hope your lil ones are helping out now and doing there four you said it is the lil things that HELP them as well as US so very much…huge hugs from aussieland

  64. Courtney says:

    If I can replicate exactly what you did I’d be the happiest ” Build your own kitchen project mom” in the world! We live in Hawaii so I’m hoping to come across some good pieces, it can be tricky to find good pieces! Thank you so much for this post!

  65. Meghan says:

    I want a room redo!

  66. Jeanne says:

    Love your website. Visited the Southern Proper Monogram site and loved it. My favorite item is the smaller 3 letter monogram that they show hanging with Christmas stockings. Please enter me for the drawing!

  67. Jen says:

    Thanks so much for the gift tag printable. I was planning to make photo bookmarks this year for my family and these are perfect. We can write messages on these and mount pictures on them and not have to pull out all the(unorganized) scrap booking material. Thank you for your wonderful website that is inspiring and most importantly not intimidating!

  68. Shannon says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your freebie gift tags!!

  69. Violet says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask..what kind of dog do you have? It’s so adorable. :) Your blog inspires me and I absolutely love your prints!

  70. Ashley,
    I stumbled across your blog this morning while on pinterest adding some ideas for my blog……I hardly ever comment on other bloggers and I have a good list of my ultimate favorite blogs, I was completely taken by your entire “site” “attitude” “decor” “motto” and just wanted to say congratulations! Then I recognized your dinning room (the egg print gave it away) I watched you on the Nate show and never remembered to look up your blog. Then I almost changed my mind on commenting because you’ve already made it, you must know how wonderful your blog is! Then something reminded me even the little praises are welcomed{ugh} if your still with me…..KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! I’m following now and added you to my blog roll as inspiration to work up to.

  71. Becca says:

    Just found your blog and have spent this rainy morning curled up in my fav chair soaking up your inspiration. I’ve had several artist “ah ha” moments and lots of mommy laughs. I enjoy your humor, insights and all you sidebar comments; sarcasm has never been in short supply in my family.

    Thank you for taking the time do post all your thoughts and family moments. I look forward to reading your blog for a long time!!

  72. Ann says:

    I work in a primary school in England we were learning about Thanksgiving and when l saw your thanksgiving tree l thought it was such a nice idea , we sent the leaves home and the children had to think of something they were thankful for all the parents and children enjoyed reading what everyone wrote.
    The tree is now in the school entrance for everyone to admire.
    Thanks what a lovely Idea.


  73. Ann says:

    wrong email sorry

  74. Eileen says:

    So as usual I am drooling over all your creativity! You keep me rolling! So we have just finally moved to a final location and I have a school room upstairs (like a bonus room) since I am now one of those weird home-school moms! Have you ever thought about designing a school room? Love the abacus chalk board thingie and Parrish is begging to do it-like right now with all the random wood I have just sitting around-yah right! Not sure how you do all this with three kids!

  75. Robin Barnes says:

    Hi, I like many others saw you on The Nate Berkus show. Your home is amazing and I love all of your great ideas! My favorite is your chalkboard refrigerator. I have an old stainless steel fridge that is not in the best of shape so I was thinking about trying this. I was doing some research on how to go about this when I found your blog….wooohoo…love it! Do you have any idea if the type of primer and paint you used will work on a stainless steel fridge?


  76. Manette Gutterman says:

    I liked them on Facebook!

  77. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Ashley! I just have to ask… How in the world do you pronounce Jamin’s name? His name comes up often in your posts, but I’m betting that the way I pronounce it in my head isn’t the way it’s supposed to be pronounced… :)

  78. Good Day! I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! I can’t wait to continue browsing but it’s definitely going on my blogroll!

    Happy day to you!


    Amanda @ Bullfrogs and Bulldogs

  79. April says:

    I originally saw you on the Nate Show, and your bedroom caught my eye. But, it was a quick scan, so I had to check out your website. Upon visiting your site, I immediately fell in love with your style! That said, your play kitchen is simply the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Wish my hubby was more handy to take on such a cute project! (Actually, I think he is, but getting him to commit to a project like that is probably more of the issue). :) Thanks for sharing!

  80. Ashley says:

    Hi, I was just looking over your post on how to make a magnet board and had a question for you. Have you had any trouble with the magnets working through the fabric? I wanted to do burlap, but when I tested a magnet on the fabric over the metal, it wouldn’t hold. So, i’m not sure if the fabric is too thick or maybe I need stronger magnets. Just wondering your thoughts on this.

    Thank you so much!

  81. Sherri says:

    Wait! Your moving?

  82. Sherri says:

    Oh, but you’ve worked so hard on it and it’s so pretty! Any chance you’re moving out west to California? :)

  83. Joanna Price says:

    Thank you for the free valentines!

  84. Emily Strawn says:

    ha ha! I love your posts! They crack me up! (especially the one about eh potty partay chart! Just printed it for my son). Thanks for all the ADORABLE printables.
    Love your site and would also like to be your new best friend. :)
    thank you for sharing your beautiful creativity with us, and motivating us to get with it and make some cute stuff!!

  85. Tennille says:

    Regarding Peyton’s room…the spring memo board…how wide were the sides of the mdf frame you made and how did you attach the spring to the frame?

  86. Tamie Kyes says:

    I’m trying to “be you” and put together an inspiration board for a friend and I’m having problems tackling her floor to ceiling brick/stone fireplace. Any brilliant solutions for hiding/blending a fireplace? Of course it has the tv on top, so we can’t hang some great art on top to distract.

    Adore your blog by the way and soooo wish I could move in to your gorgeous home!

  87. Laura Erwin says:

    Hi, who did you use to enclose your back porch? We’re thinking about doing the same thing and live in the Montgomery area. Thanks!

  88. isabel says:

    omg i love d chalk painting the fridge, cool. l love d idea da i will try myself.

    i just started my own blog and am new at this, i dont know how to befriend or follow crafters. come check out my blog n see if yall can help, sincerley isabel

  89. I’m in love with this idea and in love with your website.
    The inspiration is just oozing here…

  90. Peggy S says:

    so glad to found your blog! I really want to make a framed chalk board and the one you have in your kitchen is what I have in mind. stupied question: what kind of backing do you use for the chalk board? just ply wood?

    • Hi Peggy! No question is stupid ;} We actually didn’t put anything behind it. we simply painted, and framed it out. ;] I would probably use the thinnest MDF you can find. I’ve seen some chalkboards with wood behind it, and because of the texture, you can see the wood when you use chalk. I hope that helps!

  91. Lauren says:

    Hey Ashley. Obviously you know I adore you and your sense of style because you have heard from me many times via twitter. I’m @ItsBeckerStyle. (Thanks, btw, for your most recent response in regards to distressing furniture!) I’m gearing up to paint some pieces that I own because I have finally realized that my espresso brown pieces don’t have to be brown!!! Cue the angels singing, because I feel free, free, freeeeeee!!!!

    This leads me to my question for you, fine lady- is there a generally accepted rule for colors? As in, I have three pieces in my living room that I could paint. Do they all need to be one color? Do I make two the same and one a stand-out? Or can all three be different colors? Since I’m sure the answer is along the lines of “do what makes you happy” I’ll ask- what would YOU do? Or what is the generally accepted rule?


    • Hey sweet Lauren! well, yes, you guessed my answer. ;} You’re cracking me up. But if it were me {and its a hard call sans pics} I may do two the same and one an accent color. This probably won’t work with your room, but just as an example: two white and one peacock blue. or something fun. Then bring in the same peacock blue tones with hardware on the other pieces, if you want. Or yellow hardware on all three. To tie them together but still make them fun. Do whatever makes you comfortable, of course! ;} Send me pics if you want! πŸ˜‰

      • Lauren says:

        Okay so I’m not sure how to attach pictures but I took them. I’m going to shoot them at you via twitter and then you can talk to me about them any way you’d like- here or twitter. Or email. Whatever. :)

        I thought I had three pieces but I really only have two: a stand that I have books on beside a loveseat and the dvd cabinet. But I have other rooms in my house that have several pieces of furniture in. Also, we’re moving in 7 months and I’ll be moving pieces to any room that needs them- that’s another reason I’m curious to know whether they can all be different (because a blue piece from the living room may be in the same room with a red piece from the entry way) or whether they need to be the same. In which case I will wait to do any painting until we move. It’s just that the DIY bug has bitten me hard and I’m ready to get this show on the road!

        I’m actually sending you three pics- one of the stand. One of the dvd holder. And one of the focus wall that gives you an idea of the colors used in my room. Feel free to say “this is what I’d do.” That’s kind of what I’m looking for. I’m a clothes stylist so I’m not afraid of color, and I know home interior and clothes are closely related, but I figured I’d ask someone who’s style I liked what they would do. Then I can interpret it my way! :)

        Thanks so much…I’m really appreciative of the help/time you’re giving me.

        Lauren :)

  92. Jordan says:

    First off – thank you so much for all the wonderful info on Disney! I think you have been just as helpful, if not more, than the actual Disney website!
    Wanting your opinion (and anyone elses) on how to approach our trip based on time frame and what we want to experience. We will arrive Friday evening 8/31 and the rental car we are renting for the week is at the airprot. Staying offsite at the Blue Heron and plan to drive rather than fight shuttle going to the parks. Purchasing 4 day passes and planning on 1 park/day. My questions would be – Which parks do you think we would get through the quickest w/ a 3 yr old boy? Obvioulsy plan for full, busy day at Magic Kingdom, but the others may not be as time consuming or exhausting. I was thinking about doing Animal Kingdom Saturday, Epcot and HWS Sunday and Monday (doesn’t matter which one on which day to me), drive and relax at beach Tuesday (don’t want to do Monday since it is Labor Day and most likely packed), rest at condo Wednesday, Magic Kingdom Thursday, fly out Friday afternoon. What about this schedule would you change or recommend?


  93. Cassidy says:

    Hi, I love love love your blog. It is my go to blog when I want to create something of my own. As of a matter of fact I’m redoing a kitchen table. I am painting it a two tone I painted a mixture of off white and satin blue color and then topped with just the off white color. I love the style of the cream dresser you did and was wondering what color of wood stain you used. Was that all you used to make it look antique? Also did you use a sealer at all by chance? You didn’t mention that in your post so I was curious on what I should do. I have done a lot of research but I really like how you did the dresser and would like to do something similar.

    • Hey Cassidy! So sorry for the slow response. For the wash on that dresser I used Minwax’s Walnut. I also used a semi-gloss finish, so it didn’t absorb too much into the paint. But I’ll be honest, it was too dark for me. I would try English Chestnut instead. ;} And I did not do a sealer. I don’t really mess with them because they tend to yellow, and they’ve held up just fine (the stain) as “sealers” themselves. Just make sure to properly sand or prime or both, first. Does that make sense? I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions! And I’d love to see when you’re finito! It’s a super fun, easy process. Good luck!

  94. Nancy says:

    What a big surprise!!! I just met this family on board Thai Airways from Saigon to Bangkok today. And I accidentally found your blog (thanksgiving fun 2010)!!!

  95. Shelah says:

    Thank you for the tea stain tutorial! I really needed this today as I was at a lost what to paint my server we just picked up today. Please tell me what color varnish you use, it’s the very look I want to attempt to achieve! Thanks again!

  96. Lori says:

    i would LOVE to do this for my daughter for her bday. I don’t quite get how you did the over door though. Was is made from a night stand? Did you buy the mdf to make the door for that & the fridge? The sink is super easy lol.

    • Hey Lori! Yes, the doors were cut from extra mdf and just put on hinges. We also added some plexiglass to the oven door (simply hot glued it to the other side. it would probably stay longer if you screw it in) I hope that helps and happy creating! ;}

  97. Brittany says:

    Do you think I NEED the frame to do this? Or can I just wrap the metal spring frame? My baby boy is climbing out of his crib so I get to attempt this project! (Which I’ve been eyeing since last year!!) :)

  98. Cassidy says:

    Hello, I emailed you a couple months ago asking you what type of stain you used to refinish your furniture and told you I was refinishing my kitchen table. You had asked to see some pics of how it turned out and well here it is finally, just a couple months later.
    Thanks again for the help, I love the stain you suggested and actually used it on my hutch I bought on craigslist instead of the table.

  99. Brittany says:

    I’ve been waiting FOREVER to use your Crib Spring Memo Board idea and I finally got to do it! And I’m so happy with the finished product! I’d love for you to come check it out : )

  100. Janelle Gibbs says:

    Thank you for all the helpful tips! I’m now ready to tackle updating my hutch, husband’s dresser and bedside tables =)

  101. Beachgardengal says:

    How do you hang your MDF panel artwork? Thanks!

    • Hey! With regular old picture hanging kits. Simply put them on the back, and hang! Hope that helps!

      • Beachgardengal says:

        Do you glue on the MDF or nail/screw eye hooks in? I thought MDF would not hold nails or screws very well. I’m struggling to learn because I love using MDF boards for art panels! Thanks so much for your reply! I love following you on pinterest too!

  102. jeniffer says:

    hello i have been checking out your wrk and it looks pretty awesome and i want to do my whole bedroom set …..except it has high gloss and i want a matte color like black maybe greyish but darker thn grey lighter than black lol… anyways i want it to hv like a distressed look but not so much just some of the original brown coming out from the edges and such so im not sure if i shld prime it or just sand it a little HELP!!!! IVE heard of the chalk paint which is what i was looking for but only found the chalkboard paint and wasnt sure if mayb i can add a little white reguar paint and mayb it could do or not?

  103. angie havranek says:

    Hi, I love what you did to your kitchen and especially the island! It is very inspirational! I was wondering how you put the newel posts on the corners of the island? Did you need to cut them to be a slimmer thickness? Thank you!

  104. Tanya says:

    I love the DIY play kitchen you did. Do you mind sharing how you did you tea staining. Thanks

  105. Kristine says:

    This post is super old I know but is totally saving my life this Halloween. My 7 y o and 2 y o are going as Mario and Luigi and this is a big help in turning their wagon into Mario’s race kart. Thanks so much!

  106. Araceli says:

    I love it!!!!! I make my sons’ costumes every year and we had been looking for our next big one. Homemade costumes allow them into the school’s costume contest and so far they have won 3rd and 2nd place, we hope this one will be 1st place!! They have always driven their power wheel around the neighborhood but I think the wagan will make a great change this year. Thanks for the how to.

  107. kyla says:

    i have this exact island and the “paper wood” just ripped of in places when i took a taped cobweb (from halloween ) off :( how did you paint this? just straight paint? and how did you do the cabinets on the island as well? thank you!

  108. Maureen says:

    Reading your post on painting furniture, all of which are gorgeous, and I’m a bit confused…what’re the odds? Your list of supplies includes varnish but refers to a photo of what looks like stain and the directions end with glazing. I’m going to assume the three references are all talking about the same product…and I still can’t figure out what that is. Please help! :)

    • Hey Maureen! My apologies for being confusing – this post was written a few years ago, and I guess I was being a bit liberal with my wording. It’s all referring to Minwax stain, but the way you use it is just in the steps listed. You simply wipe it on and off of your top coat of paint. I hope that helps!

  109. Tiffany says:

    Loved your post, very informative. Just a question, do you sand before you prime when you paint furniture? I have a piece that has stain and some sort of gloss or varnish on it that I would like to paint. I am not sure when to sand. Thanks!

    • Hey Tiffany! It truly all depends on the nature of the piece you’re working on since they’re all made differently. If it’s super glossy (like a fake top) I prefer to sand a little and then prime (which is a whole lot of work) but if it’s real wood I just prime and then paint. Just be sure to clean your piece up really well in between priming. Did you see this post here? I am not sure if it’s the one you’re referring to but it may help a little. But it all just depends on the kind of piece you’re working with. If it’s super glossy with a fake top, I would sand it a little before priming. I hope that helps! ;}

      • Tiffany says:

        Thank you for your response! That is the post I read (whoops- shouldn’t have been so vague!). Its a real top with a semi-gloss finish. It has some shallow scratches, and places where the gloss finish as worn off a bit. I think I will sand to even it out. Thanks again!

  110. Tiffany Peeken says:

    After reading your painting furniture post at least ten times, I finally found my courage and dived into my first project. (Its going okay so far… knock on wood (haha)). My question is, do your ever put a finish over your painted or stained furniture (lacquer, shellac, wax, poly-finishes)? And on a side note, do you do anything special to care for your finished masterpieces? Thanks, and Happy New Year!

    • Hey Tiffany! Yay! So glad you dove in-that’s awesome! Okay. I must confess over this one – If I’ve stained on top of it, I usually let it be. But it depends on where in my home it will be used. I find that most top coats yellow over time. However, if you do want to try a top coat, we’ve had great experience with Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic. In satin. It seals it and keeps it safe, and it won’t yellow. As far as caring for them – I just dust them off every now and then! ;} I probably sound like the worst furniture owner ever ;} But I hope that helps! Props to you for taking on something new, and have an awesome weekend!

  111. Shannon says:

    The most fabulous job eva!! I’m blown away by ur vision n finished product. Stunning eye! Thank u kindly for sharing! !!

  112. kathy says:

    I’m on this one! I’ve got the springs, now to make the frame. thanks for the idea!

  113. kathy says:

    any pics of the inside of the kid’s fridge? I’ve seen many repurpose ideas for the sink and stove but need some more help to make a fridge. thanks

  114. jennifer says:

    The last bit on your blog regarding having to wait on the kitchen remodel…. I laughed outloud in my very quiet office then copied and pasted it to an email to my husband. It is good to know that I am not the only one and that it’s not just pregnancy hormones making me feel exactly the same. Hubs says when I talk about the kitchen, I don’t blink. :) thanks for the laugh. Love the pics and your style.

  115. Heather Fletcher says:

    I loved your blog on the painting tutorial. Do you know what color you used for the dresser? It is the one that was originally brown wood and you distressed ivory color with min wax stain. Thanks.

  116. kathy says:

    cool crib spring bulletin board. can you please give a little more info on how you attached it to the frame? thanks!

  117. Theresa Beal says:

    Hi! I love the look of the memo board using a crib spring. I was wondering how you mounted or attached the spring to the MDF? I have the spring and will make the frame this week, but I have no idea how to pit the two together. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  118. Katherine Novak says:

    quick question about why you choose to use an oil based primer? I have been using the rustoleum primer because most of the paints that I have in my house (trying to use up mixtures of paints i already have) are acrylic. What is the benefit of oil based paints? Why do you choose to use them? Is it because of the oil based varnish that you apply to many of your projects?
    So many questions…so sorry. If you could just tell me your thoughts I would appreciate any knowledge I can get!!!!
    Thanks, Katie

    • Hi Katherine – my apologies as this comment went to the comment hub (an old format on our site) and I don’t know which post you were referring to? We use Kilz oil based primer on the base of furniture to paint with latex paints simply because it’s the best with our experience and in our humble opinions ;}. I don’t believe I’ve ever used acrylic on furniture, so I am not much help as far as that goes… I just love using latex because of all of the colors, so kilz works best underneath on knocking out all the stain, old paint, etc. I hope that helps!