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the handmade home book collection


Only available as a collection here! Save almost 40%. That’s a free book, plus a whole lot more.

It pays to shop with the authors – because everything is better in a series… if we do say so ourselves. 

About the books:

In the process of creating pieces for your home, a transformation occurs. In both you and your lovely abode. You leave a personal impression… a mark, if you will, on each project. With each piece,  you lose a little fear. And gain a little bravery. Each creation is an extension of you. With every piece you create, you make your home yours.

Beautiful homes aren’t purchased in one day. They aren’t bought ‘as a room,’ and they aren’t thrown together overnight. …Truly beautiful homes are created over time. They’re crafted carefully by an artist who lives to tweak a canvas. They are an honest, illuminating reflection of those who live there… 

S0 stop spending a fortune trying to recreate expensive home designs, and start filling your walls with the help of Handmade Walls: 22 Inspiring Ideas on Bringing Your Walls To Life and with the beautiful prints in Art for the Traditional Home, Art for the Eclectic Home. and Art for the Contemporary Home!

This is the only place to buy them grouped together at a discounted rate!

A great addition to any home and are amazing gifts.


About our products: 

All of our products {with the exception of vintage or found} are designed exclusively by The Handmade Home for The Handmade Home Studio in the USA. We strive for quality and unique handmade beauty in our one of a kind products and lines. We truly hope your purchase brings you as much joy as it has us.
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