emerson’s big gal room

Hello wonderful people! Just wanted to share Emerson’s big gal room with all of you!

Here is the before, if you wish to see it first.

I struggled for a while, with my colors. I knew which color combinations I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure I could bring myself to paint over the pink. I even went back and forth between metallics and pearlescent hues. In the end, I chose a simple, nearly white kind of light grey. I think it completely unified the space and made certain pieces pop, whereas before, everything was a bit overpowered by the pink. This gave the room an entirely different feel, and conveyed a message I was very happy with in the end.

Her room is filled with small trinkets, from a book of my mom’s growing up, to my shoes when I was little. Dolls, keepsakes, tea sets, and various other whatnots, that I hope she will pass down to her own children one day. 

The silver curtains are silk, made by me with black out lining. I must say, I’m kinda proud of my mad sewing skills. (that, and Emmy Loo sleeps later because of the darkness.) Not to mention…DIY at a fraction the price.

This dresser sat in our bedroom forever. It was mine growing up. It was cherry (dark) and then green, which I later decided was a mistake, so I turned it into…this. And it still sat in our room until I could find a more modern piece for us to mix in with the antique eclectic style we already had going on in our adult space. This dresser is perfect for Emmy’s room, and I love the fact that it used to be mine. Plenty of space for her bloomers, dresses, bows, and other various wardrobe combos only a girl can possess.

These paper dolls were the piece de resistance. Vintage paper doll cut outs from the 20’s I scavenged on ebay. A bit of a surprise purchase (for Jamin.) My original idea with her room, was to go with fashion. I really wanted it to reflect who Emerson is: She’s only two and already loves her clothes. She’s completely obsessed with shoes, dresses, and other whatnots. When I saw these…I wasn’t sure what I would do with them, but knew they were little treasures that I absolutely HAD to have…Not them-ey, so much as a touch of whimsey and girly spunk. To me, that’s who she is as a little person. Gotta love her. So I made some frames from plexiglass for a dramatic display in her room.

The bed was a thirty dollar score. You can read more about that process, here. 

I moved her mobile over her bed, so she can watch it at night. The pewter mirror is over her headboard. It’s in a simple spot, and I think it’s very “mirror mirror on the wall…”

I designed the bedding via Spoonflower, and had it sewn via my wonderful Mother in Law loosely following an Amy Butler pattern. The quilt is from West Elm, and the sheets are from Macy’s. This aqua pillow is an old bridemaids dress, covered with fabric I had leftover from my wedding gown. (I designed my wedding gown and had someone make it when we tied the knot, so I had leftover fabric.)

To make your own bunny, click here!

And that completes our tour of Emerson’s cozy lil retreat. Thanks for visiting!


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Responses to emerson’s big gal room

  1. Kellie says:

    Love this room!

    Would you mind sharing the instructions for the curtains? I am kind of curtain challenged, but I love the look of these.

  2. Sharron says:

    LOVE, LOVE everything you do! Simply WONDERFUL!! Do you mind sharing with me exactly how to distress furniture after you have painted….I can never get mine to look antique/distressed, and I need some help. Also, I really am impressed with your choice of paint colors. Your lighter green/pale green……what color is that and what brands do you use? Thank you for your time and advice.

  3. Kathy says:

    This room is lovely. Any little girl, sorry, big girl (this one included) would love to have it. I found your blog because I’m thinking of using Behr’s Irish Mist and was looking for real world applications of it.

    I was hoping you could comment on the “grey-ness” of it. I only have a small swatch (and I’ll get a quart before I commit) but sometimes it seems taupe-y and sometimes it seems quite grey. You’ve been living with it. How is it in real life? Thanks!

    • Hey Kathy! There is no taupey-ness to it at all. It is definitely a clean, cool grey-it actually looks more white than anything. I consider it white, honestly. In our home, in the different lights…sometimes its white, and sometimes its grey. I use a lot of Chantilly Lace in my home,{Benjamin moore-very white with blue tinges} and from one room to the next, it’s such a subtle transition, sometimes you can’t even tell. So more white than anything. I hope that helps!

  4. tarrah says:

    Hi there love all your design tips and tricks! Could you tell me how you made the “banner” on the mirror on your daughters dresser? I love it! Thanks so much!

  5. Kimberly says:

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it! BEAUTIFUL. You are talented! So sweet and simple and lovely.