• handmade savvy saturday

    HEY HEY and Happy Handmade Savvy Saturday! How on earth is it December already? Either way, we're glad the weekend is here. Here are a few things you may have missed this week on the handmade ...

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    handmade savvy saturday
  • favorite handmade gift ideas

    There's something kinda special about making something as a gift. For us, it's the time and thoughtfulness creating them that means so much. We thought today would be fun to share some fun diy ideas ...

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    favorite handmade gift ideas
  • message in a bottle: free time capsule printables

    If you've been following along here, then you know that we've been along time coming with our addition. It's so funny how things change in size when they're being built, and right now this looks so ...

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    message in a bottle: free time capsule printables
  • easy diy bell garland

    We're going pretty minimal with Christmas this year, since {hopefully} we'll be traveling around the holidays. Honestly, it's just one less thing to stress over for us, in the middle of running a ...

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    easy diy bell garland

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