• addition update: inside and outside progress!

    Okay. We're back. And this time with a lot of our updates for the addition involve the outside. I know... just in time for fall! No, really. We still have about two months in us with this pool season, ...

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    addition update: inside and outside progress!
  • best home maintenance tools

    Hey guys! We're thrilled to check in today to share one of our very fave new little discoveries with you and some of the best home maintenance tools.Enter your new favorite thing: General Tools. ...

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    best home maintenance tools
  • the tailgating guide

    Tailgating.We get a little excited about this subject because it's that time of year again! So we're thrilled to share a little something with homes.com today.It's a national pastime we take ...

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    the tailgating guide
  • ten fall projects to make now

    Ready for fall? Us either. As "influenceeerrrrssss" {I always feel like we're supposed to say it in a super nasal-y obnoxious voice...} it always comes too early for us. We're the kind of people that ...

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    ten fall projects to make now

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