• tips for decorating an outdoor porch

    Spring is here and we're ready. We always are, because it's one of our very favorite seasons, next to summer. It's breathing new life into everything, especially our spaces! Cortney said, "...We're ...

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    tips for decorating an outdoor porch
  • handmade savvy saturday

    It's Saturday! We had a little crazy weather last night because spring... but we're happy it's Saturday. Family brunch, the flea market and a local vinyard for a picnic are all on our list this ...

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    handmade savvy saturday
  • the ultimate treehouse guide

    We shared this post a few years ago, and since we still see so many fun handmade hideaways happening, thought it would be smart to share again! It's the season to build all the things. Happy building, ...

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    the ultimate treehouse guide
  • the great glorious imperfect now

    When we moved to Nashville seven years ago, we downsized. So we placed a lot of our things in storage while we slowly expanded our home. Some of these things were memories. Baby albums. Our wedding ...

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    the great glorious imperfect now

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