• handmades savvy saturday

    Hey everyone and happy Handmade Savvy Saturday! We hope you're having a nice safe, restful weekend, enjoying the fourth! We're actually going to plan some down time around the pool and quality ...

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    handmades savvy saturday
  • easy diy paper clips

    We were thrilled to release our free 2021 planner on Monday. Since we always get a few questions about our little DIY paper clips and bookmarks, we thought it was best to include a little post here ...

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    easy diy paper clips
  • 5 tips for teaching your child to mow the yard

    Our oldest is officially in the stage where I can get ask him to help me with anything. He is bigger than Ashley and interested in learning about all the things, especially if there's a power tool ...

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    5 tips for teaching your child to mow the yard
  • free planner 2021

    EIGHT years, 1,ooo+ files and 5 pounds later with a side of carpal tunnel {definitely me – not the planner} I’m relieved/excited/mentally taxed/emotionally exhausted to deliver this labor of love. ...

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    free planner 2021

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