easy peasy crib spring memo board

I’ve been working with a client on her daughter’s room, and upon talking to her, learned that her nine year old loves little notes, cards and keepsakes. In a lot of flea markets, I’ve been spying old pieces of metal to use for memory boards. She needed the perfect piece to go over her trundle bed.

And so this idea was born.

She found an old crib at a thrift store for 20 bucks, and salvaged the spring.

So, we simply cut some MDF to fit it as a frame


And wrapped it in strips of fabric.

It took almost three yards to cover it, and the frame was about four inches all the way around. I ripped the fabric, after cutting a small area, it’s canvas-like texture tore in a straight line. I loved the look of “ruched” {even though it’s really just shredded} with frayed texture on each side.

To make the large rose, I took a long strip of fabric and folded it in half, length-wise.

I did a simple stitch with thick embroidery thread and pulled it as I went, to give it a ruffled effect.

I then turned it inward, to give it the shape of a rose. A few additional stitches through the center secured it nicely. I then hit the top of it with an iron, to flatten it out, and give it a rose-like appearance. Bonus: those stripes are going on her duvet.

Popped it on with some hot glue, and VIOLA! {Am I spelling the instrument, or am I saying “walah?” So tricky…}

I kind of made up my own thing for that little guy, but it looks kinda similar to this tutorial.

We simply secured the spring to the back of the frame, after wrapping it, in some of its natural grooves with screws. It will go on the wall easily with simple nails in the wall. No tedious mounting needed.

double bonus: this thing can also pull off some magnets for displaying beloved photos and keepsakes.

I certainly know what I’m doing with Malone’s crib, as soon as he moves into a big boy bed! {If I ever need it back, it simply comes off!}

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