aiden takes a tumble.

alternate title: mom of the year.

additional alternate title: redneck free for all.

Sunday, we went to the country. And I’ll have more photos on that later, but for now, just a little progression of events for ya on how awesome I am as a mom.

The kids were sitting on this.

pulled by this. {And before the hate mail begins to pour in, please know, we weren’t really going that fast.}

Insert dorky pics of me, here. But the adults {read, my friend Andrea and I, decided to join in on the fun, and make it lawn surfing.}

so we did a little of this. {I was concentrating super hard} (no. I’m not pregnant. my shirt was billow-y.)

so then we sat down, and Aiden was running behind us, like this.

and I decided to be awesome and smart, and save him, like this.

I didn’t do well in physics class.

he also landed in an ant bed.

Mother. Of. The. Year.

I’ll be giving my acceptance speech this afternoon if anyone is interested in attending.

{photos, as usual, were captured by the fabulous britsnap photography. }

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Responses to aiden takes a tumble.

  1. Abbie says:

    Hahahaha, so funny! I think lots of redneck things happen “in the country”. Last time we were at my parents we pulled a tube (like for tubing….on the lake) behind a golf cart. It was all sorts of fun!

    • I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. The kind of fun where you forget about everything you’re supposed to be doing, and just let loose like a kid. He was fine, btw. 😉 a few tears and he shook it off. In the meantime, I still feel awful. haha!

  2. Tonya says:

    I would like to welcome you to the Mom of the Year Club! Your new member packet is on it’s way, complete with your very own “suck it up, buttercup! It’s not even bleeding!” bumpersticker. :)…
    Redneck or not, the smiles are priceless :)

  3. Nicole says:

    The pictures capturing the moment are priceless! Hope the little guy is okay though with the tumble :) Life always seems to toss us these interesting moments.

  4. Jessena says:

    Oh my goodness! …trying not to laugh too loud at work!!! Poor thing, glad he’s fine… That really had me giggling…

  5. Dorothy says:

    I’d have done exactly the same thing and they’d never let me live it down!

  6. Ches says:

    Love how you captured the entire moment. Ya’lls faces are priceless.

  7. jaime says:

    seriously dying of laughter…..


  9. Ahem. That would be DYING. Obviously, I do too much DIY-ing around these parts. {blush}

  10. Heidi says:

    Baaaaa ha ha ha!!!!! OMG! I already love your blog but after reading this and seeing the pics, I am a true fan. (Sorry Aiden) Pictures really are worth a 1000 words, and to me, poor Aiden bustin’ it isn’t even the funny part… it’s your explination of the whole scene and your face in the pics!!! How amazing that it was captured so perfectly on film. I can appreciate this kind of thing because I am also “that mom” on a regular basis. I’m a complete klutz so of course this has to trickle down onto my children in some shape or form. And plus, I really am a “redneck” born and raised in the south where these types of country shananigans are common practice… so no hate mail here! Thanks for sharing!!! I’m still literally LOL. 😀

  11. Tricette says:

    That may have been the best laugh I’ve had all week!