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Good morning, all! Today, I thought I’d show you our first room reveal from last week’s room redo giveaway, and I’m super excited about it. Kelly is first up: a busy mommy of two young boys {Ages almost three and baby.} Here’s what she had to say about their family space:

These pictures are from the “front room” in our house. Officially, I think it is supposed to be a dining room and maybe a sitting room? Anyway, we use it as a music room/book room/place to toss our bags and baby gear and simply call it “the front room.” I would really like the space to feel like it flows better. Right now, the room is divided…The bookshelf is built-in (all credit is due to my amazing husband-he knocked that thing out when our first born was still a newborn!)…We have a lot of empty wall space up in here that I just haven’t figured out what to do with! … I would love a way to make it more cozy and inviting so that we might actually use the space for sitting and reading! Our kitchen is behind those swinging white doors. My husband hates those things…I’m kind of impartial. Thanks so much for the amazing contest–I’m so excited to see what you come up with!…

Before we go any further, I want to point out three things. 1. oh my goodness the space + the challenge! SWOON! This room was like piecing together a puzzle. 2. I get totally pumped whenever someone is all, oh yeah we or my hubs or I built this. that means they aren’t afraid of a little DIY I may throw their way. {muahahaha-rubs hands together.} 3. the drums are outta there, freeing up more space, per Kelly. So without further ado, here’s what I whipped up for them:

And, before I confuse anyone, I drew up a really quick, basic, rough room layout according to her photos.

This room is long and skinny. And that made it a bit of a challenge as far as purpose and space. So I decided that it could flow, while also being multifunctional for the entire family. I asked Kelly where her children played, and she said in their living room. I think that as children get older, it may help to have separate zones for playtime. I realize that toys will filter in and out of spaces. But I also think it makes life easier to have more specific play zones in a home. I also thought this was a space that could grow with the family, and it’s perfect whether they’re entertaining or relaxing, especially with small children that need to be supervised. It won’t be a space with toys simply piled in the center, but rather a charming area for the children and parents to enjoy.

Starting simple: the color palette: I actually decided to go dark with the walls: Benjamin Moore’s Amherst Gray, (a-la Lizzie Carney’s home.) I think that an accent wall, done really well in alternating yellow and white stripes, would really liven up the space, on the far wall. But that accent wall isn’t just stripes. I think that some pieces of wood, stained {perhaps Minwax’s Early American may work well with the tone of their floors} and over that, distressed yellow and white alternating would make for one interesting wall. I’ve used this image (via tumblr) before, but think this for inspiration:

mixed with this:

and this:

It’s really hard to illustrate what the heck Im rambling about when it hasn’t been done before…but isn’t that the point? It hasn’t really been done …yet. I follow the same rules in dressing myself that I do for a space: as a general rule of thumb, wide stripes can make a person look larger. This would make the room appear wider, and give it some nice contrast. {Additional colors likened to: Benjamin Moore’s pacific palisade, heritage red, yellow brick road + chantilly lace.}

Still with me? I’m not sure that wall needs anything more than a medium sized square canvas, or cut MDF, in some simple do it yourself art like this:

You could even use this as on a projector. Simply paint a piece red, trace the letters, and add the white. Feel free to print this one (or your own special saying) onto a transparency. Or, even use some vinyl lettering.  It seems bright, and it may be a risk, but paired with the grey in the room, will be a nice, simple addition, and charming accent.

I’d love to see it paired with a vintage grey sofa like this:

Yes, it’s pricey. And I’m not saying go for that one. {It’s the same one I spied in NYC} And yes, it’s velvet. But what if it was your own little corner in the house? Heaven forbid… And what if you scoured craigslist daily for a few months until you found what your really wanted in the velvet category? It’s possible. This isn’t Kelly’s main sofa, so it might actually work to go with a little velvet love.

It takes a lot of patience, finding the perfect sofa, but it’s so worth the wait. 😉 Are you still with me, or have I lost you yet? Because I decided to balance out this space, keep it neutral, and make up for the velvet splurge of the century with an oh so practical slipcovered sofa. Simply find a shape you like in an old sofa, and Tada! {Okay. Not really. It’s an overhaul. But its washable, and practical…so it makes it totally worth it.}

Actual sofa from PB…read all about the affordable option, here. I’d love to see two rugs in the space, the first one being this totally practical geometric design in the back half of the room: Isn’t it delightful?

 But let’s not forget the absolute statement maker in the space:

before any of you throw stones, boo, and hiss… their piano was a craigslist find…and would look amazing painted in that beautiful blue. I think it would make the space super fun. Topping the piano, would be some great family photos, pushed together to form a grid, and probably made from some super cheapo and easy frames like ikea.

Top it all off with this crown jewel: {image via pb teen-but how many of these old brassies have I seen floating around at the local thrift stores? Yep. DO IT.}

Pillows made from this, and this. I’d also love to see some floor to ceiling curtains made in this simple linen fabric: {I think we all know what needs to happen to those blinds…;}}

And now for the second half of the space:

An old dresser painted in this beautiful shade of red, topped with lamps like these {just used as an example, a cheaper version = not hard to find-think hobby lobby or even lamp kits} not only provides extra toy storage for their boys, but brings in pops of that additional color to the other side of the space. Ideally topped with some classic brass, gives another nod to the yellow color as well. And speaking of yellow…

Keeping it affordable, this rug provides a plush place for little knees, while adding a great sense of style to their play area. At first I suggested taking those bookcases all the way across the wall, but if you were to extend a built in sitting area, maybe like half of this, it may be the perfect space for them when they’re older, for homework, and projects…and even mom…and the mail…

Stools like this are sold in abundance at the big flea markets. Come prepared to search and haggle, but I have owned four of them, and loved them to pieces.

And the perfect place to store their beautiful artwork would be a simple design like this, over that table and subsequently larger area of wall space:

 As far as styling those bookshelves: 

I’d encourage you all to check out Centsational Girl’s fabulous blog on that subject:

And that, my dear friends, is an ever-so-long explanatory wrap, on the subject matter of Kelly’s sitting space. It only takes a little color, fabric, and spatial planning to take a room from nearly empty to cozy and complete, chocked full with personality. And it only takes a little gusto, and lots of patience, to see it through to fruition. Happy Tuesday!

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Responses to inspiration board : kelly’s sitting space.

  1. Erin says:

    Love it! It looks like such a fun space. And I’m all for painting pianos…if they’re craigslist finds. 😉 I’m in the middle of trying to convince my husband to let me paint our piano…though it’s digital, so the sound wouldn’t be affected.

  2. Gale says:

    I LOVE it!! I’d move right in and YESSSSSS on painting the piano!!! :)) Swoon. Sigh. You hit it out of the park again :)

  3. I love the piano and the dresser.

  4. Emelyn says:

    Sounds great. I like all the pops of color that you have for the room. I’m really into patterns so I love the rugs and pillows. The dresser to store the toys is a great idea. I may have to rethink our playroom now and get rid of the plastic bins rack and find a garage sale dresser I can paint. Just discovered your blog about a month ago and it really inspires me.

  5. Dharma says:

    As the co-owner of a very long bowling-alley (similiar space)….I am digging on lots of your ideas. That said, mostly digging on that piano and your use of colour! YUMMY! Great job thanks….saving this one for later on for sure

  6. Yarnista says:

    I ADORE those weathered boards and the turquoise and yellow color scheme! LOVE!

  7. Kelly says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It looks so much more functional that what we have now, and the colors are GORGEOUS. I cannot wait to get started on this. Thank you thank you thank you!

  8. If that isn’t the yummiest room I have ever seen!!! Sure to be fab! I adore your ability to pull together color with such punch, xoxo for the linky love too my wonderful friend!

  9. Tennille says:

    Wow!! There isn’t a darn thing I don’t absolutely love in that room. Can you come do my little den/movie/throw-all-the-junk-in-there-when-company-is-coming room? No seriously, I’ve wanted to paint our piano for like two years now but wasn’t sure what kind of paint to use. Should i spray? Roll? Do I need to sand first? How do I protect the keys? I’d love to read a follow up post on how to paint the piano. I promise I’ll send you before and afters when (not if) we paint ours.

  10. awe thanks sweet awesome ladies! 😉

  11. mimi says:

    I just adore that turquoise piano! What a great idea to transform an old instrument!