12 {more} fun fonts for the font snob

Updated: Hello wonderfuls! When these posts were made, these fonts were free. If they are not free now, please know this post is now older, so sites sometimes start charging. If it asks for a donation, you can choose your own amount so consider that as well. Thank you!

Wow. The response to our first font snobs post was so overwhelming, I couldn’t help but turn this into a regular occurrence here at our lil site. We’ve decided to prevent the abuse of fonts by bringing fresh fonts to you, oh so fabulous readers, as a regular installment.

Welcome to the font snob club.

I don’t really do buttons, at least not since the 80’s when I had a giant NKOTB button with Jordan Knight splayed in his glorious existence on my blue jean jacket…but these make me feel like the biggest dork ever super happy. And if we all had secret meetings a-la Dumbledore’s Army once a week where we bashed fonts, we would totally wear these.

I’m pretty sure I just singlehandedly explained in the paragraph above, why I don’t get out much. ;}

It just makes me really happy that someone actually took the time to make this. A little birdie informed me that some of you were pinning our last post, only to be brutally attacked by fellow pinterest cohorts who, apparently, were deeply offended by our humorous distaste towards comic sans. I’m talking disagreeable dropping of expletives, people. We really strive to be positive here on our site (when we’re not joking on ourselves, of course) and people were acting as though we’d shoved their grandmother. Off a curb. Into an ocean of shark infested waters.

Remember to stand strong in your distain towards poorly designed fonts. And, if necessary, explain that it’s just a little design humor. Fonts are like humans. They just need boundaries. This site may help in explaining that a little.

You’re welcome in advance.

Also, without further ado, here’s our next little round up of favorite fonts. Just remember…it’s all about a nice healthy dose of moderation. ;} And the balance of a display font with the gloriously faultless Helvetica… but alas, this isn’t Type class.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 

PS. Again, they’re all free. Thanks, y’all. Happy font downloading!

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Responses to 12 {more} fun fonts for the font snob

  1. this is just tooooo funny! love those 12 fonts, ash, i’m a’ pin dat.

  2. Kate says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a “font snob,” but I do love me some pretty new fonts! Thanks! :)

  3. Marisa says:

    Definitely a font snob here. I realized yesterday that I pass over quotes on Pinterest if they’re not in a pleasing font. Yikes!

    I have most of the above, but this is my first time seeing Lavenderia. Lovely! Downloading! Thank you. :)

  4. {amy k.} says:

    love these! thanks so much for sharing! i’ll definitely be pinning this one!

  5. seelvana says:

    downloading all!

    thanks you very much 😀

  6. I LOVE that comic sans criminal slide show. SO. FUNNY. Also I can’t believe people actually dropped curse bombs over a font. Tisk tisk, get a grip people. There are plenty of real things to get your dander up, why waste your ire on something so silly?

  7. This post is hilarious! I also love that #8 is called Lavanderia. If I’m not mistaken, that means “laundromat” in Spanish. :)

  8. Bethany K says:

    LOVE these and all the others you featured last week. I have a little business doing some card/announcement designing as well as some typography pieces. Do you know if any of these fonts have commercial restrictions? I’d LOVE to use some of them for my design work!

  9. that slide show is AWESOME!!!

    And I’d totally come to a Font Snob ala Dumbledore’s Army party! I’ll bring the dip!

  10. tess says:

    I love the fonts – Thank you! And the Comic Sans Criminal website got right to the point in a fun way!

  11. Sarah S. says:

    Thanks so much for doing this. And I am CRACKING UP at how attached (like… VIOLENTLY attached!!) people are about their fonts. SRSLY folks. Perspective. War in Iraq. Children in slavery in Africa. Get upset about that. People dissing Comic Sans? You can take one for the team on that.

  12. Kelly says:

    Thanks a ton. I posted a link at Dig’n Designs.

  13. ALEXANDRA says:

    loved this post… now that we’re in FSA (font snob annonymous) Hi, my name is Alexandra and I’m a font snob…yesterday my sister asked me to make her some business cards and she added that she loves MISTRAL font…to me it’s like COMIC SANS going to a fancy font get-together (they are like people) I know I sounded very snobbish but I told her that I had PLENTY more fabulous fonts …she accepted to see them and MISTRAL was left out at the curb… and yes, LAVANDERÍA is laudromat in spanish…but with that incredible font it’s like a laundromat from the I love Lucy or Bewitched era…thanks for the link to it!!

  14. hello dearie! love love your fonts shared thus far! What font do you use for your posts? I’ve been playing with various versions & love this one….so easy to read, crisp & bright! YUM!!

  15. Erin says:

    I’ve hated Comic Sans since Graphic Design school. Whoever said otherwise obvs weren’t trained in art. that is a horrible font to use unless you’re making a lemonade stand sign and your five. Whenever I see funny signs bashing it, I giggle because its soooo true!!


  16. Brittany says:

    Well hey you have League Gothic which is my header on Mommy Words and Lavendaria which I used today for my graphic on encouraging a young artist. Great minds, I mean font snobs, think alike. Love them all!

  17. Wanda King says:

    I can’t find the Lavanderia!! I am redirected to Fonts.com and it isn’t there or at least I cant find it. HELP!

  18. Mdbc77 says:

    love them! thanks so much!

  19. Debra says:

    Yep – I am a font snob also and proud of it! Just realized that by reading your blog today that it had a name!! thanks for sharing!!

  20. Kelsey says:

    I had a Jordan Knight comforter and pillow case (and was part of the NKOTB fan club, no less), so don’t feel bad about your button!!!!

  21. Em says:

    Were the sharks wearing frickin’ laser beams on their heads.


    What I meant to say was: I still have no idea what a “font snob” is. I’m going back to the last font post to see if you commented to my comment and I just never noticed. But I do like Papyrus (the form, not the fact that it has holes in it. Can I have Papyrus without the holes in it? Does make me less “yucky” in the eyes of a font snob?)

  22. chari pack says:

    Umm…. LOVE YOU!
    I went on a trip to a small town in southern Utah called Capital Reef. Beautiful scenery.. but ended up taking pictures of every store sign, brochure, menu, etc… they were ALL in Papyrus. I know what you mean when you just can’t look at a font anymore!

  23. Carmen says:

    The Lavenderia isn’t there…bummer, what can I do to get this one!!???

  24. Wendy says:

    You rock! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Gina says:

    Thanks again! I was in serious need of some font revamping in my life. I feel like this is an appropriate place to finally vent my frustration that the default font in Word is Calibri. Makes me cringe!

  26. Erin says:

    These are fabulous – thank you so much!!

  27. Allison says:

    Thanks for sharing this list! I’ll be tweeting a link tomorrow!

  28. Maddalena says:

    Love them all! Especially Lavenderia, its saying to enter a price though?

  29. Christina says:

    That Comic Sans Criminal site is hysterical. I love it and now want to pass it on to anyone that uses it inappropriately 😀
    I, too had an NKOTB button on my jean jacket (mine was Joe, though I do believe I had a Donnie one as well) and would wear a “font snob” button just as proudly. Keep the font snob posts coming- love what you come up with!

  30. Steph says:

    Every time you type “everytime” as one word and use a plural pronoun to refer to a single subject, a grammarian loses her wings. Yeah, it’s fun to be a snob, isn’t it?

    But I do like your fonts. :)

  31. Cynthia says:

    I love the blue font you used in the comic sans criminal box what’s it called?

  32. Fozzy says:

    people who defend comic sans should be examined for some mental illness.

    thank you so much for the fonts! my fontbook is now giving me the rainbow pinwheel of death but i don’t mind. LOL.

  33. Katie says:

    Oh.My.Goodness. I just laughed so hard at the “Comic Sans Criminal” website. So awesome! And so ridiculous that people were being rude on pinterest! I think it’s hilarious. Keep it up, girlfriend! 😉

  34. Coley says:

    Gosh, I thought I was alone! So nice to see there are many other font snobs haha. Not everyone can have such good taste 😉

  35. Emily says:

    Looks like Lavanderia is no longer free…? Since I’m late to seeing this post (won’t be again now that I’m a new follower!) was it a temporary offer when you originally posted it? No worries if you don’t know, I like it enough to donate to the author-was just curious.

    • Um, I think that while it’s courteous to donate, and it may very well only cost you one dollar, you can also, hypothetically speaking, enter the ‘zero’ amount, and get it for free. Just sayin. ;}

  36. Tina says:

    I would love to get lavenderia also. I have tried to download it several times and everytime I click on the download button, it asks how much I want to donate and will not allow me to download it with out paying.

  37. Francine Seal says:

    I found your site via Pinterest and was among those who actually like Comic Sans and use it quite a bit. Then I read your presentation about the font. And, I’ve decided I can still use it as I’ve been. I use it on my scrapbooks about the vacations and things we do. It’s a good fit for the fun we had, conveying the kid-like happiness I feel on almost all our vacations. Thanks for the explanation of Comic Sans. You can probably sign me – the kid who never will grow up.
    P.S. I don’t use Comic Sans on everything – sometimes I use more ornate or formal fonts depending on the subject. Comic Sans doesn’t work as well for the title of a layout about a Western town – but Rosewood does.

  38. amy says:

    HAHA, THIS IS TOO FUNNY. Now I am embarrassed to admit I have used comic sans! I didn’t realize it was a crime! :) I vow to never use it again. I like number 8 and 10 on the list above.

  39. Nina says:

    Oh yes, Lavanderia is my alltime favourite! x

  40. Melissa Abi-Najm says:

    This is absolutely hysterical … good to know that other people are equally offended by generic fonts :-) Great post!!

  41. Mandy H. says:

    Hilarious! And yeah I guess I’m a font snob…I never use comic sans. Not that I hate it or anything, but there so many other fun options.

  42. Sally says:

    What is the script font on the Comic Sans Criminal page?

  43. Valerie says:

    Love the fonts! I just found your site and being a font snob for years, this is too perfect! Also loved the Dumbledore’s Army reference (I’m also a Potterhead) and even if I didn’t hate Comic Sans with a passion I would want to join just for that kinship alone… lol
    Great site. Great Post!

  44. Farhana says:

    Thanks for the post! I’m always looking for new fonts to download now that I’ve had to change computers! :)