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Around here, it’s been all about invitations, dresses, inspiration, and the best laid plans from all around. This spring and summer, it’s all about weddings here at The Handmade Home.

Why am I going all here comes the bride on you?

First things first: My little sister is getting hitched! I’ll be playing the role of co-matron of honor, and my little ones will be (wrangled into) adorning the aisle as ring bearers and {co} flower gal. After that, I’m directing two weddings. (I know, right? Scary for them…fun for me! ;}) In one of those lil shindigs, our offspring are again bitty attendants while the hubs is actually marrying the the couple into wedded bliss.  {Sometimes, that still makes me laugh, that Jamin can actually marry people.} It’s a Mills Fab 5 insanity event. May the force be with us the bride.

Something I’ve already learned from all of this: that we (apparently) went into the wrong business. I need to open up my own wedding day design service, where I can also rent out our own in-house minister, and adorbs {if I do say so, ever-biasedly, mahself} flower girl + ring bearers to boot ;}

So, on the Fifth of May, my little sister walks down the aisle. The countdown is officially on. I was lucky enough to design her wedding invites. We were going for simple and elegant…an established look to compliment a classic, stylish, garden wedding. We went with a simple, classic print on linen. I was super excited to work with this wonderful printer. {Side tangent: I seriously can’t thank Mitchell at Davis Direct enough. If any of you are in the Alabama area and are in need of a fabulously helpful printer-look no further. Timely + excellent work.}

To the point of my post after my gigantic preface: We know that it’s all in the details when it comes to parties. Especially weddings. When I was talking wedding plans with one of the soon to be brides, she mentioned she was just as interested in planning her new home, as the actual ceremony itself. I remember feeling that way, too.

That sparked an idea. I came up with a short little list of inspiring pieces that I love. Things that can be used in the wedding for that personal touch, and serve double duty as home decor, afterwards. For many sentimental years to come. Whether you have the time to make them yourself, or you decide to purchase a similar version, these are great pieces that could very well do both, and adapt to nearly any color scheme and theme, once you put your own twist on them. They’re DIY manageable for adding charm to both the wedding and the new abode, working with just about any budget. So without further ado:

1. This piece would be awesome on display at a wedding. It can also be an easy DIY version, with wood/mdf and basic stenciled letters. How beautiful for a ceremony!


2. Table runners are a great way to add a personal touch…and who couldn’t use a few of these around their house to fancy up a table when unexpected guests arrive? Click here for a few affordable DIY versions!

3. A small made or purchased chalkboard adds extra charm to the ceremony, and will be used randomly for a million reasons, forever and ever in your own home. Amen.

4. Mason + Ball jars. whether it’s for drinks, candles, vases, or anything in between- yes, we’ve seen them lately for multiple uses galore. But you’ll be using these suckas for years to come in your own abode. Think lace. And burlap. Twine. Candles. Cute straws. Think Lace with Burlap. From entertaining guests with centerpieces…drinks…all the way to your own four year old’s birthday extravaganza…You’ll use them again…and again…and again in your own home.

5. Mr + Mrs : adorable at the serving tables, and equally adorable in your newlywed home…who doesn’t love a banner?

8. And while we’re on the subject…from the car you leave in, to your new home…you may as well milk it while you can. 

6. In lieu of your typical guest book, why not use a giant letter for guests to sign? It would make perfect decor in your home later, to fondly remember your guests and friends over the years. That, and I can’t tell you the last time I actually opened my own guest book…let alone write in those baby books…whoops.

If you’d rather try it yourself, read all about our DIY version here, and simply adjust to size!

7. A photo booth is an awesome must have at any wedding. Whether it’s simply a friend with a polaroid camera, or a package set up with the photog himself…It’s a great way to remember friends and family. Those behind the scenes photos are simply the best. And when you’re done? Make a giant frame like this one as a wall of memories from your most cherished day.

9. Mixed with flowers, chandys, and everything in between, these DIY twine balls create a beautiful, ethereal look. Click here to read all about the how to.

10. Something unexpected to hold your wedding cake: a handmade cake holder could be the same one you use for your first born’s first birthday. {Cue: Awe!} And especially wonderful if you found your own pieces of milk glass to {sturdily} construct one for yourself…the next time I’m out and about, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for pieces that would work… Just another aspect to think about. {Whether you’re a soon to be bride, or ten years post marriage.}

11. A different kind of pillow to use for the ring bearer: maybe something you hand down to your own child one day. I love the idea of using a different material than the typical silky approach. Be sure to click on over to see this entire shindig. You’ll be glad you did!

12. Adorable little salt dough tags to put on all your favors…could easily double in your home later on as anything from numbered tags to christmas ornaments, to everything in between. A great tutorial here.

So there you are. A great excuse to make something for that wedding to add your own personal touch…and then take it home with you to make your newlywed abode awesome. Oh. Those were the days. Le. SIGH. Anyone getting married soon? When’s the big date? Making anything for the shindig? Spill it! I want to live vicariously through you! ;}

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Responses to handmade wedding ideas

  1. Beautiful ideas for the wedding and after. Have you ever made the adorable gift tags? I would like to try them out. But don’t know which recipe to try. Thanks

  2. Beth Miller says:

    This is great! My brother is getting married June 2nd and my future sis in law will love these ideas! Just their style! Can I get married again so you can plan the entire thing?!

  3. I just got married in December, and totally did this. Most of the decorations that we hauled from Utah to Alabama for our open house ended up in our living room. I also made canvas pictures for every table, and we had a table with our ancestors’ wedding pictures, both of which are now on two walls in our living/dining room. They worked great, and it is way cheaper than providing all new decor. Good luck with all the summer weddings!

  4. Carrie L says:

    Beautiful suggestions. Good luck w/ the weddings this summer!
    We bought 20 or so silver mint julep cups for my wedding to put the flowers in as a centerpiece at the reception. Since my wedding 13 years ago, they have been used in 3 other family weddings, multiple baby showers, holiday parties and as a toothbrush holder. Whenever I pull one out- I think about my wedding day!

  5. Terri says:

    Congrats to you and your Fam! That is so fun and exciting! My daughter hand crafts adorable wedding cake toppers for her Etsy shop, Cinnamonbirds. Take a peek..they are so cute!

  6. Megan Brooke says:

    Oo all these elements are totally my style! Feels very natural and easy.

    I actually made some yarn chandeliers for a work event a few weeks ago! They turned out great! Would love to make them again for an event in the future and maybe use different colors (I did all white).

  7. These are all beautiful ideas! If only I could pay someone to do mt DIY projects ;P

  8. Lauren from Auburn says:

    Hey virtual favorite blog “friend”!

    Wowza. This is an epic post. Thank you so much for your ideas/inspiration board. I am going to DIY the mess out of some twine balls, people. (Uh, I just reread that…..possibly inappropriate! go with me here!!) Thank you for sharing the tutorials. There are many Mason jars, burlap runners, and DIY projects in my near future.

    You are definitely in the wrong biz. How much does it cost to rent your adorable children again? And your husband? I’m not totally sure I could afford you…you are a decor genius!

    I am hoping the handmade wedding ideas banner you made mean there are MORE BLOG POSTS to come on this topic. I would probably cry if you did a series. You give me inspiration as I sit here and stare at my coffee table adorned with chipboard -letters-soon-to-be-gift-table-card-holder-extraordinare project complete with a Holly Lolly (Hob Lob, whichev) basket and soy based paint the color of marigolds. Or maybe it’s the color of my vomit after i get tired of crafting this craziness??? That’s neither here nor there.

    Love it. You are my favorite. Keep it up.

    War eagle,

  9. Lauren (also from Auburn, but a different Lauren) says:

    Hmm…. which bride is using your husband as the minister?! Love all this, Ash. Of course, I especially love the big wooden “M”, and all the burlap! I’m so excited about getting with you again soon about wedding ideas!!! You’re just excellent! And by the way, Charity’s wedding invitations are INSANE…. they’re perfect! Why can’t there be more invitations like that to buy? You seriously should consider designing and selling them…. I can think of a lot of people (myself included) who would love to commission you to do their wedding invites. Invites these days are either outdated/boring or too modern to even be called a wedding invitation. But maybe that’s just my opinion. Love it all, love YOU all, talk to you again soon!

    Lauren (you know which one by now, right?) :)