simple summer shish kabobs

So, I don’t mean to brag or anything, but Jamin is the when it comes to grilling out. I know. Right now, all of you are rolling your eyes, and you’re all, ‘yeah? So is everyone else.’ But you haven’t tried his cooking yet. ;} No really. I’m that excited about it. And what I’m about to share with you contains a secret simple master recipe.

Okay. Not so secret. And not so complicated. He whipped it up one day, and I’m in love.

Going quite perfectly with chicken or steak, and of course your veggies. It’s the perfect, last minute food for all things summer guests.

Simply gather the meat, and veggies that you like. {You could totally do this with only veggies-it’s delish!} Slice and dice to size, and place on skewers. Holding them over a surface that doesn’t matter, like your sink, rotate, sprinkle and coat them generously {because it falls off on the grill} with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt,  Weber’s Chicago Steak Seasoning, + Lawry’s Lemon Pepper. {You can even save yourselves some time, and mix all three, equal parts, together if you decide you love. It’s like an insta-secret, make your taste buds dance, kinda seasoning.}

Do your thang, as usual, on the grill. Until they’re as done as you like them. We like our veggies a bit softer. And our meat a little pink. So it can get tricky. We recommend cooking no longer than 15 minutes, rotating every 5. {Make sure you meat is finito to your liking, however.} I must say, whether charcoal or gas, these are pretty great. {I’m also a charcoal snob, as I must pay tribute to my own father as the ultimate gourmet grill cook. I was raised right.}

Combine them with the ultimate summer baked potato {loads of cheddar + sour cream, alternated to the perfect consistency, please. Yes, I am shameless about it. Yes, I have already converted many a friend to my artery clogging ways. If I had to give up my love for potatoes, or chocolate… I’m not sure which one would win out. Shamelessly true.}

And you have your perfect summertime meal…especially for last minute fun get togethers! Throw this together with our easy summer dip

And the fabulous Kay’s Sweet Potato Dumplings… {It goes without saying that you would add the sweet tea} Tada! You quite possibly have the world’s most perfect, laid back simple summer meal!

Bon Appétit, and happy weekend, everyone!

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Responses to simple summer shish kabobs

  1. JP says:

    SO trying these this weekend! :)

  2. Mila says:

    Yum-mo! That potato looks just as good as the kabob!

  3. Rebekah Tice says:

    Delicious!!! Definitely going to be trying this. Had friends over this week for burgers, which my husband masters on the Weber, and some of them didn’t quite like them because he melted cheese on top and a few were too pink for their liking. I guess you can’t please everyone. But I enjoyed them!!!

  4. Shalagh says:

    Charcoal snob, Yes. End up doing meat bobs and veggie bobs separately. Intrigued by potato and dip recipe cheesy caloric goodness. Thank you Jamin or whoever you’re inspired by, Summer food is better somehow.

  5. Lou says:

    Rather than letting the herbs fall into the sink, you could try lining a long tray (or even a spare piece of baking paper) with the herbs and then pressing the kebabs into them.
    I also give my onions a quick burst in the microwave before skewering them. That gets rid of the raw sting that might come if you want your meat to be pink.
    Yum! This is making me hungry now. I’ve recently given up potatoes AND chocolate (and a whole lot of things that were slowing me down). It wasn’t easy, but it is well-worth it.