handmade walls : an ebook by the handmade home

Howdy, lovelies! Well, we can’t decide yet if we should (a.) be jumping up and down like a couple of scary delirious people who just won that grand prize on ‘The Price is Right’ due to the sheer joy of completing such a personal goal and tackling a real beast or (b.) in the corner a-la fetal position picking at all our cuticles….or what’s left of them. After months of preparation, hard work, blood, sweat and tears…it’s here. Handmade Walls : 22 Inspiring Ideas on Bringing Your Walls to Life is now available and live.

Either way, we’re super excited to launch our ebook today. It’s a little bit surreal.

You guys, our very favorite people, our amazing readers and friends…the very people we wrote this for…get a glimpse of it first!

It’s our deepest and sincerest hope that you truly enjoy this little creation. That you’re able to use our book as a springboard for your own amazing ideas, and enjoy your homes in the moment, no matter where you are in life. We hope it lives up to all the ruckus and fuss we’ve kicked up about it. Won’t you pretty please with a side order of fluttering lashes and a cherry on top, check it out here? 

Have an inspired day!

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