backyard bliss

Happy Wednesday, wonderful people! What I’m sharing with you today, has been a looooong time coming.

It taught us both bundles about patience, sticking with something until you figure it out… And waiting for what you really want. But once upon a time, our back porch looked like this: {Clearly, not my color.}

And we finished this off, into the veranda. It’s small, but it’s one of the best things we ever did for our home. You’d be amazed at what adding another room can do.

A few of you asked to see the outside of this finished room. But I hated it so much, I wanted to wait until we could get to the outside. I’ve loathed that brown color for six years.

I wrote about some of my ideas for an outdoor space over a year and a half ago. (I actually removed that post when our home was on the market, because I’m all paranoid petunia, and didn’t want our perspective buyers to be frightened by our yard…) But you know how the story goes. We took our home off the market, and decided our story here was not over.

Boy am I glad it’s not over.

Our first step to transforming our outdoor space was the handmade hideaway for me our kids. We were so thrilled at the changing power of a little wood and paint.

The photo below of the back of our home was taken last April. But as our plans would have it, first came the hideaway, and then came a book. So when we finally started on this back yard overhaul, we fell flat on our faces. Our roof line was a major challenge. There was also the obstacle of already existing concrete we had poured before we finished the veranda. Yes, our timeline of back yard redo attempts is complicated. There was wind. There was a collapse. There were tears. (Me.) Bereaved Planking (Jamin.)

And after wasp swarms, crazy weather, insane schedules and some saving of funds, I am oh so excitedly happy to show you the following.

The leaves are falling as fall has officially arrived… so the grass looks a little different, but isn’t it fun what a little paint and elbow grease can do?

We lightened up that brown with a pretty little grey worthy of our siding. It actually makes me like the siding. We added handmade shutters to the back, and as we go, we will be adding them to the entire house. All the way around. It’s crazy how much larger our windows look. (And after some thought we ended up moving the garden box, as we felt it sat to close to the house, you can see the updated version here.)

We extended our patio with some paver stones, and put together a fire pit. Last night we cooked hotdogs and roasted marshmallows. The kids had a blast.

We painted the concrete and the back door for a punch of color. I’ve always wanted a yellow door. It just makes me so happy.

We built a large garden box below the left side of the house, and in the spring, we hope to grow a small garden there. Right now, it’s filled with jasmine, snap dragons and pansies. Some of which will be relocated to another home in later seasons. We also planted Jasmine at the base of the pergola. We hope to have a nice growth spurt by late spring.

I am obsessed with flowers. These little beauts came from a combo of our yard, Publix and Costco, of all places. I may be a font snob. I am not, however, a flower snob.

My little sister was my hero with these chairs I found this summer. They were on clearance at World Market for twenty five dollars each. And I totally flipped. Only there were none to be found anywhere. Is there anything more frustrating in the land of decor? We called everywhere and the final remaining six resided at a mall near her home in Knoxville, Tn. It was meant to be, as she picked them up and passed them on to my parents in a leg to Nashville, who hauled them all here just for me. At this point in the game, they know how I am… They’re always so sweet to help me out when I have a complete spaz attack over something.

Those chairs were originally cream, and I hit them all with fresh blues + whites, and left the arms off of some, as well. I also found this little chandy online, and hit it with the same blue. Oh, and all those lights? Installed by yours truly. It took some real planning to make a continuous strand work like that. It also took a windy day, a ladder, a staple gun, and a lot of lightbulb screwing once they were up. Be impressed. I suffered no bulb casualties. Or concussions. But I’m not even referring to the painting that had to take place on ladders in the dark…

I couldn’t resist sprucing up the table, which we made from an old door we picked up at a flea market in Nashville nearly three years ago. I was holding on to it, and it finally was put to good use. A small testimony as to why you should hang on to a few things. I scrubbed it down, we sealed in the old paint, built a base for it, and then topped it off with a piece of cut glass from the local glass store. I love that you can even see the old lock through the glass. Who knows what this door has seen?

At dinner last night while eating on top of the old door, Aiden informed me that he hoped no roaches came out of it. Oh the minds of babes. I had a brief moment where I found myself triple checking said door.

Our gigantic metal M was also a score at the big flea market in Nashville. I was all over it this summer. I think it’s found the perfect spot.

We brought in color with these outdoor fabrics, and had a wonderful friend come to my rescue to help me make these. Sometimes sewing can be overwhelming. I have more on that coming up. Recognize that furniture? We’ll be moving it indoors and out to enjoy our porch, and in the future we hope to turn our veranda into more of a functional study. Eventually their permanent home will be found around the fire pit.

So here it is. Party ready for this perfect chilly weather we get in the south this time of year. We couldn’t be more thrilled about finally making this space work for us.

We began this past August. We have quite a few tutorials coming up, and I promise to cover my sources. But in the meantime if you have any questions you want us to cover, ask away! I just wanted to share these images with you today. We’re thrilled to have it finito…just in time for the holidaiscal apocolypse and all the fun we fully intend to have with it.

To read any of our DIY projects from this back yard overhaul, be sure to check them all out, here!


I’m off to scour my home for the next few days in attempt to prepare for a photoshoot with a magazine (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!) you all know and love. I can’t wait to share with you, and I’m basically about to combust with absolute excitement.

…As always, have an inspired day!

This post was brought to you in part by Thompson’s Waterseal. We can’t wait to show you how we used their amazing products to bring our outdoor space to life, and make it work + last  for us. Stay tuned for more of that, coming up!

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Responses to backyard bliss

  1. Jessica Anderson says:

    OH MY!! I LOVE IT!!!! It looks so great, and I can’t wait for the flower box tutorial…I will be making one for my house next spring!

  2. jaime says:

    LOVE! It looks great! Lots of ideas I hope to implement in the future. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Julie says:

    I love your porch and ALL the detail!!!!! What are the demensions to your concrete and then the paver area? Also what shade of yellow? I am obsessed with touches of it also.

  4. Cathy says:

    What an incredible transformation! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pergola. The yellow door and every little detail you’ve chosen make this such a fun place to hang out. Oh and the paint color on your house as well as the shutters are just perfect. Nice work!
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  5. Carmella says:

    Oh, WOW!!! this is absolutely so inspiring! The transformation is so beautiful, and I am sure it made you fall in love with your back yard…. I now have a serious crush on it for sure! GREAT job, your hard work really did pay off big time!

  6. charity says:

    seriously the most gorgeous patio i’ve seen.. it looks like a completely different house.. i would loooooovvveee to hang out there.. thankfully, being in the south, you will be able to enjoy it through winter! awesome job!!

  7. charity says:

    .. and the shutters!!! sooo cool!

  8. April says:

    It looks nothing short of amazing! What a transformation and I know you all must be so glad to be done. I am just looking at all the painting that had to have been going on. It looks like just the paint alone adds so much to the whole space. What a fun and happy place to hang out! My guess is the mag is Country Living. I could totally see your home in that one.

  9. Jessica says:


  10. Jaime Compton says:

    I am most excited to see this post and cannot wait for tutorials. In a crazy mood the other day my husband and I decided to rip down our unused screen porch and decided on a pergola in its place. I really want to stain our concrete like the pattern you did to yours.

  11. Megan says:

    This totally rocks my socks off!! I live vicariously through your major projects because I can’t do them. I would love to though!

  12. MaryE says:


  13. Laura says:

    Love it so much! Can’t wait to see all of the tutorials!

  14. Lynn says:

    Wow…….what a transformation!! I have looked at the pictures a few times and see something new each time!! Great job!!

  15. Oh, Ashley…this is just BEAUTIFUL!! I love every thought out, carefully planned, and lovingly executed detail. You are ~ again ~ an inspiration!

  16. Chaney says:

    OH my gosh! This looks absolutely amazing, Ashley. Well done!! Can’t wait for all the future posts about it. I know your family will really enjoy this space!

  17. melissa gray says:

    It’s ahhhhhh-mazing! As somebody who the backyard blues your space had really inspired me! I spent the other day out back with my daughter looking for worms and just kind of stood there in one of our raised beds, thinking this back yard is making me super sad. (Maybe our rainy Seattle weather has something to do with that….or the fact that we only moved in a couple months ago and haven’t done anything to our space) anyhow, once it warms up I totally want to create something inspired by your back yard. It is absolutely beautiful, I hope you have many amazing family/friend get togethers there:)

    • Well, take heart Melissa! We have been in our home for six years now, and it took us this long to get on it. ;}

      • That probably didn’t help at all, now that I think about it. ha!

        • melissa gray says:

          haha! It does actually. It’s that ‘false’ pressure we put on ourselves to get everything “done” so quickly. In reality, whenever we have people over they compliment and say, “what a huge yard you have” or “I can’t believe you don’t have any neighbors back there!” Nobody ever says “those bushes could use trimming” or “you should really consider having a landscaper come over.” In fact, I need to realize that just taking our time to truly figure out what we want will yield us better results than trying to get it done quickly. I would however, love to have you come over and tell me all the things you would do to our house! I swear I wouldn’t be offended:) In fact it would be the best. ever. If you ever come to Seattle:)

  18. Britt says:

    You guys are just adding to our list of projects. First we MUST build the playhouse for our daughter and now we are going to have to add a pergola to our porch. Thanks for all the great inspiration!!!

  19. Frannie says:

    We live in an older home and have space for an outdoor area; however, I’m at a loss as to how to cover up utility boxes and lines there are two boxes and then a few line attachments in a stretch of 3 ft wide up to 7 ft tall …needless to say it is an eyesore! Suggestions? Do you have this problem?

  20. Rebekah T says:

    So beautiful!!! Love the yellow door and blue chandy! All your hardwork paid off…the space is truly beautiful to look and at and so functional. Hope you gets lots of use out of it all!!!

  21. Danielle says:

    Totally amazing. I had to do a double take when I saw the after picture. You guys are awesome and I am jealous that you can enjoy such things year round!! It is beautiful.

  22. Lindsay Redd says:

    Wow! I absolutely love this! The house colors and shutters really brightened up the place! I love how you have row separate living spaces on that porch. Thanks for sharing! Your pictures are incredible!

  23. I’m really hoping you’ll give explicit details on how to do that kind of lighting. And the floor. I love your painted concrete. A detailed how-to, if you please.

    This is truly lovely. Great work!

  24. amanda says:

    amazing transformation. the garden box ads so much to the elevation. did you do anything to “buffer” or protect the side of your house where the garden box is? or is the dirt directly up against the siding?

    • Hey Amanda! We actually used thick plastic to line the entire thing on both sides. Since we stained it, we didn’t really want to take any chances on the stain seeping through into any veggies we may grow later. I’ll have more on that, coming up!

  25. Erin says:

    Love everything! I really want to add a pergola to our patio but was concerned it would diminsh the light that comes into my kitchen. Have you found this to be an issue?

    • Hey Erin! Ours hasn’t at all. Now I’m sure if we grow a whole lot of jasmine on it, that may eventually cut out the light. For now, though, it’s actually brighter, because the sun reflects off of the concrete. We need as much light as we can get in our living room as there are no outer windows, just the windows to the veranda which is right beside the pergola.

  26. emily hope says:

    super love this. praying for the day we become homeowners instead of renters! and pinning this in the meantime 😉

  27. OH, my word. Love it. Love, love, love. Details, oh the details. Yellow door, a big yes! And the lights. And the shutters. And half of our outdoor stuff came from World Market on major clearance. Good stuff.

    The lights are what get me! I’ve always wanted to do that so I look forward to the downlow on that.

    You rock! The end.

  28. This is beautiful! Love, love. love!

  29. Sandy says:

    Love it!!

  30. Oh, the thrill of having it finished, and to have turned out so wonderfully.And congrats on your photo shoot, can’t wait to hear more!

  31. Probably the most dramatic transformation I have ever seen on the internet! My eyes popped as I scrolled onto that After shot… holy moly…. I’ve been thinking pergola’s lately and this is amazing. The light bulbs & white, light paint and flowers = bliss. :) You must be sooo happy to be there now!

  32. Barb Lewis says:

    wondering where you found the fabric for your napkins? Please, o do tell! TIA.

  33. pggy says:

    You have taken my back yard sadness and given me new hope. I bought our house because of all the Potential but a year later and that Potential is just another name for a vast wasteland of space for weeds. I love the feeling of outdoor “rooms” and areas to explore and linger in. I cant wait to find out how you did the pergola, love that thing, and the lights dripping off of it, and I have always said shutters on windows are like mascara on a face, they make the eyes pop :-) Hurry hurry with all the behind the scenes “how-tos”! Your fans await!

  34. Bethany says:

    I would LOVE to know about your pergola. I want to do this so bad, but haven’t yet convinced my husband yet. I think after he sees this he might go for it. Did you build it or buy it and put it together. I also would like to see a tutorial on your window shutters…those are just fantastic. Please share away as you have time to!!!

    • Hey Bethany! We built it. Our roofline was a challenge, and we had no idea HOW to build it so we consulted an architect friend of ours to help, as we didn’t want to void our warranty, or have it fall on our children. We just special ordered some wood and went from there. It will vary a little with everyone’s home layout, but we will be sharing plans to both the pergola and the shutters very soon! ;}

  35. Emily says:

    Gorgeous! I love how your backyard turned out. It gives me hope for our own yard! :)

  36. Jennifer says:

    What an amazing and truly beautiful transformation! I love all of it, so inspiring!

  37. What an amazing transformation!! I absolutely loooove those handmade shutters! You guys sure have been busy. 😉

  38. COMPLETELY IN LOVE with you backyard! What an amazing transformation. Your hard work has paid off, my dear!

  39. caroline says:

    hubba hubba patio! im in love! what a beautiful backyard!!

    I was hoping for details on the table? Is it in a past post? We’ve wanted a table that can hold at least six people that I can piece together [or something super cheap].

    totally jealous about those chairs. they are

  40. Oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous!! SO inspiring. Can I come over and have a glass of sweet tea? 😉 It looks like such a nice place to relax, I’m pinning this for ideas for that “someday” house I hope to have. :)

  41. Naomi W. says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! What a wonderful job you did. I love the light color on the outside of the home and the yellow door! Enjoy!

  42. Erin Buchanan says:

    Very impressive! I am in love with the wood shutters and yellow door.

  43. Lin says:

    Fabulous re-do! Added much value to your home, no doubt. So bare and uninviting before. Now it’s living space. Kudos.

  44. Kim says:

    I am having a complete spaz attack about that yard! In love! It so perfectly goes with the interior. You amazzzze me! Come visit long island, NY and be my friend? :)

  45. seriously AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A.MAZ.ING.

    can i come over?
    pour some drinks girl. I am hoppin in the car….!!!!!!!!!

  46. rena says:

    Oh my goodness! I love it! Wow you are truly amazing. You know when you run out of things to do at your house I will gladly volunteer my house for “projects”!

  47. OK. That’s it! We are re-doing our backyard! You have totally inspired me. I love the fire pit. I can’t wait to see the tutorial (hint, hint). 😉

  48. Ashley says:

    It is soooo cute! Wish I could do something like that to our backyard!

  49. Jessie says:

    Ashley, this is stunning! I absolutely love the pops of color, the flower box is genius, and I can totally feel your style all the way through. Can’t wait to read about how you did everything!! Congrats on another gorgeous space:)

  50. Mary says:

    WOWZA! Love every little inch! Fun at every turn, love the colors. The flow of the patterns, great job!! I’ve gotta ask…what is the name of the color you chose for your siding?


  51. Elizabeth says:

    Oh,I love it! Love all the fabrics you used. Definitly want sources on those.

  52. diane says:

    Beautiful and such great inspiration for a backyard makeover we have planned for next spring. Thanks for sharing

  53. Katie says:

    Your backyard area looks absolutely amazing!! I’m so inspired to do some work on our own patio! Please, Please, Please post about how you made those amazing shutters!! We’ve been looking to make some for our own house, and those are the most amazing shutters I’ve seen yet!!

  54. Abbie says:

    I’m drooling….seriously drooling!! 😉 I LOVE it! Question…Did you paint your siding? Is it vinyl, wood, something else I’m not thinking of? I’m thinking that might be an idea for our new house. I’m interested in knowing how to change the color without replacing it.

  55. Heather says:

    Your backyard make over is fantastic!! I love it..

  56. YOU. BLOW. MY. MIND! Love everything about it! So adorable and such a fun family space!!!

  57. Heather says:

    Breathtaking! There is not a detail that has been missed in this gorgeous transformation. Love the colors. Love the thrifted chandy and letter M. Love the personalized chairs. WOW! So happy to have found your blog… Cannot. Get. Enough! (Especially after this post!)

  58. Charity says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love everything you do with your home. I am getting married in the Spring and finally moving into a house (currently in a tiny, overcrowded and uninspired apartment). I can’t wait to apply some of the things I have learned here and also follow your guidance on taking your time to make the home you want! Keep bringing the awesomeness!

  59. Tennille says:

    As Jim Carrey says in the the Truman Show “It’s B-E-A-Utiful!” Good job guys. Love all the pops of bright, fresh colors, some of my fave too, and the hanging lights. Are they the ones from Target by chance? We are finally getting a Target up here in the Great White North. Already counting the days. I’d love to read a little tutorial on the table. I currently have an old door in storage that needs to be put to good use however, it might be a little narrow for a table. What size was yours? And the shudders. I have no use for them but I have a feeling you’re going to have to show us how you made those too. I feel a second ebook on the way 😉 Have you caught your breath from this one yet? I’m thinking you call it “Handmade everything else”? I know you’re not very busy and could totally get started on it right away 😉

  60. Ashley says:

    Love this outdoor living space. Exactly what I would want my backyard to be like, but I could never pull it off. You are amazing!

  61. Beth says:

    Absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing…

  62. Pam says:

    So beautiful, well done. You have just launch my newest version of the comparision game in my mind… :)

  63. Samantha says:

    Holy cow!! That is incredible! What a transformation!

  64. Jillina says:

    Ashley, this is absolutely stunning! Great job as always! You are so very talented!

  65. Donna says:

    Oh Ashley I am so in love with your outdoor space! It is so inviting and homey. I can just imagine you and your family sitting out there enjoying it this fall. I do have one question though. Where did you put your grill? I have a similar set up in my back yard (but not near as pretty as yours!). My grill and its cover just don’t look nice with my furniture and fabrics out there. Just curious how you worked with that.

    • Hey Donna! We actually just replaced our old gas grill with a charcoal one last year, so that was an old one sitting on our back porch. Something I’ve never written about, is that we actually have a side porch that leads off of our kitchen. So that’s where the grill is located, because it just makes more sense, and I guess you could say that’s down the list. ;}

  66. Martha Rose says:

    I teared up a little when I saw this… its sooooo perfect. I can’t wait for more information. I want to do this at my house stat!

  67. Haley says:

    Simply amazing!!! It is gorgeous. I will anxiously stalk you for tutorials on the pergola and shutters (and how to install them) :)

  68. It looks incredible! WOW! Totally worth it to fall in love with your house all over! Enjoy your backyard fires…I’ll admit I’m a little jealous!

  69. Jen says:

    Shut the back door! Ok, so lame, I know, but I totally spurted that out and had to type it.

    Seriously, I am not at all surprised that this update is nothing short of impressive, amazing, inspiring, colorful, beautiful, charming, brilliant… I could go on!

    This will be us next year and I am over the moon excited, even more so after seeing this!

    The back door color is fab, the lights are whimsical and the fabric choices rock my world. Oh, and LOVE the table! Kudos to you and Jamin for all of the hard work paying off! Hopefully you will be able to spend many nights with your feet up and enjoying your new haven!

    And congrats on the magazine shoot! I can’t wait to hear more and get my grubby paws on whatever issue you are gracing the pages of!


  70. Alisa says:

    That before/after literally just took my breath away. I was just thinking the other day how I would love some natural wood shutters but there is NO ONE in my neighborhood with them so I didn’t know where to find them. Duh- I can just make them now with the wonderful tutorial I’m SURE you’ll be posting 😉 Also, you totally just convinced me I need to paint our concrete patio that I *ahem* may have gotten a little bit of spray paint on…

  71. Katie says:

    What product did you use to seal the old paint on the door used for your table?

  72. katie s says:

    So, so gorgeous!! The brown was so fuddy duddy before! But now–everything looks amazing!!!

  73. Linda says:

    You painted your siding? Is it vinyl siding. I would love to paint mine, but didn’t think it would stay on after the hot sun hit it.

  74. Jennifer Karaya says:

    Wow! Beautiful! How difficult was the floor??

  75. beverly says:

    What did you do to protect the siding of your home when you built the long planting box? The previous owners of our home did something similar and the fix was very expen$ive. I hope you won’t have the same problem. Your area for relaxing and entertaining is divine!

  76. Debbie says:

    I love everything, it looks great!

  77. tara says:

    Andy and I are sitting here looking at this, and we are blown away.
    You guys are the :)

    Every detail is amazing. love the color choice for your house. :)

  78. Debbie says:

    Love it all! Would love to know what flea market in Nashville you found your treasures at – road trip!

  79. Ashley says:

    I absolutely love this! You did an AMAZING job. The shutters are great too…I’ll definitely need to try those. What is the paint color for the house? I’ve been looking for a light gray just like that!

  80. Rebecca Meier says:

    Wow, LOVE your backyard. Beautiful job…Really, it’s stunning! And I love that rusted letter “M”. Did you get it from a salvage/antique store? Our last name starts with an “M” and I’ve been searching for something like scale and rustic like yours….

    Again, really beautiful space.

    • Hey Rebecca! It’s from the big Nashville flea market. I think they sell them regularly there. (The ones at the fairgrounds) so if you live anywhere near, its definitely worth the trek. We go at least once a year. It’s just fun! Anyway, hope that helps! ;}

      • Rebecca Meier says:

        Hey thanks! I realized after I went back and thorougly read the entire post that you listed where you found it, oops!! But hey, thanks for responding anyway :)

        Again, this patio makeover rocks!

  81. Kim says:

    Can you tell me the color grey you painting your siding? This backyard is nothing short of ah-mazing!!

  82. Kristin says:

    Hello, I found your website today on Pinterest and love it! Where did you get or make the big white gazebo thing in the back yard over the table?

  83. Nicole says:

    You have my DREAM backyard! Stunning and such an amazing place to entertain. I do have a question, though. My fiance and I just bought a house with a pergola in the back. I love the way it looks, but I don’t want everything to get soaked when it rains! Do you just pull all of your pillows and stuff inside when it gets rainy? I’ve been wanting to ditch ours and get just our patio covered, but your gorgeous backyard has changed my mind. :)

  84. Deb says:

    i LOVE your back porch\outdoor living space.
    Can I ask about the white thing (sorry don’t know what it is called, having a brain fart), did you build or buy, size and cost?
    Thank You,
    I LOVE it all..

  85. Claudine says:

    AMAZING job on your backyard!
    I loved everything: Windows (great idea), lights, garden boxes…
    I loved the painted cement! And I also always wanted a firepit!
    Great job on you veranda as well. I think that was my favourite part!

  86. carolyn fulkersomn says:

    Now I am excited for the snow to melt so I can build a pergola at the end of our large deck. I even have a birdcage to make into a light. Your patio has inspired me! Thank you for sharing! Carolyn

  87. Callie says:

    I am just curious whether you painted your house siding yourself or if you hired someone to do it? Obsessed with your blog and love everything you did to your backyard!

    • Hey Callie! We did it ourselves. Actually Jamin did it one weekend while I was out of town. Confession: we still have the sides of the house to add to that one on our list. I think I want shutters all the way around. We’re waiting for more consistent weather. ;} Stay tuned.

  88. Susan Hine says:

    I really liked the wire vases you had. Did you make them or where did you find them..Really nice. Hope to hear from you. Thanks Susan

    • Hey Susan! Those were flea market finds. But I saw some the other day on One King’s Lane. keep your eyes peeled! Apparently, they’re floating around even though I have no idea what their brand name is. So sorry! it’s one of my favorite pieces!

  89. Kelly al says:

    I’ve read and reread this post (and your colors throughout the house), but can’t find what color your house exterior is. Also, what stain did you use for the shutters? Or is that just the water proof sealant that made them that color?


  90. Nicole says:

    Hey, Ashley. I love your outdoor space! I am wondering what your yellow door color is? I am trying to find a good yellow for my front door (yellows are SO tough!) and really like yours…

  91. Jody Jarvis says:

    This is so pretty. I want to do something similar in my backyard. Where did you end up putting the barbeque? I don’t see it in the photos.

  92. Anna says:

    Hi, I’m inspired by the work you did in your back yard. It looks alive… and I agree with getting rid of the brown. I was curious to learn where you got the hugh letter M which is on the side wall? Our last name also starts with M and I’m always looking for unique pieces to hang.

  93. Kara brown says:

    Ok! So first off… Is there anyway I can have your email?! I am going to do as many of these projects as the budget and husband will allow and I’ll have 8 millions questions!! Lol. We just bought a house like 7 months ago.. And it needs major outdoor help. It has a small outdoor covered area that is 4ft by 15ft. We are extending it 10ft next week when they come pour the concrete. I want it stained and a pergola so bad!!! I’m so afraid it’s going to a bigger project than we can tackle… But to build one that is about 10ft by 15ft how much do you think it would cost.. Estimate? Just curious.. Before I start something and it a bigger project than I should have dived into! Haha

    • Hey Kara! I would recommend just pricing it all out. That is the best way to get the best estimate. Based on your location, size of the area, grade of wood, what all you want to do, etc. will affect that. Ours was not outrageous or we wouldn’t have attempted it. ;} I hope that helps! You’re more than welcome to use our contact form for any questions you may have. Thanks so much for dropping by! ;}

  94. Addie says:

    I was wondering what you did with the BBQ pit. My husband loves to grill but they are kindof an eye sore. Any tips on how to hide them in plain site?

    • Hey Addie,

      We moved it around to our side porch that we have. {Still on the list for a makeover…} It’s not always picture perfect all the time, but in the meantime, a simple cover works for us!

  95. Anne M. says:

    That makeover is absolutely gorgeous, BUT is there a back on that planter box or did you just put it right up against the house? That looks like trouble if it doesn’t.

  96. Ella Ralph says:

    Oh my GOODNESS! This might be my favourite outdoor area ever!!!! I just hopped over from and she was not wrong about how fab this makeover is. I’m completely jealous now. x

  97. Jeanne Osterndorf says:

    I love all of your ideas. My only slight problem is $$$$$$. I know doing it your self is cheaper but you need the tools, time, money for the material. But all of your stuff is the best ideas I have ever seen. Thank you.

  98. Maura says:

    Very cool! I am making a handmade hideaway for my kids in our yard as well. I didn’t realize how big of a project it was! But it is coming out awesome! Thanks for sharing the plans!

  99. Robin says:

    Beautiful transition! What steps did you take to build your veranda? Did you pour new concrete? Break up the old patio first? Did you build it or contract it out? What is it made of? I am looking to do something similar, so any advice is helpful!

  100. Linda says:

    I think this is one of the best diy backyard projects
    I have ever seen. I would not change a thing!! I
    initially looked it up to get pointers on making my
    own shutters, but will come away with way more than
    that for inspiration. Keep up the good work!!