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Not too long ago I introduced the offspring to the awesome world of Mary Poppins for the very first time. I haven’t seen it in years, and It’s always amazing to see a movie and recall the things you didn’t think you would. I was verbatim for the songs, y’all. Hardcore shameless nerd all the way. There’s nothing quite like reveling in a childhood memory with your children, whilst kicking your legs in the air to “Step in Time”.



I was all multitasking with the cardio and quality time in my mad air kicking chimney sweep skillz with a hoard of giggling children, when Jamin walked into the room and asked with a puzzled look what we were watching. After I stared at him for a few good moments giving him time to recover from his obvious folly, I realized he really didn’t know.

He had never seen such a movie.

One moment I’m rounding off the final verse of “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” in a glorious burst of cheesy bravado, and in the next my world has been turned upside down. I’m left pondering the deep, heavy things in life… like why I married a robot from an alien universe.

Heavy topics, y’all.



After that, we moved on to The Sound of Music. It’s of dire importance that I expose my children to the classics, one by one. And obviously, it’s all up to me.

The kids now refer to ‘The Sound of Music’ as ‘Mary Poppins part 2′. Such fabulous rationale I never really gave much thought. I mean, Mary was just short for Maria, and she obviously crash landed in a convent after she took off on her umbrella. But this time she scored a hubs, some highlights, and a dowry of matching kids. Complete with some smart handmade accessories from curtains. Life is good.

But digression and back to Mary: If you haven’t seen it in a while, it has a british victorian flare with bold colors that had me feeling quite inspired. It’s amazing how old movies can do that. For instance, I want to turn Bert’s jacket into a room. Or pillow. (Surprise surprise…)

Here’s a few modern-esque Mary finds that make me wish I had a sidewalk chalk hopping, ceiling floating, staircase upwards sliding British nanny of my own. Don’t we all?

Not in my childhood. For my children, now. Doesn’t one day with Mary guarantee some epic naps afterwards? ;}

mary_poppins1. This awesome little curio takes me back to the stylish victorian days. You could also do your own version with a bookcase or similar colors for that classic feel!

2. The perfect tea towel with a little splash of happy.

3. Um yes, I will take these shoes. Mary Poppins with a mod flare.

4. I’m obsessed with doll houses right now. Especially vintage ones. The nursery had a grand one.

5. I’d love an awesome vintage weathervane… even as a bookend or shelf decor in my home. Something about a weathervane is classic Mary.

6. Ship in a bottle : a nod to Admiral Boom.

7. This bow tie screams victorian. Channel your inner Bert. It’s more Bert than Colonel Sanders. Trust me.

8. This one needs no explanation.

9. Straight from the source : an umbrella just like Mary’s. I now need an umbrella stand for said umbrella…

10. I love this modern twist on the classic victorian look. Topsy-Turvy wall paper would look fabulous with those classic dark contrasting Queen Anne accents.

11. A vintage kite reel. Something I never knew I always loved.

12. Carpet bags. They need to come back, yesterday. This modern twist on granny chic really flies my kite. {Yes, I did have a little too much fun with the play on words…}

Can’t get enough of this little idea? If we channel our inner Mary, the possibilities are endless. Check out these two ah-mazing parties inspired by the movie:



mary_poppins_birthday_partyand here

Have a jolly holiday, me lovelies!

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Responses to mary poppins style

  1. Anne says:

    I too love mary poppins. So do my kids. I love the things you found!

  2. Catherine says:

    SO excited to see this post this morning. I have been reading the Mary Poppins books to my boys (we are on book 3 and they aren’t tired of them yet!). We all watched the movie for the first time a few months ago and couldn’t get enough of it.

    I absolutely need that umbrella!!! Thanks for the link.

  3. LOOOOOVE this post. so fun, so cheery, so…mary!

  4. Laura G. says:

    Oh dear. We (and by “we” of course I mean “I”) introduced Natalie to Mary Poppins this past fall, and she asks to watch it EVERY DAY. She is obsessed! And I can’t say I mind, either. 😉 It was one of my faves as a kid. And now, she will be 3 in a few weeks, and we’re doing a Mary Poppins party, OF COURSE. :-) I am all up into the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ness. :-)

  5. valerie says:

    Yay! Someone who shares my love for the strange and wonderful world of MP. :) My kids have a long-standing obsession with her as well that is going on 5 years now…craziness. Her little phrases always get me, and I made little posters out of a couple of them a while back:

    Other favorites include “Spit spot!” and “Stop stravenging along” :)

  6. Ada in Coastal Cali says:

    you have no idea.
    I saw the picture on Insta & was smitten to say the least! I get the crazies looks but boldly declare whenever asked, Mary Poppins is my favorite movie of all time. Not only do I know the songs, each & every bit of them, but the entire movie. Verbatim. I sung “Bird Song” and “Stay Awake” to my babies while we rocked….
    I love this whole post & am DYING FOR THAT UMBRELLA!!!!
    Thanks for the big grin on my face- needed that today…. “just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down…”

  7. So cute!!! I need to rewatch that one…oldie but a goodie. I want to LIVE in that doll house!!

  8. Um, Jamin didn’t know who Mary Poppins was? I don’t understand.

  9. What a great classic to pass on to your kids.
    Now I’m going to be singing um diddle liddle liddle um diddle i.

  10. Linda says:

    Love it. Mary Poppins was my absolute favorite movie growing up. I think I need those tea towels!

  11. Kim says:

    I just loved sharing Mary Poppins with my daughter for the first time when she was maybe only 3. She loved the kite scence at the end the best, closely followed by the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious scene, of cours! If you haven’t seen the Broadway musical adaptation, I highly encourage you to do so. It was wonderful! And the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious scene was by far the best of the play.

  12. erin says:

    I love Mary Poppins! Favorite Disney Movie!! I too am afraid, when I have kids, that I will have to introduce them to the classics I grew up on as my future husband didn’t watch them growing up like I did. But his parents also came over here from Poland and 30+ years later still don’t know a whole lot of English. My dad was a music teacher, so we watched all the classics and musicals when I was young!
    Not a musical or Disney movie, but have you seen The Great Race with Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis?? that’s one of my fav old movies!!

    Great little round up!!

  13. Toni says:

    I was a nanny for 15 years. Mary is my hero! I just made myself a bag and when I showed it to my hubby his comment was, “reminds me of Mary Poppins”. Pure joy!! : )

  14. Erin says:

    I haven’t seen Mary Poppins in forever! I have to say, The Sound of Music really takes the cake for me though, that one was always my favorite as a child. Well I know what I’m doing this weekend!

  15. Meagan says:

    Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music are some of our family favorites! My dad got me started on them when I was little! Do you want to know something strange? I wrote a small snippet about Mary Poppins endless carpet bag today. I promise I hadn’t read your post yet. I had to comment because it feels so strange to be talking about Mary Poppins at the same time. Of all things…Mary Poppins! :-)

  16. Summer says:

    Love Mary Poppins! Been a loooong time since I watched it and now I’m dying to. (While wearing those awesome shoes of course

  17. Susan says:

    Love this post! My now 15-year-old watched the whole movie when she was just 2! I remember being so amazed that it could keep her attention for that long! It is still one of her favorite movies. Love all of your finds too.

  18. April Hoff says:

    This is so weird. I JUST popped this DVD into the player yesterday to introduce my 15 month old to the awesomeness that is Mary Poppins. I was experiencing the exact same “remembering things I didn’t even know I remembered” experience that you described. I also understand some of the subtleties that I didn’t really catch onto as a little kid. I had do a double-take at this post…crazy! :) By the way, love your blog, obsessed with your home decor, and am very inspired by your style! :) – April Hoff

  19. Pat says:

    Such a wonderful classic! I wish there were more movies out now for kids…and big kids too. :) Too much violence, language, etc. now. Thanks for a great reminder!

  20. Mme PiNat says:

    I just love Mary Poppins and juste love watching her movies ! I know the songs almost by heart and I loved your post !!!! A lot of inspirations for me and in a project matching the weather outside and a color of fabrics, I am doing a Mary Poppins huge BAG like hers !!! So funny and glad to see someone who loves Mary Poppins too 😉 Thanks for this awsome post !

  21. Angie says:

    Ha! My husband is from another universe as well. Love being inspired! Love your blog!

  22. Mindy says:

    The traveling Broadway version of Mary Poppins is in town right now, and I am apparently the only person in Knoxville who doesn’t have tickets. This post just made it worse :-(

  23. Love this post! I think maybe our husbands are related…mine has *maybe* seen bits of The Sound of Music, but probably couldn’t tell you anything about it. I blame it on his parents. His little sister only saw The Wizard of Oz in high school because I made her watch it withe me. A crime, if you ask me.

    At any rate, love the style inspiration!

  24. Brittney says:

    I knew that 2nd Mary Poppins party looked familiar! I’ve had this on my Pinterest for for ever! I can’t wait until I have a child so I can do that for them. :) Absolutely in love!

  25. Alice M. says:

    I love this post! My kids and I love this movie and it’s so difficult to hear or see anything about it because it’s so old. I even took my girls to see the musical. I highly recommend it!!! I think everyone should watch Mary Poppins and it would put everyone in a good mood :)

  26. Danny says:

    This was my favorite movie growing up. So many afternoons sick on the couch were made better because of mary and burt! I would so be heading home to watch this right now… if only my copy wasn’t on VHS…..