lazy gal’s guide: practical solutions

Hello friends!

Tis the season for… organizing!



Lately, we’ve had organization on the brain. Okay. For the past year, we’ve had organization, purging, and getting it together in general… on the brain. We were thrilled to have our playroom + closet, along with our new studio finally pieced together and now that we have those spaces settled, we’re thinking about the spaces we’d love to tackle for the upcoming year from the practical side of things.

We wanted to round up a few of our fave stylish little finds for around the home… We’ve learned three key truths throughout this entire process: Keeping it together with a real system, a place for everything, and making it visually appealing. If it’s visually appealing, it motivates you to keep it that way.

And speaking of pretty… Lately, California Closets has us drooling with some of their great closet organizers. I’m kind of obsessed with all the potential options and inspiration their systems hold.


via California Closets


via California Closets


via California Closets

We have our walk in closet that’s been sitting in chaos since we moved into this home… we think it’s time for a little finesse in the land of organization and style.


Next on the docket, Jamin also plans to re-claim the man-cave area of our home (See: our disaster of a garage with all of its workspace potential currently drowning in wood fragments… if you go in too far, you’ll be lost forever. It’s screaming for a makeover.)


I dream of our garage looking clean and neat like this.  I’m not sure it will ever look like this because for starters we have a mini van and we fill it with three kiddos and a crazy dog and all the things that come with children. But digression and see that light? The angel choirs are singing, and things are found easily. Forever clean. I’ll take that scooter, too. I mean, why not? Just strap the kids on the back, yo.


They have a ton of garage storage solutions, as well. Just this little photo kinda makes me swoon to think of knowing exactly where everything is. We’re getting there. Slowly but surely. Is it weird that nice clean organized photos just really crank our tractor?


Their simplified approach has me drooling on my keyboard. It’s a great solution to consider for those hard to figure out kinda places.

What are some of your fave solutions for those crazy spots in your home? Do you have a great system you love? Have you tried California Closets? We’d love to hear!

::This post is in partnership with our with our droolworthy friends at California Closet, please read our full disclosure pertaining to partnerships here.::

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Responses to lazy gal’s guide: practical solutions

  1. Layla says:

    Love this! What a great round up! I am so obsessed with California closets! :)

  2. Jenna says:

    I have been stalking california closets for years. I think we just need to bite the bullet and check them out! I adore all your clever ideas! Organization is my absolute fave!

  3. Alexis says:

    I’ll take one of each! 😀

  4. My husband would love that garage! Well done!

  5. Beth G. says:

    Check out this cool cable management gadget that Blue Lounge launched today:
    Wires drive me crazy…they always look so messy!