Welcome to The Handmade Home! We’re so happy to have you to our little corner of the www where you’ll find a little bit of everything on life, DIY spirit, inspiration and fun. College sweethearts and homeschooling parents to three, we currently reside in the tropics of south Alabama, where we’ve perfected the art of sipping sweet tea and operating power tools.

3_in_a_rowWe believe in striving for a genuine, intentional life, and that creating a home shouldn’t be complicated, ridiculously expensive, or to the trade only exclusive. A realization hit us a few years ago when we decided to stop pining away for that perfect farmhouse kitchen and embrace the now in doing it ourselves – There’s no such thing as a dream home, because nothing is perfect. We find this tidbit of information kinda freeing. It’s your home, now, and no one else’s – Not the future home’s owners, not your sister in law’s cousins… yours. Stop waiting for tomorrows, and opportunities. They’re here, now. And everything is going to be amazing.

It’s just our simple take on creating a haven for the every day.


Be sure to check out some of our spaces here + our gallery here.


Sweet features in the press:

Apart from having the honor of being featured by some of our dear blogging friends + fabulous sites, we’re also incredibly humbled + thankful for these amazing experiences! (Click on the image below to be taken to the link.) Check out our own books, here!





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Responses to About

  1. abra says:

    love the new name/look, and just you guys in general! i don’t think i have ever commented, but i sneek around here quite a bit, time to show my face, er, blog name. :)

    and now i shall snoop around some more for some great inspiration!


  2. moddybee says:

    first my little girls and my middle name are Malone!! the only people i know with the name malone are family! It was my grandfathers name! ok, i am also going to give a shout out to you on our (my sister and i) blog! i love your envelope picture! thanks for sharing! I am now follower!!

  3. Renee Sweeny says:

    Would love to subscribe to your blog updates daily! Thanks! Love your work and creativity the Lord has clearly blessed you with!! Keep at it and enjoy!!!

  4. Isabel says:

    I must know where to get your daughter’s ADORABLE polka dot dress! I totally know this has nothing to do with your DIY home decor blog (which by the way you’re a rockstar) but what mommy of a little girl wouldn’t want to see their sweet thing in that cuteness

  5. Ashley, I’m loving the new blog name but with the same brilliant gal behind it!

  6. Love your website and DIY ideas! I will have to steal some! My husband, who went to school with you, told me about your site and said it was right up my alley. I have a site too, I don’t post much these days, but I have a couple DIY baby girl ideas I can share. Have a great week!

  7. Laura Hunter says:

    Just found your site today…via hookedonhouses.net. Imagine my surprise when I click on the link and find Jamin Mills staring back at me. He may not remember me, but we went to middle/high school together years ago, and I just had dinner with Michael’s wife last night. Shannon and I have been friends for several years. Didn’t know you guys had a blog, or that you were DIY folks. :)

  8. Hey Laura! Hilarious! I’m sure he remembers you. I’ll have to tell him you stopped by to say hello! It’s funny, but a lot of our high school friends are starting to find us. It’s fun. Thanks for letting me know you stopped by!

  9. this is random. but your mom wasn’t a music teacher was she?

    • Laura Hunter says:

      oh yes, she still is. This is her last year…I guess she taught both Michael and Jamin, although I didn’t remember that. She’s retiring this year (teaches where Shannon used to).

      • OH. MY. WORD. PLEASE tell your mom I said hello. She taught me for six years at Valley Elementary, and is still to this day, my very favorite teacher of all time. Ask her if she remembers Ashley Malone. I would love for you to tell her hello for me. I LOVED her!!!!!! 😉

  10. Sherry West says:

    Just clicked on for the very first time – very interesting – I will be visiting again. Excited to see your husband’s name – Jamin. My Jamin is 13. We don’t find someone very often who shares his name! Love it!

  11. Bobbie says:

    I am new here and came to this site to see how to make the pillows, step by step but can’t find the directions!!

  12. amelia says:

    i am SO over the moon in love with your blog! i happened upon it through someone’s pinterest post. i am so excited to add you to my favorites and follow you! your freebies are INCREDIBLE and i’m so excited to download and frame some of them! thank you!!! did you create these pictures yourself? BEAUTIFUL

  13. Netty says:

    Thank you SOOO much for your philosophy! I am one of those “paralyzed” people who coulnd’t make ANY decisions and just left my house as is and SOOOO unhappy with it. I actually couldn’t sleep at night, and STRESSED about what color to paint my living room, and what color sofa to buy. It was like my first-born was at stake! Sheesh, thanks for expressing how important it is to lighten up, and go with your instincts. I’m excited to make decisions and JUST GO WITH IT, especially now that I have enough courage to DIY or thrift something instead of spending oodles of money on something that I’m not 100% sure I will like in 5 years!

    Mostly, thank you for your honesty. It makes all the difference in the world to hear someone as talented as you report that you’ve been there too, it wasn’t pretty, and now you’re free!!!

    God Bless,

  14. Brooke says:

    Just saw you on the Nate Berkus show! Awesome Fun!! Congrats

  15. karah says:

    i love your blog! saw you on NATE!:) best wishes in all your creative endeavors! i love your home!

  16. nancy says:

    Loved, loved, loved your home on the Nate show!!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home with the rest of the world. I’m not very hands on when it comes to making my home unique, so thanks for the “how-to” instructions. You are my new best friend!

  17. catalina says:

    Hi! I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve just found your blog and I can’t stop reading it! I study industrial design and loveee to create new things from old ones, specialy for my house. I wish to have such a great home as yours in the future.
    Congratulations for your work! I don’t know if I’m using the right expression in english, but your work is something to look up for, to be inspired. :)

  18. Becky says:

    Hi Ashley!
    I have been reading your blog nearly everyday, for the past couple months and love it. Today was my first time reading your about page and I am completely, 100% inspired. We have only owned our home for a few quick months but there have already been many moments of hyperventilation and times of paralyzed fear. My husband can help bring me off the edge during these times, but hearing a fellow blogger who has taken leaps of faith, truly makes me laugh at the fear. I want to start all of the could-be-crazy projects right now. Thank you for such great guidelines!

  19. Pat Smithson says:

    Read about your blog in the Decatur Daily and love your site. Great ideas, I must
    share with my daught and daughter-in-law.

  20. Lisa says:

    Your words are just what I needed to “hear”. Inspiring. Thank You

  21. Lucy says:

    Glad to meet you. Wonderful advice. I too just “go for it”. It can always be redone if you don’t like it. Most of my home is furnished with flea market, thrift store or garage sale finds. I am a sewer so my ugly old 80’s couch has been slipcovered. So you see…. it CAN be done with just a little money. I have made it MINE and I love it! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  22. Linda says:

    You have become a daily part of my online life! I find myself snooping around on here quite a bit lately and I thank you for your honesty and creativity! I am now on a roll with painting some furniture pieces that have been sitting in my basement collecting dust. You also have inspired me (much to my husband’s dismay) to lighten our home and move away from the dark tones and colors. So glad I found your blog:) Thanks!

  23. Violeta says:

    U have sincere fan from Lithuania (just find on map where this country is.. sorry for my english.. :))
    Your ideas are so warm and cosy. Today in morning I found your web and i didn’t go to work… I just forgot about rest of my world, because your ideas are everything I dreamed about. But at the same time, I was afraid to do or change anything.
    Now me and my darling have a lot off inspiration from u.
    Firstly we’ll make a loft for my youngest princess (my husband is exited of how simply you did it), then we’ll do some amendments in our kitchen, and of course – chalk board paint will take place in our home :)
    Good luck for all your familly,

  24. Natalie says:

    I stumbled upon your site and I LOVE seeing your projects! Thank you for the inspiration!

  25. Rachel says:

    <> I love it and think about all the stuff WE love– not mom. not MIL. US! Glad we aren’t alone in that regard. Just stumbled upon your blog and am already in love!

  26. Nancy says:

    I’ve never responded to a blog, but had to leave you a message. Your site is fantastic!
    Loved your philosophy and improvements you’ve made on your home. I’m embracing
    that same enthusiasm and currently redoing some of the rooms in my house. You’ve really given me some great ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

  27. Becca says:

    I LOVE this post! I feel like I am just at that point in my life. I just turned 27 and am just so over caring what other people thing and being a “people pleaser.” It is so liberating to just let loose and be yourself. Your home looks GORGEOUS and unique and inspiring. Thanks for the great post :)

  28. Cristiana Myers says:

    Hi Ashley,
    I am not real sure I have ever posted anything on your blog, not sure why because I follow you here and on pintrest. But just wanted to say you absolutely adorable and I love everything you post. Your blog is so full of wonderful ideas and inspirations. Thanks for taking the time the blog. Btw, you had me in stitches over the slip cover on your couch, I am so sorry that happened but like you say never, ever again!! I learned a lesson from you. :) Your new couch is fabulous.



  29. Brooke says:

    So inspired by your blog! I have the same way of thinking…life is too short…live with what you love! I recently recovered my sofa in a very light stone color almost white. Sometimes I don’t want to even sit on it because it is too pretty. How do you keep your white furniture clean with children?

    • Hey Brooke!

      Well, the only thing I really had that was hard to keep clean, was my slipcovered sofa. But I suffered a loss in the shrinkage department recently, so that’s all been taken care of. You’d be amazed at the difference between a simple white, and an off white, or a fabric with texture, like linen, as far as how easy it is to keep clean! ;} I hope that helps!

  30. Katie says:

    ABSOLUTELY adore your site!!! I am a teacher and love the freebies (letters, number, pictures ) Fabulous !!!! Was wondering if with you alphabet if you had other letter fonts for a few of the letters !!! Also, would love to be emailed updates daily as well !!! LOVE THE SITE and IDEAS!!!

    Thank you so much !!!!

  31. I love your website, and your motto! I’m a huge yardsaler, and I couldn’t agree with you more that you can find ANYTHING! I’m always surprised by what I find. One site I’ve been using that has made yardsaling so much easier is http://www.yardsalesearch.com (I’ll try and link!). I love it because it maps out a route for me. Just wanted to pass that along. Can’t wait to read more on your site :)

  32. Christine says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog, thanks to Twitter (big surprise, right?) and I must say, this whole post inspired me! And, I must also say, you don’t look nearly old enough to have a hubby, those three gorgeous kids, and a dog! I would have guessed you just graduated high school! LOL! Made me feel old! (And I’m only 33.) Anyway, nice to “meet” you and I will be browsing your site…. OFTEN! 😀

  33. amanda says:

    Just found your blog. Love your make overs!

    I’m buying a house and since it’s a little ol bungalow with lots of panel. I will be doing a lot of my own work. I’m thankful for pinterest!

  34. Emily says:

    I am so excited to have found your blog yesterday via 320 Sycamore. You have such a great philosophy on life and decorating which I hope to achieve myself. You house is gorgeous and I love all the projects and makeovers. I think I might be here all day!! Happy Friday! And thank you for the great inspiration.

  35. Alison says:

    Your blog is great! You are so creative. My husband and I bought a house about a year ago. Decorating has been difficult as I have been struggling to find our “style”. Over the last few months I have realized we don’t fall into any style category – and that’s ok! I am liberated by not trying to put our family into a pre-fab box of knick knacks and fabric patterns. My rules now for my home: 1. If we don’t love it, it goes. 2. If we can make it, we do! Thank you for your blog.

  36. Howdy! I JUST watched YOU on the Nate Berkus show and as soon as the episode was over, I ran to my computer to check our thehandmadehome.net! I have to tell you that I love your style and your approach at doing what makes YOU happy and not letting the influences of others sway you from listening to your heart. L.O.V.E. your bravado! Keep on creating and smiling. You have a beautiful family and God
    has given you many talents that are amazing.


    PS: I made a trip to Montgomery in 2010 to be a speaker at Maxwell AFB. The people there are so nice!!!! Everybody was “yes m’am!!” I live in California and it is so different here than there.

  37. So glad to have found your blog!! LOVE your style!!!!

  38. Thanks, Ashley. Anytime you expose yourself creatively, you feel a little vulnerable and to receive such positive feedback, it really means a lot .

  39. Nina says:

    I love your style. It’s what I’ve envisioned for my home.

  40. I have to say I’m totally impressed. Looks like the last decade has been good to you an Mr. Mills.

  41. Trinity says:

    I’m absolutely in love with your home! You’ve done such an amazing job of making it look great, but also comfortable enough to curl up and take a nap. I just found your blog via Nicole at Me & the Moon and am now your newest follower. I’m so excited to read more and check out more of your handiwork.

  42. LOVE this!!! I have a dark cabinet kitchen and I REALLY want it white, but my hubby is so against it…not sure where to start with that one;)

  43. tiffany says:

    I work for 6 radio stations in Louisiana. We are trying to build a playhouse to be auctioned off for St. Judes. Do you have any plans you could send me.

  44. Lynn says:

    I’m loving your style. I’m loving your sassiness.

  45. Natalie says:

    Just came across your website while searching for kids bedroom ideas and I was SO excited to see that your husband’s name is Jamin. Mostly because that is my husbands name too! We have never met another Jamin so it is very exciting to virtually meet one. Anyways, thought I would say hello. HI!

    Natalie (& Jamin of course)

  46. WOW! I am completely inspired having read just this About page. Not just by the breathtaking photos of your home, but by your…mission statement.

    My boyfriend has two kids and I am making the slow but exciting transformation to step-mommy to a brilliant 5 year old and a 3 1/2 year old who is ready to take on the world. I worry a lot about the fact that I don’t have the design instincts to make a real “home” for us – at 32, I’ve never had kids, I still rent apartments, and I’ve never painted a wall. We are looking for houses and I really, really want to make our new home a real HOME.

    Reading this nudged me towards an epiphany: our home has to be what makes US happy. Just me, Dustin, Ryan and Corbin. And with a site like yours for design inspiration, I think I can do this. Thanks so much, Ashley! I’m feeling a little more ready for this.

  47. lillian says:

    Thank you for helping me see the light…literally. Those mustard-ish curtains really help diffuse light into a room. I’d never considered that color curtains before, and I’ve been considering curtains for about two months now since I moved into my new apartment. For a sun lover with only one window that lets in good light, this is quite a break through.

  48. Sarah says:

    This sang to me. All of it. For the past 5 years, I’ve been living with the ‘future buyer’ mindset. Recently, I stopped caring. It’s not their house yet. And perhaps the next person will be more likely to buy it because we gave it some character. Despite the fact that we will likely sell our house and move into the next chapter of our lives the next 2 years, I am going to enjoy it NOW. I just discovered your blog, and am better for it.

  49. Linda says:

    I am so glad that I came across this site! After looking at the font inspiration, I started to meander through and WOW I am totally impressed by your vision and what you have created in your own home. I am impressed and inspired. Thanks.

  50. Lisa Yates says:

    Just found your blog through pinterest. Reading it for half an hour made me feel happy! Lovely ideas and I love your positive attitude…thanks for brightening up my day! We just bought and moved into a lovely but slightly tired-looking home which has been rented out for the past few years and just needs a bit of love…I’m sure I’ll be back for ideas! Lisa

  51. People pleaser – check. Never say no – check. Angry after the fact – check check. I just found your blog via The Nester. I’m in love. You’re house is spectacular. Going to get me some hot chocolate so I can saddle up and read everything.

  52. I just came across your blog literally 5 minutes ago but I am hooked on it already thanks to your “About” page. Your philosophy really spoke to me and I’m so happy for reading it. For some reason I have that fear too, but I’m going to work on getting over it. Your home is beautiful because of your philosophy and I know mine will be too. Thanks!

  53. I have recently hit 40 and work for the government jobcentre which is not fun. After 20 years there decided must get out. Set up own business and now want to revamp rest of life so can leave day job asap. This article has inspired me as sound very like you in lots of ways. It is nice to confirm and the pictures are fantastic. If my house can look half as good I will be happy. Just discovered your site and will be logging on from now on. Thankyou.

  54. Lezlie Butts says:

    I probably just missed it, but did you tell readers where you got that awesome egg/basket artwork in your dining room? Just found your blog and I love it.

  55. Tina says:

    Your home is beautiful! I have always hated white walls, but I love the way you have decorated your walls and it makes me rethink the white!

  56. Yashmitha Padayachee says:

    Wowser:) love this blog . so makes me think of my life with my husband, hes a building contractor, and im prett crafty if i do say so myself!, so we pretty much do all our renovating on our own as well. paint on our clothes check, in our hair check lols. thanks for an amzing blog that will kep us going through our our renovating :)

  57. Kate Quigley says:

    My mom Kirsten Quigley just showed me all your creations. My favorite one is the tree house……, i wish you could transform our tree house into that! I loved looking at your sight. I love to paint and make new things.

    Kate Quigley (and Claire Quigley)

  58. Helen says:

    I came across your blog on Pinterest and I am so pleased I did. I’ve just bought my first home and I have loads of ideas and dreams for how I want it to look but have been feeling a little apprehensive and timid about starting. Your blog has given me a lot of encouragement. Your home look beautiful x x

  59. Jordan says:

    Hey there everyone
    I have been looking to buy some rugs lately.. anyone know any sites?
    I’ve heard about Rugman.com? Any experiences there? :)

  60. Christina says:

    Which paint color and brand did you use for your cabinets? Your kitchen looks beautiful.

  61. MaggieMay says:

    I just found you by looking at the blogs that Kate at Centsational Girl reads. I read your About Us and almost got teary. I live in so much fear of doing the wrong thing with MY house. But it is MY house. And why shouldn’t I change things to the way I would love for them to be?! Reading your story and simple philosophy of “what if this is really the last place I ever live?” may have just sparked me to be completely fearless about creating my home. I love how you transformed a house you bought into your home. A place that when people walk into it, they know YOU live there. That is my new goal. When someone walks into my home, I want them to feel that I live there with my family. Because this is what Maggie’s house would look like. Thank you for being fearless first and inspiring us to do the same!!

  62. Robin HockmanTrhock says:

    I love the egg painting! Saw it in an earlier post and wondered where you had gotten it. Amazing! I don’t do Facebook or twitter but pinned it on pinterest.

  63. monica ford says:

    not sure if this is the correct place or not, but i just found your site and have to say i love it!! i’m a graphic designer and for some reason decorating my house wasn’t a high priority until my ex left me with a lot of repairs to make on “our” house. i started with our bedroom, had to get him out of there, it felt great!!! now i am on to the kitchen, i have spilled wax, the kind you put in a melter, all over my floor. it is a porous linoleum. how do i get that up? or is that even possible?
    i have tried the bag and iron thing but there is still some on the floor . . .

  64. M says:

    You two are amazing! I love, I mean LOVE your beautiful space/designs!
    Wow! Thank you for sharing…blessings M

  65. holly says:

    I love everything you’ve done! I actually would love meeting u:) u sound just like us. We have 3 children as well and love all hobbies…even the ones I’m not good at;) so impressed! Gives me lots of inspiration!

  66. Linda Rogers says:

    Love your style.

  67. Nancy says:

    Thank you ladies for all your amazing and inspirational posts. I found you a few months ago, I think via Centsational Girl…and subscribed via email. Love seeing your email everyday. We just moved into our new home and I find myself looking at all of your pics for inspiration :)

  68. Jennifer says:

    I was curious about the picture that shows your refrigerator. Did you paint it with chalkboard paint? If so, could you explain the process? If not, where did you get it? It is so cute.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.



  69. OK. I am inspired. This is awesome and such a good reminder to just go for it! I LOVE the permission to let go of a purchase you regret. I know so many people that build their rooms around a couch that they hate just because it was $$. And I am definitely too sexy for my laundry. :)

  70. Susan Pridgen says:

    Good for you! I turn 60 this October. (but I’m not old ! My friends and I laugh and talk about how ridiculous it is that we’re “turning”. We wonder when we will feel mature.) The aging thing is a whole other book. I’ll try to stick to this subject which is,Good for You! At age 30 you already realize what took me,and most around 50 or more years to learn. Your home is YOURS ! It should be a reflection of how you see yourself and the world. Our home is a scrapbook of the trips and events of our lives. Everything has meaning and tells the story of our family. Friends always look around and say,”Wow, I notice something different each time I’m here!”(not a hoarder,promise). You are in your home 100% of the time,others maybe 1%, who you gonna make happy? Stay true to you and you’ll always enjoy coming home. (When we come back after a trip,we always look around and say how much we love our house.) You are fortunate your husband is a true partner! Your home is just wonderful! I can only imagine what a fun person you are! You have such creative ideas and I love your style! You are right,”it’s all amazing!”
    Most sincerely,
    Susan P.
    P.S. My husband walked our daughter down the aisle to “Forever Young” -I noticed that on one of your afters. You,my dear, on on the right track!

  71. I LOVE reading about your design philosophy and the journey of making your home somewhere you love to be! It piggy backs so well on your Designing out of the Box session at Haven. I’ve been on that same journey for a while and am still processing it all, but isn’t it freeing to just do what you love and not worry about the dreaded word “resale” or what if someone doesn’t like this? Thanks for sharing, Ashley :)

  72. Jill says:

    Just stumbled across this blog from Pinterest (via your Watercolour Art party post as I am planning my daughter’s 5th Birthday) and have to say I love your style! Love your inspiring words too…re: to just be brave and “go for it”. We’re currently working on updating our 1970’s split level and I think I will be back for more inspiration! Thanks!

  73. Kathy says:

    Love your style and your attitude. :)

  74. Britney says:

    This is the most amazing blog!!!! You are an inspiration of exactly what I want my home to look & feel like. Thank you!!!!

  75. LaTonya says:

    I voted for you!!

  76. Gillian says:

    So so so love what u have done. I have never followed the rules but agonized long, longer & longest. Good on u, You are an inspiration to all. Keep it coming!

  77. Joni says:

    I am so excited to have found your blog! You are speaking to my soul, both in your encouraging words and lovely, fresh style. I’m going to paint those stripes I’ve been dreaming about, first thing tomorrow!
    Blessings to you and your family.

  78. Zeza S says:

    Your beautiful site is my inspiration every time you open it!
    Thank you very much for your advice and motivation.

    Greetings from Croatia!

  79. Renae says:

    Hi Ashley,
    First, I want to say that I’m more than 20 years older than you are, which puts me into the ‘mom’ category, but it took me longer than it did you to get to ‘the liking myself and my ideas’ stage. I’m so proud of you for doing it sooner! It really is important to respect your own wishes and talents in your home and everywhere else. I’ve decorated every one of our homes, mostly in the traditional manner, and in just the last 10 years or so, decided I wanted to do something else. My hubby is very supportive of my design ideas, which is great, and since we moved to Florida, we can do things I never would have done in other places I lived! I LOVE turquoise and purple and pink, and though I try to keep the house somewhat gender neutral in respect for my hubby’s maleness…lol… those colors have really started to pop up in our home. I LOVE that! It’s so nice to find a blogger who understands respecting your own taste! I’m going to follow you for that reason alone, if not more.
    I do have one question…Where did you find that bedspread in the top picture on this page? I’ve been looking for one like that for years and haven’t found it! Please let me in on the source, so my tropical bedroom will finally have a centerpiece that it’s been missing all this time.
    again, thanks!

    • Hey Renae! Thank you so much for your super sweet comments. SHAME on me for just finding this – it was tucked away in a weird place on our site – SO sorry for just now replying! The bed spread was from Home Goods about three years ago, so I’m afraid it was one of those rare, scoop-it-up-immediately-bcause-its-all-they-have-finds. I’m so sorry to be zero help and so slow – promise I’m not usually so sluggish in the replies. But thank you so very much for dropping by and I will let you know if I come across it again! ;}

      • Renae says:

        Thanks for replying! I’d forgotten that I ever wrote you, so it was a nice surprise to find it today. It’s never too late! I should have known it was Home goods, they always have such great stuff, and the prices are amazing. I almost bought a similar comforter there about a year ago, but it wasn’t king size, and I didn’t notice that till I was almost in the checkout line…oops! Now we live in a rental while we wait for our house to be built, and the walls are an unfortunate color I can best describe as ‘grey poupon’. It’s awful! We aren’t allowed to paint, and my turquoise really clashes. I’ll have to stick with my plain cream comforter till we can be in our own bedroom and paint it just like we want. It’s interesting though, that purple seems to calm the color a little, so I’m using accents of amethyst shades all over the house and they look great! Anyway, thanks again for your reply, I love your site and the whole homemade life. It’s very fulfilling to make things from nothing and have them really make my rental more personal! We are all queens of our castle and we deserve to wear the crown!

  80. GENA says:


  81. Wendy Chen says:

    I’ve discovered your website by accident whilst looking for calendars. I love the ideas, comments and humour.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

  82. Seng says:

    After reading this, you are totally booked marked and going into my feedly as my “must read while drinking coffee in the morning”. My house is too cookie cutter, but convincing the hubs to do something with it is a totally different story :)

    Stay fabulous,
    Seng | http://www.sengerson.com

  83. kimberly says:

    Love what you did/doing with your home! We are finally going to by our first home and your pictures make it easier to see the potential in all the cookie cutter homes out there!

  84. Lisa Marie says:

    i was just reading your “about” section and the part about your kitchen really resonated with me ! We just moved and it is going to be a few years before we can afford to make over the dark dreary kitchen. I’ve decided some chalk paint and fabric will go a long way till we are ready for the big remodel.
    Thank you for sharing.

  85. julie says:

    Love your Handmade Hideaway. About to finish ours in the leafy burbs of Brisbane, Australia. Thanks for the inspiration. :-)

  86. scott says:

    You insured me to make a similar hideaway for my daughter! Thank you! Happy to send picture if you give me an email address.

  87. I’m obviously very late to the game here, but I JUST discovered your blog, and I’m so happy that I did! I just turned thirty last year and completely went through the same thought process/personal revolution. I kept telling my husband that I must be going through some sort of mid life crisis, but all of a sudden my tastes were changing, and I was less afraid to try new styles and ideas. I’m also a chronic people pleaser (still working on that), but love that you haven’t let that stop you from creating an amazing home that is uniquely you. I so look forward to following along with your journey!

  88. melissa says:

    I love this post!!! It’s me to a “T” and I don’t want to live with kitchen regret anymore!!! Thanks for your words of wisdom!!!

  89. Amy says:

    Hi! I am so inspired by your site!! So happy I found it on my “bunny trail” to my internet searching for a project or 10! Needed some inspiration and boy, did I find it! Love the little touches and BIG ones! Your kids must be super happy and excited all the time…
    I don’t know… mine may be just as crazy as they are now if we started doing the things we think up in our mind… like the fun project ideas we have in our heads for the backyard, their bedrooms, the house… ah, the possibilities are endless, aren’t they?
    Thanks for proving we’re not crazy. :) Or maybe you just are right along with us! just kidding. Happy to see you’re enjoying life!!

    Enjoy the day!!

    I’m working on a couple sites myself and have one published – a work in progress- so far if you’d like to check it out… babyandkidshoes.com

  90. Nadine says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I now have the courage to let my thoughts come to life. After reading about you and viewing your beautiful home, I now know I can do it.

  91. Kate says:

    Hello! I very much enjoyed finding your website tonight! I wish you much success and happiness with all your ventures. You are gracious to share it all with us. God bless you and may you and your family continue with lots of fun ideas and fruitful ventures. :)

  92. Jason Elam says:

    Greetings from Mississippi! First, let me say that you guys are awesome! I am inspired by your creativity. My wife, Robin, and I are putting the finishing touches on our very own handmade hideaway. Our kids, Sam and Rachel, absolutely love it! I do have just one question. What type of material did you use to hang in the open space? I want to use some type of waterproof material that won’t mildew but still looks good. Thank you for all of the help on your website. I am extremely grateful for folks like you :-)

  93. Rhonda says:

    I stumbled upon your link/web site and wow…. I’m so glad I did. Love what I see and your site is very inspiring. Thanks!!!

  94. Leslie says:

    Ashley it’s nice to see the creative evolution. Celebrating 5 (known) generations of rebel artists and artisans.

  95. Tara says:

    Love your website very much! I will have to steal some! I have a site too,if you want I can share. Have a great day!

  96. Nazurah says:

    You guys are awesome! Just wanted to tell you that. Thanks a lot for this cool site ^^ you guys saved me like tons of effort and most prolly cash too!! Cheers!

  97. HomeMade says:

    wonderfull! I really like your post.

  98. Patricia Johnson says:

    Just checked in for the first time, and love what I see, and want more. Will I be connected to your blog?
    Thank you for the free planner pages!! Love the colors!!

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