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2Thank you so very much for dropping by! Here you can see a bit of our home tour and a peek at our house with a few before and afters. To read more about these spaces in detail, check them all out, here!


Today, I wanted to give you a tour of our little place. So we hope you’re comfy with a cup of whatever-makes-you-happy… we’re glad to have you!


First off, if you aren’t here often… let’s just clear the air shall we? We’re parents of three growing, robust, amazingly fabulous one of a kind children. That means that the house more than likely looks like this {see photo below} at the moment. Okay. It definitely looks like this. The dog vomits. The kids poop. The laundry piles. If you’re a real person who lives life… You know the drill. It’s life.

massive_piles_of_laundryThis whole parenting gig can be a wild ride, and my inner perfectionist and recovering people pleaser are both learning to embrace it for what it is and enjoy.

When it comes to our home, we believe in the power of paint, a little bravery, and a lot of fun to change our home into what we truly love. When we first purchased our little builder’s grade home, it felt like a last minute decision in a taupe/brown lover’s paradise. Not ‘us’ at all. We’ve learned over time to enjoy where we are, in the moment. Now.

We decided to just go for it, and make it what we wanted it to be.

Not the future supposed homeowners of said home. Not something my sister in law’s second cousin would approve of… just us. We decided to do what we wanted. So we broke a few conventional “rules” to live life in our home like it was our last one. And it was liberating. The best decision we ever made.


It all started with a little paint… and…

Down with the brown, and florescent lights. We always have a hard time describing our taste. It’s a lot like eclectic farmhouse… with moxie.


We’ve never been happier with a space.




You can read more about that transformation, here

table_place_setting{And more about this cork board project here.}



We added a simple Ikea sink {for fractions of the typical cost} and tada! Our kitchen was finito and totally changed for the cost of paint, fabric and a new sink. We still love it.


We also recently gutted out our pantry for a fun change.

Our dining room before :


It was dark and that window was a bit of a challenge… and we went from closed in and limited to this…

We had a welder friend of ours put together a design, and he also helped us score some amazing barn wood from an old peanut barn that was being torn down… which we turned into shelving. It was one of those serendipitous moments in decorating that make you really really happy. {More on that here and here.}


It {was} the perfect room for entertaining!

But we recently decided to venture into the land of home schooling (I know… never say never, right?) It’s been an amazing thing for our family. So we transitioned it to a school room for the littles.


The kids love their space, and I find them in here daily, “after-hours” creating or working on their own. Over the process of a school year this space evolved into a nice little school nook, and it’s perfect for their needs.


We realized that we rarely used the dining room, anyway. We felt like quite the rule breakers in the midst of our southern cohorts.

before_you_home_schoolWe’ve been on a journey for simplifying our lives for over a year now, and it’s been an amazing experience. But we say hoard two things: Books + Crafting supplies. {Within reason of course} We’re a little obsessed with building our own little Mills Academy Library.


Our living room was in the same condition when we moved in. Wonderful… {with apparent ghost specs-see ‘mysterious’ floating dust orb below} but not our style.


It was a builder’s beige paradise, y’all.


A little paint and some sofa drama… brings us to the heart of our home and a room we adore.

We decided to go for it, and just installed hardwoods (eight years later) because of some flooding this year. Which lead to the discovery of mold. Lemons. Lemonade. I’ve wanted them for eight years, so I’m not complaining.


Being brave with our home doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes. It means we pull ourselves back up off our faces and learn from them. Because of this, we love the stories each space tells, even more. We’ve left our own personal stamp on it.


mantel_makeoverWe finally upgraded the mantel We’ve always hated… because I mean if there’s a leak it makes perfect sense to fix up your mantel, right? {We decided that necessary flooring replacement was definitely justifiable. If ever there was a time…  #ifyougiveamouseacookie}



We built this little media center to suit our needs and free up more floor space. The art you see is from the wonderful artists who have graciously participated in our Handmade Home book series.


Our laundry room, which is right off the kitchen, drove me crazy once we had our kitchen where we wanted it. The dark cabinets and blinds had to go.



With a little paint, and some board and batten… the change was totally worth it.


Read more about the space, here + our ‘sexy’ sign, here. 




We have room to work in this space, and the kids can hang their things. It’s a mud/laundry multifunctional space, if you will.

bedroom_redo_Pure_and_lovely6 copy

Because of beercanmoldpocalypse14, our bedroom has been looking a lot like this.


But we just finished it… and now it looks like this.




See more here!

And we just finished this space. Because for 6 months it looked a lot like this:







While we’ve been waiting, we also tackled the closet… it’s now a family space because it frees up their closets for their toys, and works with our floor plan. See more before and afters here. 




When we moved in, our back porch looked like this.


This was another little change that gained us some square footage, and changed up the feel of our home to work with a growing family. We built a wall and it made a huge difference.


It is the perfect place for parties

But for now it’s our studio.



The boys share a space, and love this loft bed.


It’s really freed up some space for their room and playtime.


Last summer, we decided to bust down the wall between these two closets, and make it a walk through with barn doors.



And we redid their playroom space this fall, which has seriously helped with the storage. {sources here}


We built these bookshelves and cubbies


And created some watercolor wall art.



Emerson’s space was another update last summer. It may seem silly, but it ended the co-sleeping situation around here. {sources here}


{Click away for how to’s on all the deats}



One of our all time fave additions is this dollhouse. We, uh, I mean Barbie, recently did the inside as well. Emerson helped pick everything and it was a bit of a family project. Oh the hours of doll fun that’s already been had. It’s our greatest hope that one day our grandchildren laugh at the 2014 fab interiors. ;} handmade_dollhouse_study



And our favorite getaway? The back yard.

the_handmade_home_15Another shot of the fabulous UPS brown before:


And all of the revamps: {See our backyard bliss series, here.}


It’s made our home feel even bigger – a great little getaway.


Thanks for letting us ramble and share with the longest post in the history of ever. It’s been a lot of elbow grease and time, but we do love our little handmade home. It’s a haven for the every day.


Spaces for others:



a living room design

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deck_makeover_before_and_aftera back porch makeover

Let us know if you any questions and if we can help or shoot you in the right direction!

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    Hello! I just discovered your site last night and I had to pull myself away from the computer and make myself go to bed! Thanks for sharing you beautiful home…so inspiring!