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  1. My tip: make a mini file cabinet in one of your deep kitchen drawers (if you have them). Papers in the kitchen are a constant so I keep often used files right in a deep kitchen drawer including one for each kid, medical, sports, taxes and “to be filed”! This goes a long way towards reducing piles of paper on the counter.

  2. Great article and great advice! I don’t have a junk drawer but only because all the drawers already serve a specific purpose.

    Matt –

  3. In a quest to accomplish exactly what you have described, I have managed to keep two of my counters completely clean. I am militant about them. The rest of the areas may be 8 inches high in stuff, but those two clutter-free surfaces give my weary eyes a place to rest. I do have plans to tackle another area and add it to my clutter-free zones, but you know, baby steps!!

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