a smidgeon of fall decor

Us southerners residing deep in the tropics, tend to be a bit slower breaking out the fall pumpkin extravaganza. It’s hard to be pumped about the cooler weather, paired with hot cider, hay rides, halloween, falling leaves, mums and, well, pumpkins, when it’s a miserable 105 outside.

But this week, it actually cooled a bit, and as a reward for all my hard work, I decided it was time to break out the fall decor.

my pots outside were looking DISMAL, to say the least. I’d kept those flowers alive, quite loyally, all summer long, and in the last part of august, had to say goodbye. They had a good run, but as anyone in my part of the woods can contest, are nearly impossible to keep alive in this miserable heat.

I’ve turned over a new leaf (pun intended) with caring for my plants. Jamin still gets a bit irritated that I would invest in a terminally ill pet, but there’s something about them I do adore. So, our front porch has certainly been mummified.

oh wow. I’m on a roll tonight. I should probably stop while I’m ahead…


I paired our fall digs with a simple wreath made from pleated fabric I’d been eyeing via martha stewart and brought to life via the nester.

for fall, rather than going a completely different direction with color from my summer setting in the dining room , I decided to accentuate it with deeper hues.

I brought in some deep blues with the simple addition of my fake table runner. (aka extra fabric I had stored away for another project, brought out and simply folded on the table.)

I love a big dramatic table display, with feathers, twigs, willow and moss balls. I even threw in my antique fisherman floats, to tie in a little of the grey blue in the centerpiece. A little different, but pretty fun, eh?

The pumpkins were a whopping 2 smacks per bag of three at walmart. A simple decor tactic that will last through thanksgiving.

Another cheap accent: replacing those summer shells with simple pine cones.


remember my summer mantel?

well, it still seems pretty recent, as I only just shared it in August. It’d been up all summa. I was ready for something different…

much to Jamin’s dismay, I went into the studio and grabbed something we plan on turning into a coffee table…

This old barn door now sits happily on my mantel…until I decide to sell it! {shameless plug: check out our other vintage doors we have for sale, here.}

thanks for looking, and I hope you have a happy fall full of decorating. What have some of you felt inspired to do? I wanna see. 😉

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