simple spruce-ups in the suburbs :: make you bed, suckas!!!

This one will be quick. But I just have to throw it out there:

It’s a mantra I live my life by.


I was raised this way: the first thing I do, every morning…when I roll out of bed?

Make it.

My grandmother taught me that if I make my bed when I first wake, then the rest of the morning…even the rest of the day… is SO much better. So I’m beginning to teach Aiden to do the same. I drive Jamin crazy with my freakishly robotic bed makingness compulsvitiy. I’ve actually attempted to go a day without doing it. But the habits instilled in me since childhood inevitably take over. It certainly doesn’t have to be perfect. A quick tuck will do. But you can transform the look of a room…and consequentially affect the fine psychology in the elements of it…by simply making your bed.


It’s a simple idea. Something thousands of people have written about…and certainly nothing unique. But a nice little reminder on how to start your day with less literal and mental chaos.

Hate the layout of your bedroom? Make your bed. At least it’s neat. Want to come home to a peaceful environment at the end of the day? Make your bed. Can’t find that extra shoe? Make your bed.

Things are suddenly visible again. The day is fresh and new. My goals are reachable.

And all because I made my bed.

Cheesy, but true. Think about it.

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