our last first haircut…

yeah yeah…it’s kind of a ‘filler’ post in regards to all things home.

Because I have some awesome projects coming up to show you…that aren’t quite done yet.

But I had to post these of Malone. JUST HAD TA!

TADA! This is my last first baby haircut. That’s right, ladies and gents. The 18 month old had a mullet and the mullet had to go. Ever so reluctantly, I took him in.

aforementioned mulletThere was something about that last first, that just made me want to put it off.

This was a weird mix of celebratory sentimentality for mama.

And the little customer did quite well, with his lolipop and the peanut gallery to keep him company.

Yeah. We’re those people whenever we venture out to have our hairs cut. Or anywhere for that matter…

mercy help me when Aiden starts kindergarten next year…I feel like he should still be Malone’s age. It really isn’t helping matters that they look so similar.

Is he the world’s cutest drooly sticky hair covered beauty parlor customer, or what? So there ya have it. I saved some in a piece of foil to become lost in the kitchen cabinets beside Emerson’s envelope of hair…NO JUDGING re: uncompleted baby books…

Thanks, Abbie, for your mad cutting skillz.

Stay tuned for some fun projects…promise I’ll make it worth your while!

{oh. ps. I kind of reopened my comments. I guess because I’m still trying to figure out this whole blogging thingy I seem to keep doing…maybe I’ll become a comments lova afterall…}

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Responses to our last first haircut…

  1. Ashley, I just wanted to pop in and leave a comment because… let's be honest. I've been reading all the blissdom recap posts and all my favorite bloggers adored you and want to adopt you. So… I think it would just be best if we were friends :-)

    I adore your blog and all your action.

    I'll be back…


  2. nancie says:

    TOO cute!!!
    at first i thought you meant – last haircut – as in he was so bad i'm never doing this again…
    but what an angel…all three of your littles are just so adorable!

  3. Supa Blogga Supreme Mama says:

    HAHA angie. I am game!

    Nancie-thank you…I think so, too! 😉

  4. Abbey Greene says:

    just wanted to say that you rock… I love your kids and always enjoy cutting the Mills fam jam hair!! hey ps.. Im stealing one of these pics.. I love action shots…they trip me out …. YOUR BLOGS MAKE MY DAY K BYE