the yellow house project : the kitchen

It’s time to revisit the yellow house again, and the wonderful things happening there. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, please take a moment to visit a few of their older posts here to catch up! You’ll certainly be glad that you did. Clay and Lindsey are busy little bees right about now, working hard on getting the paint up on those formerly drab walls, and making a once-hollow building a home for themselves, and the community around them. Today, we’re talking about their kitchen. Here are a few before shots she was kind enough to send me:

I know some of the first things you spy. But a few surface issues aside, the home, once again, has some GREAT character. I, for one, am in love with that door, and the beautiful windows over the sink area. The kitchen also has a pretty great layout. So let’s get to it, shall we?

First things first: I think we all think those upper cabinet doors should all come down. 😉 This will seriously open the space, and immediately rid Lindsey and Clay of their woeful mismatched cabinet door issues, complete with scary brass hinges, to boot. I think that as far as cabinets and walls go, they could use a little bit of this:


Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace on all the upper cabinets, trim and doors, as well. This is a super bright white, that we just did our cabinets with, and we LOVE it. The lower: Benjamin Moore Silver Bells, for a fun, subtle contrast. The walls: in this fabulous Benjamin Moore Wedgewood grey. It’s looking a bit dark on my screen, but it’s actually a lighter blue grey, that will add some life to those walls. Lindsey was not loving that backsplash, so the entire room, at the backsplash level, will be wrapped in some nice classic bead board, to immediately lighten that room and add some architectural interest.

1. This dwell fabric would look great (the bird pattern) over the kitchen windows, paired with this bamboo blind.

Also, the old pantry area is a bit of a tricky area. I suggested they take off the doors that are left, and paint the entire area in chantilly lace. Using some tension rods, and make some quick, short panels and alternate them all the way down. {The maze, then the bird, then the maze} indicating each shelf level, and stopping at each shelving point. It would instantly become a charming little area and a great opportunity to bring in some more storage space and fabric for a graphic impact, as well.

2. A chalkboard like this, would be easy to build, and put on the blank side of that wallspace on the bookcase area. A larger one would be needed for that space, and its easy to make one from an old frame at a flea market, or build one like ours, here.

3. Lindsey and Clay are keeping their countertops for now, but for later… 😉

4. This schoolhouse light would rock the space, and add instant character. We scored two off of ebay, so I highly recommend looking there!

5. I love this sign. Would love to see it, or something like it, in the space for a pop of unexpected color.

6. This rug from Ballard designs would rock the kitchen floor! It’s indoor outdoor so it would be easy to clean and hold up great under high traffic and food spills. I suddenly want this one for under my kitchen table. 😉


7. I’d love to see some colorful bowls like this in those open cabinets. White dishes will also work well with that space, but if she decides to start collecting, an old eclectic pile like these would be awesome to add some character. image via country living.

8. Of course, all things anthropologie rock my face off. I think that a nice simple towel like this would bring some major personality into the space.

These baskets come in different sizes, from the same line, and would make great additions to the open cabinetry, as well.

9. Of course, paint that fridge! 😉 {not shown yet-soon to make an appearance in the Yellow House}

10. Some corbels like these, to put at the base of those upper cabinets.  Simply paint them the same color (chantilly lace) {Inspiration via the lettered cottage}

For their hardware: these great pulls via dlawless. They’re simple and modern, and would totally update and freshen the space with stainless steel. I  also included their barstools, because I think they would look great painted as the Chantilly, as well. Lightly distressed for a beachy, crusty look. They have great classic lines and will look adorable painted white.

And there we have it: their kitchen space! I can’t wait to see what she decides to do with all of this-how about you guys? Have a wonderful weekend!

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Responses to the yellow house project : the kitchen

  1. Jen Timberwolf says:

    I LOVE this. I LOVE the RUG! It's fantabulous!

  2. Hillary says:

    I love their story and I love what they're doing. What a great story this is, as well as an examplenpf how you can use your talents. This is awesome and I can't wait to see the after

  3. Jennifer says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Between you and Layla I'm bursting with kitchen ideas!!

  4. Erin says:

    Beautiful design, so much fun with all of that color!

  5. amanda says:

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!! I've been wanting to purchase fabric from and when i saw the gorgeous prints I finally bought fabric for my kitchen windows!! I cannot wait to make them! I received free shipping and 10% off discount – i'm sure i'll continue shopping with them!!!