room giveaway 1: trish’s living room

Remember a few weeks ago, when we had our fun room redo giveaway? I’m finally able to share our three fabulous winners with the world wide web, and we are beginning today with Trish! This lovely lady has agreed to let me share her space and our ideas, as I thought you fabulous readers could definitely relate, and maybe enjoy some inspiration. Trish was sweet enough to send me these great photos, so here we are with the ‘now’ shots.

This family’s living room is the heart of their home. They eat, play, and relax here. They even do bills, and work on the computer. So this space needs to be multifunctional, to say the least. Trish was looking to bring in a little color, lighten things up, and make the room feel less ‘disconnected.’ She also mentioned that she was interested in painting a piece of furniture an apple green color. {cue the happy dance from me-when she said that, I knew this was going to be a super fun project.}

I have to start by saying: Wow. What a room. Great structure, and great bones. Trish has done a wonderful job creativing a cozy haven for her family, so props to her for her mad skillz.

However, I could see a few of the areas where she mentioned having issues with, and decided to dive in, from there.

when I spied this photo {left} the other day on pinterest, I knew that I’d found our color inspiration. The seamless way warm and cool, natural and bright tones are mixed together are the direction we wanted to take with Trish’s family space. Trish already has the warm and natural. It only needs a few updates in the color sector of things. I also loved the feel of the photo on the right. The texture of the rug, the color of those simple, light window treatments, and the beautiful white built-ins.

So, from there, I created an inspiration board for Trish.

1. first things first: I think that they should paint the entire room a brightening and neutral Oxford White (869) by Benjamin Moore. I honestly believe in the power of fresh color in a room, and the wonderful new feeling it can bring. I also love the idea of combining warm {drooling over their fabulous couch} with cool and fresh to create a dynamic space.

2. the secondary colors I have chosen for the space are: {in Benjamin Moore} blue: Dolphins Cove (722), green: Fresh Grass (426) and Scotch Plains Green (587). Not only are these paint colors, but I brought out these colors in the fabrics I chose, as well. I think these colors would be awesome, carried throughout their home {perhaps the kitchen area off the living room in the soft blue} or one of her tables revamped in the fresh grass green. I would love for this family to get their hands on these paint chips, and start bringing in accent colors for their space, in subtle ways. Let the neutral override the shots of color, and keep the shots of color just what they are: shots. So that they make a subtle statement on their own.

3. Trish’s mantel is fantastic. I love the structure, and think that that fabulous green clock is a nice jumping start for the green color I suggested above. I spied this the other day on the inspired room via emerald cove. I’ve been wanting to try this idea for a while now, and I love how she did it. (Jamin and I will be tackling that this summer) I think Trish’s fireplace would look fabulous when taken from the mantel spot, up. I love the contrast and the way the planks and rocks would play off of one another. I might even strip the varnish to leave natural wood, in the dark mantel area, which would look wonderful with these earthy, light textures on the fireplace.

4. I think we all know that the TV wall needs. 😉

I love the symmetrical look of the built-ins on top, combined with those fabulous doors on the bottom photo, for some attractive storage. I see a lot of competition on those walls, and in some parts of the room. This would help unify the space, immensely.

Tish requested a different seating arrangement, but I think that once the ideas suggested here were implemented, the room would have a completely different feel. I see some competition for hierharchy on those walls, and with the accessories. That wall is tricky. I love the way she has the chairs and couch set up, and I think she nailed it on that one. But ultimately, built-ins are the way to go with this space, and as far as adding value to your home, you couldn’t pick a better project.

Of course, we all know the best way to take it on. Hire a contractor and put up your feet. But, bringing all of us back down to reality, if budget is an issue right now, I found a great tutorial here, for doing it yourself, along with some other awesome articles I’m sure that exist on the web. Ana White (yeah, I’ve been mentioning her as a resource a lot, lately) is always a great site, and you can read, and adjust from her plans to make them work for you.

via country living

7. Since we’re on the subject matter of bookcases, {and I’m skipping to no.7 here} that opposite wall, facing the kitchen area, seems to have the same problem. I would love to see built ins on both sides of the room, especially a symmetrical setting, for around the doorway. The area on the left could include a built in desk, for ample storage and workspace. They could even REALLY tackle a sliding door on tracks, if they felt up to the challenge. I simply adore this idea of additional character in a modern day home.

via gaspars

Did anyone notice this idea above? Selecting a sliding door with panes, to echo the idea of the cabinet doors across the room, below the TV, would add a detailed touch. Perhaps a door in that fabulous green color {scotch plains green or fresh grass} a-la the color inspiration photo shown above. If the room had some built ins, it would have the feel of an old fashioned great room. With storage to infinity. And beyond.

If built ins, understandably, are not in the budget right now, and she wants things to change immediately, while they save, I would start by simplifying the walls, with accents, and frames. Both of the dressers at the forefront of the space, for now, (the one holding the TV, and the one to the left of the TV) are totally competing. I would remove one, paint the other a fun green, for a real pop, and create a gallery wall a-la my project this winter, to add interest to the TV wall. When I googled the subject matter, to see if anyone else had done this, I did a double take at the thumbnail that can be found here. I’d never seen it, and was laughing at their similarities. Props to the fabulous Emily.

As far as accents in the space go, I would simplify, and scale back, to give the room space to breathe. It’s amazing how cohesive an area can feel when things are simplified a bit, even with similar paint colors and placement.

5. For the fabric in the space, as mentioned above, I tried to bring in some of the key colors with these fun prints. I think that the space is large enough to be diverse in our fabric choices for the space, and still pull it off well.

as always, my fabric choices are from always go to before placing your order, for discount codes. I also never order samples, as shipping over a certain amount is free, and return shipping, is, as well. happy shopping!

For the windows: to the right and left of the fireplace, I would love to see floor to ceiling panels on each side of the windows, in the neutral “linen-like” material . This small photo makes the fabric look darker than it is in real life. I actually have this on my back porch, for panels. They have a nice airy feel, and the oxford white will also bring out their lighter stitching qualities.

For pillows: I’d love to see some karate pillows (5) on the couch, in the alternating fabrics shown above. Perhaps two neutral, two in the stripe, and one centered, in the mint julep.

Those two identical, dark chairs, would look fun and fresh in a coat of white, and reupholstered in the neutral linen. I would also use the frontmost two pillows, and alternate fabrics for recovering them, as well. This would help bring the space together, to keep the chairs fresh and light.

6. I’m absolutely swooning over this jute dotted rug for the space. As far as lightening up a room, a new rug can work wonders. These natural fabrics are timeless and trendy, all at the same time.

8. As always, these baskets would make for great additional storage with the built-ins. They bring in a nice natural texture as a bonus.

9. Did you spy that smaller console table behind the couch? The main event when entering from the kitchen, an added attention to detail would take this room a long way, and seriously up the ante, with a nice long console table behind the sofa, to match the length and keep the room flowing smoothly.

of course, a custom coffee table, to fit that sofa adequately, would also help bring the space together in a flawless manner. Throw some floor pillows around it, and you have an instant family friday night dinner + movie hotspot.

Using these photos as examples, a super affordable way to make this happen, would be to read this post, here. A custom sized table is hard to find, and creating one this way is a nice alternative. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a nice, lightly colored, tufted round ottoman serving as a coffee table, in this spot, either. A comfy space for feet and beverages alike would be a nice addition to the room.  It all depends on the size you can find.

And, there you have it. Trish’s already-fabulous living room, and ways to simplify, scale back, and create, in order to bring the room together as a cohesive, brighter whole.

WHEW! That was the world’s longest post. I hope you enjoyed our little room redo, Trish, and as always, y’all let me know if you have any questions!

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Responses to room giveaway 1: trish’s living room

  1. Dorothy says:

    I love the color inspiration and am crazy about the rug. She certainly has a great room to work with. I’m wanting to add some long bamboo or similar blinds under curtains and don’t know a good source for them. I love the look you went with. Do you have a good source for (affordable) similar blinds to cover a long window?? Anyway, this was a wonderful plan.

  2. hey Dorothy! I usually check at Overstock, first {} but stores like Home Depot also have them over near the flooring section. Depending on the size you need, you can custom order. Hope that helps! 😉

  3. sherry w says:

    I love it Ashley! Love the colors, the fabrics and the builtins for the tv wall. The idea for the planks above the fireplace is amazing. I feel like I won too! Your inspiration board is right up my ally. Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas

  4. sharon says:

    thank you for positing this. the information and detail was so helpful. I am redoing my family room and need all the help I can get.

  5. Caroline says:

    Agreed. I love the color selections. Especially love the color of the couch. Is that custom or do you mind sharing your source?