stick a fork in us: we’re done. {a whirlwind easter weekend}

Hello all! Promise to be back Monday with an all things home post, but just couldn’t resist sharing some of our photos from this weekend. It was a whirlwind of Easter-inspired celebratory events…and because it was just one of those holidays…the kind filled with hectic, but much enjoyed collages of family and good friends, I thought I’d share. Yeah. I went all momtog on you. Apologies in advance.

we spent all day Friday catching up around the house. Jamin conquered the yard and planted some fresh flowers, while I cleaned a {much neglected} home. Then we kicked off the weekend by having some of our favorite people over…and playing with sparklers. Nothing says happy easter like some the demonstration of some mad sparkler skillz. {the photo above and the following ones are by the fabo britsnap}

the next morning, our children’s ministry had an easter egg hunt at our church.

apparently our kids were the party animals.

Malone stood, quite confused, caring less about the eggy side of things. He then promptly put himself into a sugar induced coma while the older kiddies played on bouncies galore. 

later that day, it was a bit of redneck fun at my parent’s house. Topped off with the best steaks in all of America, prepared by none other than my wildly talented dad: an unstoppable force of talent and fattening goodness of simple seared red meat. He’s kind of a big deal.

dinner was polished off with a massive bubble bath. With the kind of bubbles that only my parents tub can make.

the next morning began with slightly discombobulated stares at easter bunny treasures. {Malone was only looking for his next sugar fix}

this was as good as the photos got this morning.

We attended a celebration at our church.

afterwards: a short road trip to Greenville, to visit Jamin’s grandparents.


and of course, the mad dash that is the grand trad of the easter egg race, ensued.

but we didn’t stay in our southern attire for long.

I made up for the pink shirts.

on the way home, the kids were exhausted.

well, we’ll go for 2 out of 3.

maybe 4 out of 5.

We had a blast. Stick a fork in us. We’re done.

Hope you guys had as wonderful and blessed weekend as well. What were you up to?

See you Monday.

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