the yellow house project : the dining room

It’s been a while, since one of my favorite series’ posts here, and I’ve needed a moment to catch my breath. But it’s time to show you wonderful readers some plans for some fabulous people in the yellow house project. If you’re just now tuning in, start here. I think you’ll be glad you did. Begin at the earliest post, {the one with the actual yellow house on the front} at the bottom, and read up.

Clay and Lindsey are already moved in, and have been working their hearts out on their first and very wonderful abode. And today, I wanted to share the plans for their dining room.

Here’s some before shots: {and can I just say they’ve sent us some photos of the kitchen in progress? I can’t WAIT to share some of them with you!}

and here’s an inspiration board full of goodies we’ve cooked up over here.

1. first things first, that view from the kitchen: the dining room feels more like an extension of the kitchen, than an actual dining room. I wanted it to have some of it’s own distinct feel, while also, quite obviously, being attached to the kitchen, this space needs to multitask. The floors are staying, for now. I would love to see that wall, the one that people can see, full-on from the kitchen treated as an accent wall, and decked out in a little of this:

via houzz

and this:

via pottery barn

and this:

via hgtv dream home 2010 On that wall, I’d love to see a buffet, refinished like this:

via between blue and yellow

The hefty shape with the stained top, and the painted bottom are wonderful. The slight legs at the bottom keep it delicate, while at the same time making it a substantial piece. I’d love to see a surprising pop of dark on their buffet, to instantly bring a touch of deep, stained finish into the room.

and a bit of casual/industrial-esque shelving stacked above the buffet for a surprising combination that looks a bit like this:

I am in love with this kitchen. via frugal farmhouse design

Home depot sells simple cedar planks like this in their wood department. Cut to size, I’d love to see this shelving extend to the length of the buffet, along the wall. Some simple, vintage industrial metal brackets against the funky planks would make an exciting, and quite unexpected little accent wall in that room.

2. the colors for the room are Benjamin Moore’s Pearl Grey, paired with Chantilly Lace for the planks. It brings in the same white seen in the kitchen, and I love the idea of that color used on the buffet, as well. I think it’s fun to keep the overall feel of the room calm, and then bring in pops of color with your dishes and accents like this:

via houzz

3. The Big J on the wall would throw in a touch of personal for their space. You can purchase one on etsy, here, or simply make your own, by taking a look at our tutorials, here and here.


opting out of the traditional chandy option, we’ve decided to place a vintage ladder, holding lanterns above the table, for a super cozy, intimate feel. You can find these at any flea market extravaganza, but making your own would also be a fun {and cheap} option. I would go for a lighter {almost stripped} wood, for a natural kind of look over the table, to keep the feeling light and airy. I would also look for a non-bulky ladder.

I would use some thinner twine than the ones shown in the first photo, and more like the ones above, to give them a more delicate feel. But I love this versatile look! I would also go for some of these lanterns, here and here. An odd number {I would do no more than 5} in a super cheap alternative to the typical 65-150 dollar range, Jamali is one of my fave resources for all things garden and accessories.

4.  I simply adore this rug from Ikea. I spotted in the store in our last outing, and nearly snatched it up for myself, though not sure where it would go in our home!

paired with some more bamboo blinds {they bring in additional texture} and this awesome fabric for some long, simple panels in an unexpected burst of color:

Even though the kitchen and dining room are very close to one another, she can totally get away with this combo since we chose some neutral curtain/fabric combos for the kitchen. This fabric also brings in shots of color from both designs. I love the feel it gives the room. A grown-uppy design in very playful colors. It’s a little edgy and keeps the room fresh. It also provides a great opportunity for her to bring in some of these colors in her dishes on the shelves. The pattern for the rug and the panels will be very different, but their color schemes similar enough to work together.

5. & 6. Lindsey and Clay had already purchased this table. I vote for a shot of Chantilly lace to brighten it up, along with about 6 chairs, similar in height of one another, alternated in varying colors of the same tone: such as glacier lake paired with woodlawn blue. {benjamin moore} The possibilities created with this are endless…and the feeling in the room keeps it fresh and uptight free.

via houzz




And that concludes our dining room design…for now…

We hope you enjoy…and stay tuned for more Yellow House Project Ideas!

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Responses to the yellow house project : the dining room

  1. Krista says:

    Love what you are doing.

    What happened to the Brown House video? It is no longer showing up on your post or on Youtube! I was so inspired and shared it with so many friends but now it’s gone. Thanks for your help.

  2. Melissa says:

    That fabric is UH-MAZE-ING! I want something like that for our living room. Source?

  3. hey! it’s linked above but probably easy to miss 😉

    they’re sold out until next month, but usually get their shipments in sooner than they say they will. Hope that helps!

  4. Yarnista says:

    Love your ideas, especially those chairs!!

  5. Lisa Lyons says:

    I LOVE your ideas for the kitchen! Cant wait to see how it all comes together!

    Lisa and Adrienne

  6. Great work done. It is very interesting to renovating the house especially the kitchen. On holidays, I and my family spend most of the time in the dining room and our kitchen is very professionally constructed. Especially the kitchen cabinets Oakville shows that type of magical view that whole family feels that we eating in the heaven.

  7. Sarah Ann says:

    I LOVE these ideas! Especially the ladder over the table with lanterns- I may have to steal this idea for our next house, that’s how awesome I think it is! Another great design- thanks for the inspiration!

  8. kathleen says:

    I love that my dresser inspired you! The layout for the dining room looks great :)

  9. gorgeous gorgeous – the colors and the simplicity are calling out to me!

  10. shelah says:

    Ok so I read through all the comments and I guess no one has asked yet, but, what is that tan color called thats on the walls on the first few pictures you have listed at the top? I’m needing a great neutral just like that and I would love to sample it, if anyone can help, please let me know! Thanks!

  11. Amy says:

    can you tell me the name of the “awesome fabric” so that I can find that fabric