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This summer, I’ll be working on helping my friend revamp her delightfully unique country cottage home, and I can’t wait to show you some actual before and afters in this series. Kay and John both are avid collectors, and have a true appreciation for items of the past. Walking through their home felt like I was in the midst of a sea full of stories untold, and I can’t wait to help them bring some of those wonderful antique and vintage finds to the forefront of their decor.

Just a side note: I had someone write me recently and ask what to do with dark trim in a home, as she couldn’t bring herself to paint it. I’ve actually found quite a few delightful inspiring photos regarding homes with dark trim, and I can’t wait to share those as we go along. I say that because all of Kay’s home has dark trim, and they will not be painting it. As you all know, this is usually the opposite of my style, so I gladly accept the challenge, as the proverbial gauntlet has been thrown, and I can’t wait to share some simple, budget-friendly ideas for bringing some major impact and fresh personality into a traditionally darker space.

In the meantime, the only two rooms in their home without dark trim would be the bathrooms and laundry room. So we decided to start small: the kids’ hallway bathroom. Here are a few before’s for you.

This is a great little hallway bathroom-perfect for the kids. One request is that the cabinets are left as is, so the challenge is to keep the them as they are, and bring in a nice ecclectic young feel to the small room. I’m not sure if you can tell from the photos, but Kay has an amazing antique mirror hanging over their vanity. Here’s a little something I cooked up for them…

As usual, I’m going out of order, so bare with me. First things first…

3. + 9. I want to see those walls wrapped in some board and batten.

Since the rest of the home has dark trim, I want to get away with it while I can, in the appropriate rooms. I’m also recommending Benjamin Moore’s silver crest 1583, as a nice, subtle contrasting grey for the exposed walls. I’m not sure how your screen is showing the true color, but it also has a small hint of blue, and would mix perfectly with the existing grout and tile. The walls are tall and narrow, so it only makes sense to utilize that space with some fun shelving like these, here. Only I would place the shelves above the board and batten, spaced generously to hold anything from baskets, to vintage signs, to antique windows.

1. speaking of grout, I’m not sure John and Kay are quite ready to replace their tile, but this hexagon {yes, I am stuck on hexagon as of late} is a nice, simple, safe route to take with the flooring, in a traditional pick. If they wanted to do something really fun with it, I love the pattern created here, which would be easy to imitate, with a larger form of the tile. I also have a few other options for them, as well.

I love the way that this brown helps blend the otherwise jarring black and white pattern, in the flooring. It softens up the color palette, and could easily be imitated with any basic tiling.

2. Are you ready to read about the most fantastic combination ever in the combinations of bath accessories? I am in love with this fabric,

It’s a little unpredictable, and I think she should take it all the way to the ceiling with grommets for a simple, handmade, super customized ceiling-to-floor shower curtain. When paired with this rug, it brings out a few of the hues, but completely softens the potentially loud lines. It brings instant personality into the space.

5. for lighting in the space, this barn light brings great personality, and an interesting contrast to the otherwise feminine details of the antique mirror.

5. I love the interest this drop shelf brings to the countertop, whether its a place for her daughter to store her jewelry, or for her son to place his toothbrush, it brings in a simple, eclectic vibe to the spot.

6. This stool was a clever find by Kay herself, and would be a great addition to any space. It could be used for anything, from a hearth, as listed, to a stepping stool for her youngest in the bathroom.

7. These Turkish bath towels make me swoon a little. In a variety of flavors, and they have…wait for it… tassels. {yes. I am twelve. Yes, I am giggling.}

8. This vintage-esque Ivory Soap sign is the perfect combo with its sweet vintage graphics. But a nice combination of signs and photography, along with other antique pieces from their collection could flank the shelving proudly.

10. This faucet was chosen by Kay herself. I love its simple, elegant lines and lovely features. There’s something slightly different about it, however, that completely goes with the space.

11. Last but not least, any simple galvanized can would work perfectly for a simple trash can in the space. That, or a vintage wire basket would be a great solution for the room.

So there we are! A few of our favorite picks for Kay and John’s first official room redo. We can’t wait to show you the progress as we go along!

What else would you add to the space? I’d love to hear!

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Responses to kay’s house : the kids bathroom

  1. Amy says:

    I love the mix of patterns and colors! And, I love those Turkish bath towels! I only wish they sold hand towels separately! Thanks for sharing! (Wow, I just realized how much I use exclamation points :))

  2. Cassidy B. says:

    Love it!

    On a side note, where do you make your “inspiration boards”??

  3. Ooh, I’m loving the custom shower curtain and the shelving idea. That would work great in *my* bathroom! And, how clever to use something other than an ugly wastepaper basket for a wastepaper basket. A galvanized or wire bucket is so cute and just as functional.

  4. louise says:

    I have always wanted to do the rows and rows of skinny shelves! I saved about a million baby food jars so that my son would save rocks, etc for our adventures to put on the skinny shelves! Need to add this to my playroom redo!

  5. Jayne Barbour says:

    How fun! I love everything you put together! You have such an eye for things! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!!!!!!

  6. Lily says:

    Whats the wall color?

  7. james lewis says:

    I love your website and the ideas on this page, thank you so much. I wonder if you (or anyone else) knows the name of the brown, white and black hexagon tiles in the 10th picture from the top, and where they can be purchased. they would look perfect in our bathroom.

  8. Hallie Kaufman says:

    Do you remember where you purchased/found the black, brown, and white floor? I LOVE it and would like to put that in my bathroom!! Thanks for your help!