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If you’re new to The Yellow House Project, start here, at the bottom, and work your way up. You’ll be glad you did. 

When I asked Lindsey what she would like with her guest room, she told me that one day, in the great oblivion of beyond, distant future,  it would probably be a nursery in their home. So, I really tried to work around that idea, with practicality in mind, to find some inspiration they could possibly work into a future room for a little one. Because those of us with kids, don’t really remember what it was like before…blink, and you’re there. {Cue Clay hyperventilating.} 😉

Here’s the space now:

And it’s pretty much a blank slate. Here’s what I cooked up for them:

1. The main color scheme is going to continue what we’ve been working on throughout their home: Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly lace paired with shots of Wedgewood Grey. And first things first: I say they need to attack that entire room with white to freshen up that tired old paneling.

7. + 9. + 10. Going in the logical order that is backwards {the board was visually appealing, but the numbers were out of order in terms of what I wanted to cover: roll with it, I’m being a rebel} I would love to see a twin mattress against the wall, paired with an old door and pallets a-la:

As executed oh-so brilliantly via under the sycamore, this frugal solution is a also a space saving one. Double bonus: could easily reside in baby’s room, or stay packed away until it’s time to bust out the big kid digs. Triple Bonus: You could make it work for a boy OR girl…just sayin. And for the fabric: I’d love to see a nice quilt piled on top of a simple white duvet, with complimentary pillows to boot.

Floor to ceiling curtains {paired with the usual suspects: bamboo/tortoise shell blinds} + a nice border around the quilt {which can easily be used somewhere else later} used with this floral as the main statement-making fabric. These additional fun, geometric patterns keep it fresh and modern, while bringing in plenty of color to the space. For the window seat treatment, I’d love to see curtains in the same linen, paired with a cushion in the blue stripe, and funky pillows lining it, to create a nice, cozy reading nook.

I’d love to see a great, organized gallery wall over the bed. It just seems like a nice juxtaposition, in it’s streamlined manner, maybe in a series of six.

4. + 6. + 5. Back to the window seat: I’d love to see this tiny area become a space of it’s own. Decked out in some coordinating, personality-packed fabric, it definitely helps give style to a potentially despairing space. But before that area is considered complete, I’d love to see it decked out in grasscloth. This would include a bit of the tedious process of filling in those grooves, and then adding the wallpaper, but the space is small.

Because there is no clear stopping and starting point for the wallpaper, I’d love to see the sitting area lightly framed in a combination of MDF and crown moulding to give it a little touch of added detail. Here’s a few photos of the direction I’m thinking {even if they are much more ornate than what I intended and some of them are beds…}

I think it helps give them the general idea to give this room that extra punch. It’s own little alcove, if you will.

If it could have a built in bookcase below, that’d be icing on the cake.

I’d finish off the framing in white, so it blends nicely with the rest of the space, and place more curtains behind it, full length as well, to give the room it’s own little reading spot.

I’d polish it all off with a wall sconce like this.  And a super cool map, like this. 

2. This pendant light would add a hint of glimmer and some major personality into the space.

Lindsey has a chest of drawers she wants to refinish, so I suggest a nice darker grey for the overall body, and white drawer fronts. Below for an example of the colors {not the style}

I think it would look most excellent finished off with a touch of complimentary glimmer found in these pulls, here. 

8. I’d love to see that piece of furniture topped off with a little collection of mirrors, as seen here. 


PS. every bedroom needs a good side table, but I can’t tell you how many I’ve come across in my flea marketing that were around ten dollars a piece. Perfect finished off in wedgewood grey.

3. I’d love to see the entire space finished off in a great DIY version of this rug, found here.  Yes, I did go chevron. But I think it may still be around for a while. And if she does the affordable DIY version, she can always enjoy it for a year, then move it to her laundry room and replace it with her new flavor of the week. At the very worst, it will be a cherished vintage rug in the future years by her children, who shall embrace all things that were trendy circa 2011. And then everyone else will be all, “Wow. I wish my mom had cool stuff like that to give me.” I mean, shouldn’t that be our ultimate goal anyway? To leave trendy pieces of junk for our children? Priorities people. Priorities.

Wow. Tangent. My point being, why not enjoy if while it’s here? 

So there you are! The perfect little guest bedroom packed with personality, and perhaps plenty of versatility for the years that lie ahead. I can’t wait to see what they do with it!

Happy sweetlemonade kinda Friday, everyone!

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Responses to the yellow house project : the guest room

  1. Love the bed idea- very practical, fun and so versatile. Style-challenged ladies everywhere appreciate your brilliance! :)

  2. Mila says:

    This just might be my favorite one yet! But I think that every time you do one of these. Love it.

  3. Jon'el says:

    I dont post often (maybe never at all) but I really love your site…I really love this color scheme and every other room you have posted for the yellow house project

  4. Thanks guys! So sweet! This was a complicated room with that window seat so it took me a little longer than usual-but I kinda want to use it in my own home! can’t wait to see what they do!

  5. Jenn says:

    I’m drooling over that window seat and the possibilities…. such a fun room! Oh and I love the part about leaving junk to our kids :) I know my priorities!

  6. These are some awesome ideas! I think you hit a homerun all the way around. Yes, frame the window seat to delineate the space for sure. And the chevron rug has me itching to do one of my own. :) Happy Weekend!

  7. Katharine says:

    I love seeing all your design ideas. Are we going to see them in the Yellow House? I really admire what these two people are doing. I used to teach in the inner city of Los Angeles and my students were so hurt and angry at the world, but they were also very funny. When I first started to work with them they just wanted to fight. Eventually I got them to stop fighting and we focused on team work. Now I want to see how their house is going to come out. thanks!

  8. Meredith says:

    WOW! Thank you for inspiring me today. I have been so stuck with the redesign of my living room because of our dilemma with which sofa/chair or sectional we want/need to purchase. Your design board in what my brain has been trying to put together for the last couple of months. I have been wanting to go in a different direction than what I normally choose style wise, but was not sure if it would all come together and look great. You have given me affirmation in an indirect way that it will look fabulous- THANK YOU! You are so inspiring and have such incredible/innovative ideas- keep it comin’ girl. =)