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A big fat hey hey, to our fave people! We’re wrapping up our small spaces series today, {and should be returning to our regular programming-our color theory series, soon!} We’ve covered everything from living rooms, to shared spaces, and while we already took a look at foyers in our series, I thought it’d be nice to specifically visit the mudrooms area of life where it pertains to our homes.

Ever since we had a few minor changes that ended up making a big difference with our laundry room redo, I’ve noticed we’ve really been using it as a space for a mudroom, more than anything. It’s our stash-all, work-hard, transitional space of a room. We’ve realized what a life saver it’s been. Even if you don’t have the room for it, I hope you’ll find some solutions below that you might be able to apply to your own spaces-to make them more efficient and storage friendly!

Obligatory disclaimer: space is all relative, isn’t it? Some of these rooms probably aren’t as tiny as we’d expect…but they all still had something in common: I found them to be packed full of great decor ideas, clever use of space, awesome styling, or a little bit of all of the above. This is more of a wide angled lens view for inspiration, if you will-whether it’s a great styling option, or use of something else…you never know what you can pull from the most unexpected of places. So take a look and enjoy the eye candy!

A great, rustic storage area with places for shoes, to boot. {Pun intended.}

I love the way this space has been created, and framed out with windows. If you don’t have an official entry way in your home, but you do have a small amount a space, a few affordable changes could make this possible for your home.

An amazing room with a shower for those muddy wellies!


A great example of a mudroom in a tight spot. And I love the use of wallpaper behind the little nook to create an unexpected bit of character.

Bright and cheery, with lots of cabinet space and storage!

Originally from Ikea, this piece is not a mudroom, but still a great example of creating a catch-all despite the limited space.

A very industrial look created from a small nook.

I think this might actually be a kitchen, but I love the style of those cabinets, and the use of fun burlap cushions.

One can never have too many cubbies.

Or too much bright and cheery color. This is super simple, yet very effective. And can I please have that light?


Via found on pinterest – not sure about original source-so please someone fill me in? But I’m kind of hooked on diamond flooring.

simply beautiful

Another element for a mudroom: this beautiful handmade bench by pretty handy girl-she does amazing work!

This room takes my breath away.

Found via decorpad, not sure about original source. I try! ;}

Via from the late and great domino-love this bench!

Such a cute little transformation!

Pretty woodwork and a simple crate.

Don’t have space for a mudroom? Check out this one, another converted from a closet.

This smiling mudroom is absolutely beautiful. Be sure to click on over to see what an amazing job they did. Made by plans from the fab Ana White

Another too cute closet conversion

Unfortunately, not sure about this original link, either. pet peeve


As soon as I saw this photo, I was swooning. GORGEOUS work!

via also found via


I love this dark, rustic look and its simplistic approach, with a pop of yellow!



Another brilliant Ikea hack.

A cozy mudroom as a hallway!

And while there are millions of inspiring photos out there, and I really could keep going…that about wraps it up! I started out doing this series for a few of you wonderful people who requested it, and I honestly think it ended up benefiting me, the most! ;} I’ve slowly but surely come to a place of acceptance with where we are, and have never felt more at peace with it. I hope some of this series has served as inspiration to you {if anything, for a weekly dose of fabulous eye candy.} If you’re trying to bring a space together, there really are no limits to what you can do, as I’m slowly re-learning that from where we are-on a different level this time around!

Whether your house is ‘too big’, ‘too small’ or just right…{does anyone ever say ‘our house is just right?’ If you do, KUDOS TO YOU!} I think that most people tend to be unhappy with the square footage department…and I think there’s much to be learned about making ‘do’ with where you are. I think a lot of it starts with making the space flow…no matter how much or how little. It’s also about more than ‘making do’…It’s about learning to love our homes and change the things we’re unhappy with, so that we’re happy where we are.

I hope this series inspired some of you-and that you’re slowly finding ways to make your wonderful spaces work!

Have a happy, inspired day, everyone!

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Responses to small spaces : mudrooms

  1. Love, love, LOVE mudrooms – can’t get enough of them! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – every home should have a mudroom (especially those that house children). 😉 Otherwise, it’s total chaos! Heck, who am I kidding? Even with a mudroom, it’s chaos, but perhaps more controlled chaos, right? 😉

  2. kat says:

    Love the chandelier in the mudroom. We are not chandelier in the mudroom people. 4 little kids. And no mudroom. Not even a coat closet! Ah, but we have happy healthy children and a happy (3 bedroom, ack!) home. So life is good, cluttered, but good :)
    I dream of mudrooms. They are a necessity up here in MA. I love the idea of a little room off of the kitchen, by the back door, with space for coats, boots, gear, etc. Our kids are little now, but their gear is going to get bigger soon! Slate floor, cubbies, hooks, shoe racks. Wow. Love that last one, with the dog in there too!

  3. Jenn says:

    I really appreciate your closing remarks. I am one of the few who absolutely LOVE my home. It’s perfect for us! And we’ve been house hunting (because The Engineer has been transferred) and can’t find anything like what we have…and it’s been very emotional. I needed to hear what you said-about making it work and looking for ways to make it flow. I suppose I need a little perspective change. :) thanks!

  4. Julie says:

    Great inspiration! If we could ever get the shoes & school bags under control in the mud room maybe I could actually decorate it! Love the chandelier idea.

  5. Sandra says:

    I love a mudroom with a hose and a dog bath station. no more muddy paws !

  6. Thanks for featuring my closet converted into a mudroom! I’m honored!

  7. Christy says:

    Ahh, what a beautiful post! I swear I dream of mudrooms like this at night. My house has no room at all as its this weird split-level business going on. I dream of having more than 4 square feet to get all my kids ready in!

  8. Thanks for featuring my closet converted mudroom! I hope you continue to find inspiration from my blog. Yours is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Atunyese says:

    Thank you so much for the inspirational ideas! I have been working on a mudroom project for sometime now and these are just enough for me to get moving. I wish I was familiar with your blog sooner.

  10. I liked in this wonderful Post- A great, rustic storage area with places for shoes! Waiting for upcoming posts