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A friend of mine needed an accomplice to the great mecca that is Ikea this past Saturday. It was a big sacrifice, for me to offer my services as said accomplice, what with leaving the kiddos with my {wonderful} hubs for a day, to travel absolutely child free and enjoy an entire 12+ hours in Hotlanta, completely unscathed with plenty of time on my hands. A real hardship. But I managed.

This gal, Andrea, is the Casey Cobb to my Jessica Simpson. We’ve been known to embark upon a few epic shopping adventures. And adventures of other sorts, too. Some of them involving remote back roads paired with bad maps and banjos. But alas, digression.

We auditioned a a few possible prospects for what is now my bereaved replacement program for our living room.  And checked out some of their fabulous wares. If anyone is curious, there’s a reason everyone and their grandmother loves the Ektorp. It’s probably one of the comfiest sofas I’ve ever sat my bum upon. And you can’t beat the price. Just a passing thought: We were really impressed with the quality of their kitchen cabinets.

I was only there for ‘accomplice/support’ purposes, but I couldn’t help not scoop up some of these lovelies. Do these titles crack anyone else up? Forsommar. Get it? For summer?

A beautiful little ruffly addition for Emerson’s room. Ruffles on top of ruffles.

She loves it. And yes, Hello Kitty slowly relocated to the closet until she requests it again. We’re treating it like a sleeping bag now. Score one for mom. The sheets stayed. It’s all about compromise.

And these great little would-be flower pots…I’ve decided I have an obsession with flower pots. I just can’t resist.

And of course, Atlanta wouldn’t be Atlanta without meeting up with one of my fave fellow blogger gals! Andrea and I were able to catch lunch with sweet Rhoda of Southern Hospitality, and being the suave Atlantian that she is, she pointed us in the direction of a few awesome fabric stores + more:

Y’all. Fabric heaven. As far as the eye could see. And the beauty of it is, they have websites! I mean, where have I been?

We dropped in on Forsyth’s and Lewis and Sheron Textiles. The last fabric in that shot is my dream fabric. You will see it in my home. I’m just not sure where, yet. SWOONAGE. {Totally somewhat unrelated side note: If you want to read about a few fave fab resources, and some methods for working with patterns, be sure to click on over.}

We also dropped by Ballard Designs. I’ve never been to one in person before. They didn’t have a lot in stock, but it was fun to walk through. I snapped a photo, and then they informed me that they don’t allow such crazy shenanigans and I felt like a shoplifter. So I hid, and snapped a few more.  I live on the edge. That’s how I roll.

Then I was all scared and stuff, because I’m really a people pleasing rule follower, and they were watching me. So the snapping ceased.

Our last stop was a little, uh, different, and really doesn’t need much of a description…I’m all for places to dig, but this was a different kind of digging. A fun stop, nonetheless. Think heads in globes, scary clown masks, with a few rare finds sprinkled in between.

And we topped it all off with our favorite all time restaurant a-la Amsterdam, via the loveliest village on the plains on our way back. If you’re ever passing through, the entire town is worth the stop. What can I say? We’re both hardcore Auburnites. 4 eva.

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! Just a little peek into a few of my favorite recent finds a-la adventurous road trip! Happy inspired Monday, everyone!

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Responses to retail therapy

  1. Wow that last collage gave me the creeps! Other than that, looks like you had a wonderful time! There’s nothing better than girl time and shopping…unless its sewing and girl time but that’s just my opinion:)
    Some day I will get to an Ikea. Some day…. Our closest one is over four hours away.(I think hubby is ignoring my pleas for a reason-he knows I’ll be out of control!)

  2. Jenna Joy says:

    Love this. Nothing like a little retail therapy! That last place you guys stopped, is hilarious. Scary hilarious.

  3. You crammed a lot of fun into a day. Next time you come to Atlanta I’d love to hang…and show you a few of my favorites. Wasn’t IKEA fun though? It’s more fun without toddlers along, amen.

  4. Kathryn says:

    We have the leather IKEA Ektorp sofa and love seat and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. The kids are constantly taking the back cushions off the couch and jumping on them and using them as bridges and you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at them. They are so comfy and as I mentioned…very kid proof. And if all else fails in the future we can easily slip cover them! (oh and they were super cheap…BONUS!)…Also, I want that first fabric store in my backyard!

  5. Nancy says:

    Damn it. I am planning a yard sale this coming weekend and all I want to do is go to Ikea, even though I was there twice last week, and buy some of the pretty trinkets you found.
    I just found your blog a couple of days ago and so glad I did. Love the inspiration.<3

  6. beverly says:

    Funny thing about Ballards not wanting you to take photos — because I know this for a fact: when our son and his partners had an Atlanta showing of their latest lamp designs, the Ballards people came in and snapped away while being told to ”cease and desist!”. Within 6 months 3 of Ballards newest offerings to the public was our son’s company’s 3 best selling hand-crafted designs. The Ballard’s folks had the copies made of resin in China. Ballards has put several companies out of business because of their cheap knock-offs and I want to say, Shame on YOU, big guy! Needless to say, I do NOT wish them well. Imagine them not wanting photos — how silly!

  7. Debbi in Texas says:

    I am inlove with those textile shops; I will be spending today visiting their website; you had a great day-cation

  8. Tennille says:

    Just a couple quick things…I love days like that with gal pals. Bless your hubby for letting you have some time to yourself. The ikea pics…there is something pretty in the bottom left corner. Is it a throw or duvet cover by chance? Also, I hope you bought the star from the last wacky place. It was so pretty!

  9. Chaice says:

    I live in Atlanta and I LOVE that register. Do you remember the name of that place?

  10. Carol Ann says:

    Weegle, weegle, War Damn Eagle!

  11. Aw I love Ikea! And hellooo… you were in Atlanta, not too far from me! Next time you gals get together, gimme a call! Actually, we’re doing an Atlanta blogger meet up (Rhoda included) in a couple weeks… you interested in coming back for a visit?! : )

  12. Elizabeth says:

    My brother used to cook at Amsterdam! He was just a line cook or something back then when he was in college, but I think y’all are about the same age (he’s 32) so he may have made some of your food… : ) That would have been a good thing, though. He’s an awesome cook. He’s a head chef now!

  13. carol jane says:

    Oh wow. I love Ballard Design. I only get there catalog because there is not a store near me. I am so jealous. Must have been wonderful to see.