andella home {awesome eye candy + a home furnishings love story}

Hello wonderful people! We took a little break from our regularly scheduled programming yesterday but we’re back today with a happy little bit of news for all of you! We think you’re gonna love it…

Remember this sad, horrible, terrible awful story? The one about the girl (me…in case you were wondering) who searched the nightmare that is the emotional roller coaster of Craigslist, over for the world’s most perfectly shaped English rolled arm sofa? And when she found it, her friend would oh so graciously make a slipcover for her, only to have it meet an untimely death after an unfortunate encounter with the washing machine? Popping of seams, gnashing of teeth, bereaved planking… the mourning rituals abounded in the Mills household, that day. The grief cycle of a slipcover was quite the agonizing ordeal. You know it’s bad then your four year old tells you it’ll be okay.

No longer tied down in a shallow relationship of compromise with a semi-comfy (and downright lumpy, if we’re being brutally honest) sofa, we were allowed to pursue our true sofa love-the Chesterfield we’d been drooling over all along that we found, as fate would have it, only a few miles from our home.

So we shared the awesome existence that is Granville Home Furnishings, where upon entering their store I may or may not have embarrassed myself by tearing up a little when I litterlly stumbled upon my true love Chessy the Chesterfield. {Yes, I named him. He and Duncan are besties.} 

All things sappy sofa love stories and overly dramatic metaphors aside, get excited, awesome readers. Because that awesome store just launched an online endeavor known as Andella Home.

Let me just say, their eye candy is just as scrumptious…and now available for all of you!


Andella Home carries a little bit of everything…just like their store here near us. From furniture, to lighting, to accessories, to wall decor…and more fabulosity in between…we couldn’t be more excited for them!

We decided to round up a few of our personal faves to share with you today…Ready for a drool fest?

1. This rattan wing back chair can catch me after I do some serious swoonage in its presence. 2. A pretty lamp for some subtle shimmer lights up any space. 3. They carry amazing accessories like this beautiful barn painting, stylin’ giraffe pillow, and pretty planter. 4. Unique additions like this hand woven rug and fun bird house are just dying to get in our living room. 5. This coffee table would make any space look amazing. 6. These set of trays are a one of a kind super cool addition for anyone! 7. A headboard like this makes a drool worthy addition! 8. Yes, please, to this gorgeously subtle cabinet. 9. I’d love to see this mirror in a bathroom. 10. Did someone say velvet? This handsome chair paired with unexpected pops of coral would be awe inspiring for any space. 11. I think this table paired with simple chairs with a hint of modern flair would be fabulous in a dining space. 12. I adore this sideboard…for a dresser!

Don’t you just adore their wonderful pieces? Andella just launched their site, and they’ll be updating their fabulous stock frequently. So be sure to stay in touch with Twitter, Facebook, and even Pinterest!

Hope you have an inspired day, everyone…What’s your favorite piece that you spy?

Happy drooling!

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Responses to andella home {awesome eye candy + a home furnishings love story}

  1. JP says:

    LOVE this. Can not WAIT to do some shopping…and I’ll be adding them to our list of stores to check out!

  2. Anna Belle Young says:

    Can I please have that giraffe pillow? Adorbs. This is so great! I’m so glad to see a reputable store online, other than the regular old hodgepodge of PB, Ballard, etc. This is pretty great.

  3. Jenna Joy says:

    Amazing. Love it all. Me thinks I may be saving up for that awesome cabinet.

  4. Alyssa O. says:

    I think all of this is so adorable! The birdhouse, the coffee table and those little trays are my favorites! So great! Gorg. stuff for sure!

  5. pamela says:

    I am so glad they have this online! I am excited to browse their store.

  6. Beth Armstrong says:

    Such lovely beautiful things.

  7. Charity says:

    My favorite is that table. And the chair. And your sofa. and…oh wait. I can’t narrow it down. This girl is in trouble.

  8. thefolia says:

    Silly rabbit, slip covers are not made to be washed in washing machine. I wouldn’t even trust them at a dry cleaners. The zippers exist for the manufacturer–more convenient for them (not the consumer). An expensive education and I am sure next time your sofa needs a cleaning you will call an upholstery cleaner. By the way love the new one!

    • bwah. Yes, I guess I got caught up in the blogging world of OH em GEE! let’s throw a slipcover on it and then throw it in the wash when it’s dirty! So convenient! But not really. In fact, I will probably never have a white sofa while I have small children. Every. Single. Molecule of dirty can be seen and it was enough to drive me nuts! ;}

  9. Can I tell you I JUST was drooling over a sofa that I swear is the twin of Chessy for my living room. Chesterfield styling plus linen fabric….be still by fluttering heart. One word for you my friend….PeaGreenEnvious! :-)

  10. Hi,

    That is a fabulous sofa. Congratulations!
    I was wondering how you put togther your moodboards–do you use photoshop or something? Would you be able to put together a tutorial on how you do it–or ould that be too time consuming? It may be too much to ask, and if so, no worries. I was looking through several of them today just to see if you had alreasdy done a tutorial. They’re fabulous. You have such great taste!

  11. Love your favourites board! I want to see it become a room! :)

  12. Meredith says:

    I am so jealous! I need to find a place like this by me! Love the eye candy!

  13. Jami Nato says:

    dude, we have this couch in grey. it’s magical and life changing and i too had a salvation experience when it arrived in our home.