diy monster spray {free printable}

We’ve had a few bedtime delays around our house as of late. Our kids are major bedtime delay-ers. No, but really. As in, go-to-bed-already-it’s-an-hour-past-your-bedtime-because-mommy’s-paid-her-dues-and-wants-to-watch-trashy-teenage-angst-vampire-shows. Enough with the may-I-have-a-glass-of-water-for-the-fifth-time-he’s-kicking-me-I-have-to-tinkle-insanity-level-nine-bedtime-delay-obnoxiousness.

It’s the usual. Claims of monsters and other various nighttime whatnots.

And this summer, our {fabulous} babysitter gave me this idea:

I sat down and designed a little spray bottle label. It’s “super duper heavy duty fool proof quality protectant monster spray” in case you were wondering. They only give this stuff to a super secret collective of exhausted caregivers. Where? On the super secret anti monster aisle at Walmart, of course. But because the Monster coalition is now trying to bring it down, you can get your own labels, here.

We tested it on a lab subject.

First he was all, “BLAH! BLAH! RAWR! Snort. BOOGERS!”  So we sprayed him.

But then he was all, “meh. later, jerks. ” As you can probably tell from his shocked expression, he’ll be recovering for a while.

How to use? Click over to our downloads page, look for ‘monster spray’ download, print, cut and attach. As always, it’s free! {You can enlarge or shrink to fit your own bottle, but this label will fit most standard sizes.} Simply fill any old regular spray bottle with the all powerful, well known monster deterrent H2O. Spray in the affected areas, to repel those pesky monsters. Consider yourselves safe, and enjoy your new found power in a peaceful night’s sleep.

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What works for you guys with your kids and their night time terrors? Any tried and true tricks? I’m also a sucker for any opportunities for snuggles, of course. As always, let us know if you use it! We’d love to hear.

Have an inspired day, everyone!

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Responses to diy monster spray {free printable}

  1. DaNelle says:

    Haha, that label is SO CUTE! Hilarious!

    DaNelle recently posted…Copycat PF Changs Lettuce Wraps Recipe

  2. JessicaD says:

    So I have been working with a nutritionist and have discovered a “secret” about night terrors. Unless the person has been horribly abused and/or suffers from PTSD, vitamin B6 is the perfect answer. Adults can take 100mg up to 4 times a day based on dreams activity and kids 50mg at least everyday. Adjust your dose according to dream activity. Are they scary? you need more. Do you not dream at all? You still need some. Are they pleasant? Tada! now keep taking maintinance doses for a while.

    My PostPartumPTSD nightmares are gone. My 5yo non-dreaming is gone. My 3yo dreams of being hit on the road and all his pets dying are gone.

  3. So since I have never heard your voice in real life, I read all your posts in my voice (the one in my head) and I laughed when I read “meh. later, jerks.” I am actually still laughing. You are a crack-up. Thanks for sharing this printable. I may need it soon. as of now we are at the potty-drink-cuddle please stage. It’s only a matter of time I suppose.

  4. H McCall says:

    You always make me laugh! Thanks for the awesome printable. You rock!!

  5. Jaime Whall says:

    OMG! I loooove this. Those pesky monsters are always ruining our bedtime fun! “meh. later, jerks. ” 😛

  6. Thank you for sharing this awesome printable! I love it. Perfect timing, too. We just ran out of “No Troll” spray at our house, so I shall replace it with this all-purpose spray! 😉 I like to add a bit of lavender essential oil for extra soothing.

  7. how funny! hope it helps with bedtime… it’s a huge process at our house too, ahg.

  8. Shawnda says:

    I did this when my now 16-year-old (as of today) was a tot. Like Jennifer, I also put a few drops of lavender essential oil in the water so she could smell it working. 😉 As lavender also has calming properties, it really helped.

    She also had issues with trains. Our home was about a mile away from the tracks and she got frightened when she heard them toot. No amount of discussions about how trains have to stay on the tracks (no tracks in our yard) seemed to work, so we set up a fan in her room to “blow the trains away”. The white noise helped mask the sound of the trains and we had much more restful nights afterward.

    She grew out of these issues within a year or so.

  9. Heidi Rew says:

    Love this! I don’t have kids yet, but adults can use this too??? Right?? ;p I do work at an Atlanta radio station that targets families! Gonna share this on our fb page! <3 Heidi Rew

  10. Marla says:

    Thanks so much for this. My Granddaughter is convinced there is a monster under her bed when she stays with me so this will come in very handy. Love it.!

  11. Nancy says:

    When our kids were little, they had bedrooms upstairs, while we (the parents) slept downstairs. Every now and then they would have a bad dream and come down to wake us. I would take them back up, and wake up in the process, not being able to go back to sleep. I told the kids to turn their pillow over and in the process, not only did they have a fresh, cool bed pillow, but they “smothered the bad dream and monster”. They didn’t really wake up and mom didn’t either. My daughter (23 years old now) said at the time she believed it worked, and is going to use it when she is a mom one day. Enjoy these “babies” while you can because they grow up over night!!

  12. Tennille says:

    Hey Ashley, as always, love your post. You have some mad computer skillz. A couple of sources to beat the crazy bedtime nonsense….”Loving your kids on purpose” by Danny Silk (audio book available – very funny) and Parenting with Love and Logic by Jim Fay and Foster Cline. Both are such good and helpful reads for those of us parents who sometimes feel like we’re going to lose our minds. And, the bonus is both books take a very godly approach. Yay!!

  13. libbywilko says:

    What a great idea 😀 Thanks.

  14. Carmelina says:

    hahaha brilliant!! Ill be adding some lavender oil to mine too :) Monsters HATE the calming effects it can bring 😉
    Thanks for sharing!