organization station : getting my back to school bootay in gear

Happy Thursday, wonderfuls! ;}

First things first: I’m at Satori Design today, with sweet Shauna, talking about a few of my fave paint colors. Be sure to hop on over and say hello! ;}

A {temporary} installment of a confession you’ll read here on our site: our home is in a constant state of I-wish-I-were-more-organized-itis. It just is. I’m sure most of you can relate. With our kids and all the things we’re involved in + our constant project list/home overhaul…organization. It just takes up the entire back burner (for now). Our home isn’t chaotic (right now). It’s just a little…um… clutter-y. I whine about it a lot. We manage. I have frequently proclaimed my desire to have an über organized home, and we’re getting there. We actually have a few plans we hope to implement on utilizing our spaces for the fullest over the next year and I can’t wait to share them with you. The truth is, we’re over our heads in a huge project right now {more deats on that coming up-we’re super stinkin’ excited} But I need to get my act together before school starts. Next week. Is it just me, or where did our summer go?

Did you like my rambly intro? To my point: A friend asked me recently what I did with all our school papers throughout the year, and while I do have my own pseudo-system, I thought I’d share a few inspiring ideas today for keeping the potential chaos under wraps.  While I’ve touched on the topic of on family command centers before, It’s really the whole package…from shoes to back packs, to lunch boxes, to papers, to notebooks to poster board… I feel like it’s all lurking behind the nearest proverbial corner waiting to bury me. {Cue unsolicited panic attack.}

Of course I love the idea of wall files. Now if only I had a wall…

Not a paper kind of organizer, but this clever little caddy was too cute not to share. It literally picks itself up. And it’s perfect for that middle of the table work in the afternoons. Just have a mass pick up, then put it away. Tada! You’re finito.

Family command centers. It sounds like Star Trek buttons and a full fledged telecommunications intercom system…just a central location so you know where the majority of it is…is a huge help.

‘Many hands make light work,’ indeed. Is it bad if I can’t wait til my kiddos are older, so I can get them to mow the lawn/dust the house/vacuum? That alone, is a game changer.

Love this smart little area for keeping it all under wraps.

Just adding hooks to our laundry room was a huge deal for us with backpacks, shoes, and everything else. I think our entire space needs to be purged and re-organized, along with the garage so we can be super on top of it. A gal can have goals.

Short on space? This clever and gorgeous coffee table would be perfect for any school / homework / organizational system.

Wow. Our back up plan for now is homeschooling. Love the idea of having everything in one place!

Of course, the wonderful Jen from I Heart Organizing has a full fledged freebie downloads system for the trad file approach. Brillz, that girl is, I tell you. When I grow up can I be her? Thanks.

Our pantry may very well become an extension of our new system for school work. I love love love this.

And this. Oh I have got the organizational itch. I want to plan, and measure, and go buy boxes and files to get my act together.

I’d love a little corner of an official desk area to get it all together.

A great reminder system. Anyone else out there list makers like me? I write things down just so I can cross them off. And I have so many lists, that sometimes I forget where I put my latest.

While I’m at it, if you love lists, one of our sponsors, Clean Mama has a fabulous School Days Kit, here.

Short on space? We all have doors. Love this approach!

Why yes, I would like an entire kid’s craft station. Perhaps we should put this in caddy form. 

A pretty filing cabinet makes it doable for me!

Speaking of pretty…You know I believe that if you’re going to be organized, you may as well make it easy on the eyes. Here’s a few of my favoritest latest and greatest organizing thingofabobs and doohickies…for your organization station!

 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Yes, I’ll take them all to go.

So tell me…what systems do you really rely on? Is it a combination, do you have a certain space, do you designate an area to homework? Are you a bit overwhelmed with running a family, like me? It’s hard work! ;}

Have an inspired day, everyone!

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Responses to organization station : getting my back to school bootay in gear

  1. Such a great round-up. I’d take all of those organizing products! Thanks for being part of my bloggers’ fave paint colors series!

  2. Barbara Eaves says:

    Where did the #9 blue bins in the top picture come from? I would love to use those in my kitchen for onions and potatoes etc.

  3. Lesley says:

    We’ve only been in our house for a year so it is a work in progress to say the least but we have systems. The first things I worked on was my oldest son’s room, an organization station in the back hallway, and my laundry room. These areas are all important for him to succeed in school. Each area is part of his afternoon and morning routine. Although we don’t have room in our kitchen for the command center we used a small hallway connected to the kitchen and laundry room. Children thrive in organized environments. Here’s our command center.

  4. What a collection! Whew.. I don’t envy you school-age mamas with all that paper! But it looks like some of there should (should! ha!) at least help! Good luck… and I am totally with you on that… kids need to get older so they can help out more thing!

  5. Kathryn says:

    I drool when I look at all those organizing centers. I just wish I was the type of person who could keep it up. I’m a little “organizationally challenged”

  6. Tennille says:

    Organization…What’s that?! I’m in a constant state of overwhelmption when it comes to my house. The only thing that really works for me is 1. Purge regularly and 2. Keep working at it. Also, I use those ugly, plastic white drawer thingies in each of my kids closets. If it’s important to them it has to go in the drawer because if it’s left out it goes in the garbage. I really wanted to be one of those mommies that kept the first painting, the first paper of this and that and another thing but really…who has the time? the space? and the sanity to keep all that stuff in order when the everyday feeding, cleaning, playing, hugging and everything else with them takes up every minute of the day. Thanks for the inspiration though. It’s always good to have a little eye candy. It keeps me moving in the right direction and gives me ideas of what to use to improve.

  7. Jen says:

    Thanks so much for including me in your roundup of awesomeness! I have also been scoping out that amazing cart from IKEA, I can’t wait to get my grubby little paws on it!! :)