yoga pants, rainbow wheels of death, and hershey’s chocolate {inspiring finds}

Hello wonderful people!

So I think this just might be day seven of yoga pants, rainbow spinny wheels of death, and Hershey’s chocolate for me, as we’re deep in the trenches (and hopefully, final stages) of our ebook. {Hurray!} I think it’s safe to suffice that by the time all of this is over in a few weeks, I shall have no existing cuticles or Diet Dr. Peppers in the near vicinity of yours truly. Hang in there with us…we’ll be out of the woods soon!

But in the grand scheme of things and people who truly inspire me around the web, I just thought I share some beautiful eye candy that struck me as fabulous, these past couple of weeks!

I absolutely adore this cubby from Our Vintage Home Love.  It’s very Pottery Barn inspired, and my favorite part is how she did the numbers-so clever! So be sure to hop on over and check them out. As a gal who has a love hate relationship with painting furniture, I know this thing was a beast. It’s beautiful!

I adore the way these fresh whites and yellows contrast with crisp warm wood tones of fall in Myra’s beautiful fall mantel. It’s oh so charming!

This gorgeous wall was apparently inspired by our veranda stripes. I think I like theirs, better! I also adore their chandy. They had me at varying shades of awesome blue.

Anyone need a chicken coop? Because I’m pretty sure this is the most precious little thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I love the idea of having chickens and fresh eggs, but hate the idea of stinky chicken-ness. Yes, I have conflicting emotions with ideal vs. reality. Our HOA would probably come down on us, as I’m sure we’re pushing it with the backyard bungalow, but I’m storing this little company away for the future. Be sure to check out Barnyard Collection for more. I adore this!

This gorgeous post from The Finest Kind definitely left me wanting more, but also inspired me to keep my eyes on the prize. It kind of helps me remember why we decided not to move, when I start to get “the itch”. It’s beyond worth waiting for. We’ll find it. Get ready to drool at the promise of possibility. Oh to get my hands on that house!

And last but not least, where has this been all my life?

Happy Friday, everyone. We hope you have an inspired day!

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Responses to yoga pants, rainbow wheels of death, and hershey’s chocolate {inspiring finds}

  1. Emma Huffs says:

    How inspiring. I love this, and I am drooling over that barn. Off to check out all these great posts!

  2. Jenny says:

    Oohh I can’t wait to get my hands on that ebook!!!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I am jumping for joy! 😀
    P.S. The Chandy is a ikea hack. I’m glad you like it. :))

  4. Jennifer says:

    Oh gosh, GREAT stuff today. Awesome! And I’m headed back to the farmhouse on Monday; so many more pictures to take! Think 19 acres, lake access, master bedroom with a gorgeous view…holy cow. And the porch. Must get pictures of the porch. I’m excited to go back! Thanks for the shoutout; have a super weekend Ashley!

  5. THANK YOU so much for featuring my mantel, Ashley! :) xoxo