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So I’m feeling that warm glow inside. You know… The kind that comes from doing something really good. Like, cutting those plastic ring thingies soda cans come in so birds can’t get caught in them, or not throwing my gum in the parking lot for someone else to step on. Warm fuzzies, y’all. I’m feeling a real validation in my calling… that we can help stop font abuse in our community.

Michelle recently wrote : …I am also 99% on my way to vowing to never use CS or Papyrus ever again. I feel blessed that you told us about those 2 fonts being what they are. I had no idea. It’s almost like someone told me there was spinach in my teeth, or that my skirt was tucked into my tights in the back…. a mixture of relief, humiliation & fear. SO GLAD I stumbled upon your blog!


No humiliation necessary, Michelle. You’re hilarious.

Let’s just squelch the remaining 1% urge. ;}




And last but not least, this… Because I know you understand :

kill_comic_sans_gameHere’s a little more font snob fun, but this time with some quick handmade font freebies.

I understand, again, if you’re too snobbish to use them. I mean, I am the prezzy after all. But I heard recently that Lobster is the new Comic Sans, which I totally disagree with. I mean, Scriptina, yes. Lobster… eh… give it a few more months at least before laying it to rest. I’m just not tired of it. Yet. There is no font safe from the wrath of tired users.

Except Helvetica.


A few rules. There are always rules.

1. These are really display fonts. Which means as headers, key words, or subtitles. Small bouts. Moderation. Easy on the excess, because they are what they are. Hand-drawn. Not finely tuned. It’s a love/hate.

2. If you use them as anything but the above mentioned uses, Scriptina will kidnap your dog and hold it hostage. Savvy? (Yes, I did watch Pirates of the Caribbean with my son on the teli last week.)

Basic RGB

Just a little fun for our favorite people!

Basic RGB

Simply click on our freebies page, and look for fonts! They should automatically download when you click, and then you can drag them into your fonts folder (if you have a mac. anything beyond mac, and I am totally useless).

For the rest of our series, click here. And for more handmade fonts by us, click here!

Have an inspired day, friends!

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Responses to font snob club : more free fonts

  1. I suffer from immense humiliation, also; for my wedding program (circa 2005) was typed completely in Papyrus. : /

  2. Layla K says:

    These are fantastic!

  3. Tammy says:

    Love these! :)

  4. JT says:

    This is great. I do love the font snob club. Working on learning how to install, too. I have you guys to thank for enriching my font life. :)

  5. Jenna says:

    You are hysterical. Bwaha! I am glad you are contributing to society.

  6. sally says:

    such a wealth of font wisdom!! Always love your new and expressive additions to my font vocab. I am hosting a wedding shower – southwestern’ish theme – and want to do a big sign like your FAB 5, for the bride and groom. Any suggestions on the perfecto font????

    • Hey Sally! The fatter the better, with this project. It’s easier to manage, and the contrast is more striking with the paint on stain look. Anything san serif but for this project I believe we used a version of Helvetica. Classic and simple will last longer on those walls! ;}

  7. Dianne says:

    Love strawberry cake – both the font and the cake.

  8. andria says:

    LOVE these beautiful fonts! Thank you for creating such sweet and graceful designs for the rest of us.