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Hey lovelies! So it’s officially eye candy day at The Handmade Home. Pull up a comfy seat… you’re going to love this one.

When Chrys and Robert stumbled across this home in Shorter, Alabama they’d been searching for the perfect spot for two years. “We’d looked North, South, and West. But never East Montgomery. We didn’t think we would find anything,” She says.


She loved her small cottage in Cloverdale, a charming historical area near Downtown Montgomery, and knew it would have to be something really special to take its place.

“I knew I would know it when I saw it,” she says.


Whenever Jamin and I visit this absolutely charming little farm just fifteen minutes from our home – East of Montgomery, of all places – we certainly see Chrys and Robert’s vision.


It’s a gentle reminder of why and what we’re waiting for. ;}

Their gorgeous home has come a long way in the nearly five years since they’ve moved in to make it their own. It’s been lots of hard work but it’s here where Blue Willow Home & Farm has taken root and bloomed.

And any of you who have been reading for a while, know that I can’t resist the chance to share some amazing eye candy with you.


The home was built in 1932 by Dr. and Mrs. Booth. He practiced in that very spot, located right beside their residence. Here resided the town’s post office, pharmacy, and bus stop all in the very same location, side by side.

Their land sits in part of the Old Federal Road, and it is reported that FDR himself paid a visit, as Dr. Booth was a delegate of the 1936 democratic convention. This gorgeous retreat is like a peek back into time in all its charming, modern day revelry.


From camellias, sunflowers, zinnias and much more… Chrys is the flower whisperer. Many of the blooms you see in shots of our home, were provided by Chrys and Robert. The flowers you’ll see in our upcoming shoot for Better Homes and Garden’s DIY mag, were also procured by the oh so talented Blue Willow Home + Farm’s owners. Remember this wedding? The beautiful zinnias + sunflowers were by Blue Willow. Jamin and I often duke it out over who gets to go for said flowers when we have a pick up scheduled, because every time is a new little mini adventure for us. ;}

So, if anyone locally is looking for a fresh array of seasonal, fresh cut, old fashioned flowers… here’s the place.


We even had our portraits snapped there just a few nights ago. It was such a treat for the kids to run around and explore. And I’m thrilled about the fresh fun backdrops. {Read: I can’t wait to show you!} If any local photographers are looking for a fresh spot… this is it. I highly recommend contacting them.


But the very best part? Oh yes, it gets better…


It’s here that they have set up their own little gem of a store, in Dr. Booth’s old practice. Selling their beautiful revamps, antiques, and collectable accessories.


I’ll take one of everything.

Just kidding.

Not really.

Purge smurge.


vintage_spool vintage_finds

All joking aside, I may or may not have already found two things I’m drooling over. Sorrynotsorry. homestead

And this little building? This is a part of the old homestead, and an old plantation that once existed near the property. It will eventually become a pool house/screened porch for the talented couple. Its amazing to me, the stories these beautiful remnants hold.



Further back and into the woods is a glorious old gazebo that I was able to see this past fall with my friend Brenda. At the time, I think we were afraid someone was probably living in said gazebo with full intentions of turning our skin into coats. But I’m also the weirdo who thinks there’s an axe murderer around every corner, so we lived to tell the tale. {See: overactive imagination}


It was once used as a summer house as a part of the property. Oh to see it in it’s glory days! Even now, it’s hauntingly beautiful.


There are only two gazebos like this in Alabama. The planks on the ceiling had me in absolute awe.


Whenever I step onto their property, it’s like a vacuum. I no longer have a concept of where I’m ‘supposed’ to be or what I ‘need’ to be doing.

I think that’s where the charm lies.



Of course, they even had some chickens and fresh organic eggs. We’re smitten.


If you plan to drop by the GREAT PURGE YARD SALE, Chrys and Robert are located about 10 – 15 minutes from our home, and I thought now was a great time to share their awesomeness, because they will be open at 9:00 on Saturday!

Just a hop, skip, and two exits down the interstate from the Mills Hizzy yardsale extravaganza! If you’ll be out and about, it’s a treat to stop by, and more treasures for you! Who’s getting excited???!!!

I will have Blue Willow Home & Farm’s phone number and directions ready that day so feel free to ask, but you can also contact these guys on their fabulous Facebook page if you’d like to know more.
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I hope you enjoyed the eye candy, and that we get to meet you on Saturday! Have an inspired day, y’all!

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Responses to blue willow home & farm

  1. Jenna says:

    Are you kidding me? You and your finds. I die.

  2. Alli says:

    How beautiful! I want to visit so badly! It may be worth the road trip! :)

  3. Bonnie C says:

    Wow. So the pix of the gazebo sent chills up my spine. One of my favorite book series when I was a kid was Trixie Beldon and one of the characters is a runaway she finds living in… an abandoned gazebo. This real life one is EXACTLY as I’d always imagined the literary one to look like.

    SO. COOL. 😀

  4. deb says:

    That red desk with the plaid seat cover…are you kidding me?! I would lose my mind in that store!

  5. JT says:

    This is fabulous. Oh to have a pool! It’s like a bonus with the old house & grounds to explore.

  6. Belinda Aguirre says:

    I think I’m in love!!! You do SUCH a nice job with your blog. I really have to limit myself as to how many blogs I’m willing to follow. You haven’t disappointed me so far by any means. That yard sale is calling me, but beings that I live in WA state–I’ll have to settle for the terrific community sales around this area. Thanks for the temptation tho.

  7. Maryann C says:

    Gorgeous! What would I do without vicarious living? A little farmette with a side antique shop, gardens and a pool? Cue the smelling salts… Thank you for sharing, Ashley! You are like a bloggin’ Fairy Godmother.

  8. J. Hunter says:

    I have visited a few times and each time I find something new to love. From the owners, flowers and all the treasures there is so much to love……