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It’s that time of the year! We hope you guys are winding down and gearing up for summer, and have lots of fun with your plans! I know I’m looking forward to a little down time. I find that I enjoy summer because there are no agendas or homework or tests or places to go…

{Cut to me, at the end of summer, praying for school to start.}

In the meantime, we chose to pick out a few fab teacher’s gift ideas for the sweet people who do so much all year. From {a little} expected yet oh so cute to super useful… in the classroom and beyond, without futher ado… here’s a few of our faves for those special people!


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DIY_teachers_gift_ideasWhile we’re at it, I thought I’d share a little something we cooked up for Aiden’s fabulous teacher this year. We adore her and will miss her so much. The only solace is that I have two more coming her direction and I may picket the school for them to be placed in her class… or else I’d beg her to move up with Aiden. ;} I mean, I’m not a creepy ingrate… I just have really good taste. ;}

{Disclaimer : the other teachers are fabulously excellent too. It’s just too late because I am forever biased.}

Here are a few more of our creations from the past with a few how-to’s attached. It’s basically the same process, revised!

Here’s a few more of our handmade signs with past projects {and their how-tos!}:

I'm_too_sexy_for_my_laundryI’m too sexy for my laundry 


Custom signage for your home


A handmade nursery sign Scarlett’s nursery tour


How to make a vintage chevron sign


A handmade sign spruce up.


Mills fab 5 sign 

For more info on how to paint those stripes, be sure to check out our (dorky) video, here!

PSSST… you can find even more in our book, here!

Cheers for the end of the year, y’all! Here’s to sun in your hair and grass in your toes. And if you’re really lucky… sand! Have an inspired day.

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Responses to gift ideas for teachers

  1. Jenna says:

    Love this. Thanks for thinking of the teachers!

  2. Alli says:

    Amazing ideas!!!

  3. Layla K says:

    Such adorable finds! I was struggling for some ideas! 😀

  4. Sarah Baker says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my teacher tree print, I wondered where all the extra traffic was coming from – thanks for sharing the love, you have a great collection of ideas here:)