easy holiday decor with command brand hooks

Happy day, friends! We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday! This year, for the holidays around the home, we’re going for clean, simple, and easy.

Boy, do we need easy. I’m sure you guys can totally relate.

We’re improving a few things around the home that we’ve been meaning to spiff up anyway, but as far as the holidays and decor goes, we want our home full of handmade simplicity. So here’s a little project we came up with for our kids in Handmade Hideaway… they loved it!


A rustic-modern look that’s so simple, it can go anywhere in your home.

We were actually walking by a store in Charleston, and spied a lot of wreaths that looked similar to this as a window display. They weren’t for sale. (Not to mention we couldn’t really fit them in our suitcase) And we started thinking that one of them would look spectacular in our hideaway. So we added some stars, and tada! A simple winter wonderland.


Here’s how we made them: Take a piece of MDF, or wood (we used both) so it just depends on what you have or prefer


And deciding on your size, cut them, or have them cut into pieces that are the same length.


For the longer MDF pieces, we simply formed them in the shape of a star. (You can totally use wood glue if you don’t wish to nail them – Our stars came out in slightly varying sizes, because we kind of made it up as we went, and they were from scrap wood.)

make_your_own_wooden_wreathAnd for our wreath, we stacked them (a bit link lincoln logs) until we had an arrangement we liked. We bonded the top level + then the bottom level to the top so the wreath had layers.

We quickly spray painted each piece…


And when they were dry, we placed them in our hideaway. We decided that would be super fun to hang them, so we broke out some more command brand hooks.



Did you know they come in awesome finishes like this?


These are perfect, lightweight little stars to use anywhere around your home. The best part? We didn’t have to add any extra holes to our hideaway for the sake of nails. And they’re outdoor, so they’ve held up great in all the weather.

mmand12 modern_rustic_christmas_wreath

The kids love that we decorate their little fort for the holidays! (They also love that Chloe thinks she’s a cat, and learned how to climb into the hideaway, even more.)


We think she was tired of feeling left out.


The kids and their dog.


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How have y’all used Command Brand hooks in the past? We would love to hear your ideas!

Have an inspired day!

::This post was brought to you in partnership with our partner Command Brand, please read our full disclosure pertaining to partnerships and construction here. Please follow all directions on packaging and take note of all weight limits for each product. Some items may require more than one hanging strip or hook.::

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Responses to easy holiday decor with command brand hooks

  1. Layla K says:

    How adorable is your family? What a great idea for Christmas decorating! I have for to get on the ball. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jenna says:

    I love how simple and modern all of this is! I am so making this.!

  3. I love me some command hooks but sadly the outdoor ones dont work very well here. As soon as the temp when to freezing, everything fell right off!