la-z-boy design dash: where to vote

Remember this post from last week? 

(Pssst- You guys can totally vote here – More details below!)



Where we ate some amazing food with some fantastic people, and then oh yeah ps time to run through the show room and grab what ya can because we’re putting a room together up in here? I’m not naming any names, but there were form tackles and violent grocery cart moves and stuff. I almost lost my pinky toe.

You may recognize quite a few of the friendly faces below:

It was all a facade for violence and grocery cart abuse.


Here’s a photo of me, with Vanessa and our team. They were oh so fantastic. I think Jamin and I had decided to split up for a bit, because he was itching to throw some elbows. And I’m dashing. Literally. In cowgirl boots.


So the next morning, we took our space from this:


To this. {Sources list coming soon, y’all! We have NOT forgotten.}

It’s all La-Z-Boy. They’ve really changed their look, haven’t they?

finished_space_lazy_boyaqua_shelving blue_sofa glass_lady

I was going to do this huge post on the rest of the spaces, and then I decided that’s kind of their (the other bloggers’) story to tell. From left to right, all the way down, we present to you our competitors {And friends.} It’s a dicey situation – we honestly love each space. These are some super talented, amazing people. We were truly honored to be in the mix.

Thistlewood Farms • Pretty Handy Girl • Infarrantly Creative • Lake Jane • Making it Lovely • Home Stories A to ZDecor ChickLeopard and Lavender (representing) Rue • Southern Hospitality • Yours Truly


Your fave re-design is us, right? {This is the part where even if not, you nod your head and pretend like it is} because guess what? We alluded a little to it last week, but La-Z-Boy is hosting this competition. This isn’t just any old silly competition. So we thought you guys might want to know a few of the details:

You may vote beginning now on their site for your favorite space. (Preferably for ours. Now nod your head in complete agreement again.) Once a day. From now until December 20th. Registering on their site, gains you your chance to win 10,000 dollars from La-Z-Boy. It’s the grand prize. Every time you vote, you are entered. And it’s really grand. It’s worth voting. Lots of times. Because you can do it once a day. From now til then. (preferably for us) ;}

• Be heard! If you guys truly do like our space, then La-Z-Boy picks us, to be a part of a national ad campaign. How amazing that you guys get to let them know that you like our style, and you find it inspiring enough to go in a magazine? There would be parties and virtual chest bumps all around. That’s kind of a big deal.

• Oh, and stay tuned, because next week we’ll be giving away 500 dollars from La-Z-boy, as well. (!!!!!!!!) To one of our own fab readers.

• It’s a win, win, win guys.

• Check out all the fun webisodes like this: It’s going to get interesting!

la-z-boy_the_handmade_home la-z-boy-room_finished room_finishedHave an inspired day, y’all! And don’t forget to vote!

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Responses to la-z-boy design dash: where to vote

  1. Ile says:

    I loved this space on IG (I’m Ilenova) and how the colors, shapes, textiles and mix of clean with organic shapes makes the perfect space! I would love for you guys to win, absolutely! You inspire to beautiful, functional spaces that are filled with character while targeting main issues in homes like balancing storage, functionality and décor.Please email direct link to vote, I’m having difficulties to vote from your blog. Thanks and good luck! I would love to win too, moving while pregnant didn’t leave room for furniture a year ago and we would appreciate it. Love your blog as we explore homeschooling and changes in our future,

  2. Jenna says:

    Omg love!!!!!

  3. Alexis says:

    Shut the front door! This is gorgeous. We love you guys. You are the perfect pair. Seriously I am dying.

  4. laura says:

    Geez! Who knew! I love that couch and that teal fabric and nailhead combo is gorgeous! You styled your space the best I have seen thus far for sure! Love how your eclectic look takes center stage in all you do! Your styling looks great too! Go Lazy Boy!!

    House Envy

  5. Dawna says:

    What a great contest!! and how much fun would that have been to be involved in that design challenge! Good luck and your room ROCKS!

  6. Carolyn says:

    i LOVE your space: the variety of colors and pattern and the art arrangement on the wall are so inspiring for a room I’d like to re-do…!

  7. Beth G. says:

    Y’all are so talented! Your space looks amazing and you two look so hip and cool. I love that y’all are a “couple” up against the other “individuals”. Your space truly stands out, far and away, beyond the others, in my humble opinion! (Like that means something! Ha!)
    BTW, can voting only be done on Facebook?

  8. Suzanne S. says:

    I voted for the Mills:)

  9. So, I too always dreamed of one of those mad toy dashes. And, yes, if I got to do it now it would be to do something just like this. Although, the pressure part…Eh.

    Y’alls definitely gets my vote. Sure, the others are lovely, but your SOFA was the perfect jumping off point. So freakin’ amazing. And I love how consistent you stay with all of your color choices.

    Brava! (claps hands and tries to squelch the burning jealousy in her soul)