make a simple star garland

Hello everyone! Just dropping in really quick today to share a simple afternoon project with you. It literally has 4 easy steps. Oh, and it’s super cheap. Are you ready?


It’s our DIY star garland. {See our entire holidaisical hooplah tour, here.}


1. So I took a bunch of crafting foam that we had from an old project, and drew stars on them. Of every shape and size. I didn’t really care what ours looked like, but you could always use a template (something printed off the internet, or an ornament) if you wish. It’s the perfect project while catching up on your fave show or a watching a football game. {War Eagle!!! – I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. Maybe. That is all.}

2. Then we cut them out. Again… depending on how many you want, and where they will go, just place them in a line so you don’t over-do it. I did ours in a Thanksgiving car trip, so it was perfect timing.


3. I placed them face down (this step is totally optional – keep in mind that you can use paper of various patterns, too. We just wanted gold) and spray painted them.

Note: because some of them were so small, they wanted to fly away. So dust lightly, and place them in a cardboard box to avoid the wind. Flip + repeat.


4. Sew them together. I just waited before passing one star through, and pull a little extra thread in between. {Just go slowly.}

If you’re not comfortable with this step, tape or glue those stars. I just liked the sewing, because they hang well this way. I mounted them to the wall with tape. Nothing fancy shmancy.


Tada! You are finito with a super cheap + easy project to deck those halls. We paired our garland with this one, here. {We probably made this one about three years ago and still use it all the time}


make_a_gold_star_garland little_manger_scene star_garland_christmas

It’s a fun, simple + cheap project for your home! The kids love them so much, I may leave them up for a while after Christmas!


Have an inspired day, and as always let us know if you try them!

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4 Responses to make a simple star garland

  1. This is a great idea and seems pretty easy to make. I may even make some out of brightly colored foam to use all year in my son’s room or pastels for my baby girl’s. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. karisse says:

    I LOVE this. Going to feature it on my blog and hope to make it myself this week. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nicol says:

    I’ll try this for sure! The garland is super cute and easy! My kids would love it!

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