bedroom reveal

We have our catch-alls. Every home does.

It’s that space that seems to store all the things that all the other rooms don’t want to hold anymore, but you feel too guilty to get rid of.

At least, until you find the resolve to get rid of it all. I needed a good dose of resolve.

This was us, circa 2009-ish. Before I gave myself permission to get rid of anything.

bedroom_redo_Pure_and_lovely6 copy

I think I was totally having this scary identity crisis of dark glossy furniture circa 2000 and maybe a bad case of trying to be someone else. And it never really felt right.

And that’s okay. It’s all a part of the process of learning to make your home truly yours. But our bedroom has always come last on the list.


FWIW: Running a website like ours, is really a humbling process. Because if you’ve been reading for a while you get to watch us grow and evolve, and then watch us {try to} pretend that all of this other stuff:


The bad slipcovers, the awkward attempts at a distressed mirror, and bargain finds… the lessons learned in bandaids over a gunshot wound and stepping away… never really happened. Oh but it’s still there. Because you probably remember.

We started out from the first days of marriage with my childhood furniture, and kept it that way for years. Then we gradually filtered from there, little by little. But I wouldn’t actually use the world filter… more like black hole to all things we didn’t know where to place anymore as other spaces changed. I tried a few fixes, but we never had a real live “grown up” space to call our own. Never took the time to design a retreat just for us. It was a big fat cluster of confused decisions and learning when to let go of those items that just weren’t working for our home because they were rushed decisions. The importance of editing, and purging and learning, were all sitting there in that space.

Why do we always put our most personal spaces, last? I can honestly say, I think that retreats are good for the soul and the marriage.

The sanity. 

But then this happened: and we were resolved to create a space of our own. I mean, it was time. And what better excuse, what more permission did I need than a gargantuan hole in the wall and a gutted out bathroom to match?

Thanks, ugly disgusting mold. I’m gonna rock your face off. That’s what I said in my head, anyway. Coping mechanisms.


We know that the best spaces are created over time. And over time, we learned from our mistakes. This was the best case scenario for us: of putting the old with a touch of new, while bringing in those handmade and vintage touches. The masculine to balance out the feminine.

Something that reflects our personality together, and is a blend of both of us.

It was time.


It’s funny how re-painting a few old pieces, and doing simple things {like raising the blinds to the ceiling level} can really change the entire feel of a space.


Every time we do a space, I say “This one. This is my favorite one.”

And Jamin just laughs.


Because he knows I say it every time.


But this one is different for both of us. We’re excited for cold weather and lazy mornings. Late nights relaxing and fun conversations.


And Saturday, all three kids clambered in with us. We just stayed there. Snuggled up together, pretending it wasn’t already 90 degrees outside.


I think that’s what makes a space special. When it invites you to come and stay for a while.


I won’t say much today in the way of details. I’ll just leave you with some fun images, and we’ll be back soon with some how to’s and sources.



bedding_details art_over-headboard


bedding masculine_and_feminine_details_bedroomblack_and_white_rug

Chloe has given it her stamp of approval, too. ;}

Have an inspired day, y’all!

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Responses to bedroom reveal

  1. Katie says:

    This space is hands down one of my favorites! I love the fun colors and details. I’m a little jealous you have the Isaac chandelier! I’ve been eyeing that light forever. It’s looks great in your space and I look forward to your detailed post on where you purchased some other items. That rug is fabulous!

  2. Rhonda says:

    What a fun space for you to retreat to at the end of the day… Love the colors and can’t wait to hear the details!

  3. Meg says:

    So awesome! You’re right, the adult bedrooms always get dropped to the bottom of the list (because other people don’t see them very often?) but seeing this gorgeous-ness motivates me to take a closer look at ours. I would love to have a pretty, inviting space to cozy up in this winter!

  4. Beautiful! I love the color combinations. I also love that the space is inviting and beckons you to stay and rest and enjoy. Perfect in every way.


  5. Ann says:

    Beautiful space! I love all the pops of color and the sliding door is awesome!

  6. Jennifer says:

    LOVE!!!! I’m loving seeing your style evolve. I’ve been following for 1-2 years and it’s amazing to see even in that time at how much it’s evolved. You’ve encouraged me to step away from the safe. My house is eclectic and it’s evolving to embrace more color and pull away from the neutrals- thanks for encouraging me to push the norm!!!

  7. Jennifer says:

    PS- all the photos of this room you’ve shared before left me thinking this room was super tiny. I remember being surprised at how small it was for a master. It looks huge now!!!! Amazing how much bigger it looks!

    • Thanks, Jennifer! So funny you noticed – I’ve always considered us a farmhouse eclectic style, but couldn’t quite put my finger on the right words… I guess this is still it? We have had fun learning over the years, and letting everyone watch our little train wrecks ;} And you know… I think it was the angle of the bed. All this time, I was putting it in front of the window thinking that it opened up the space, when really, it was closing it up. At least in the photographs. We were amazed when we turned the bed back around {we started that way about seven years ago} how much it opened it all up. Go fig. ;}

  8. Beth M. says:

    I love all of it! The window treatments, the bedding, the furniture, the “&” art! All of it! Worth the wait for sure! You have tons of storage, but the room still looks so spacious. I also love how you totally broke the rules of Southern bedrooms and didn’t install a fan! Ha!

  9. Amber says:

    Truly gorgeous! You always think of the perfect little details and touches.

    PS I guess this means I really need to get rid of my high school wicker dresser that is still hiding in our bedroom…:/ you know…in case we might use it! Ha!

  10. I really, really love it! Well worth the wait!

  11. Lauren and CJ says:

    Love it. All of it. A perfect mix of you and Jamin. The color and the blinds make the room feel huge and cozy at the same time. Perfection!!

    Side note reminder: You guys are such an inspiration to us. While we are still believing God for our home (in the midst of my grad school duplex), I will pin the mess out of these pictures. And I have already resolved to use all your paint colors when we finally find our home. (They’re my favorite!!)

    In the meantime, I will remind myself to laugh a little as I continue to use CJs old childhood dresser as my nightstand. It’s like a rite of newlywed passage. This post makes me feel hopeful and excited. Love you guys.

  12. Beauteous :) What a fun and bright place to get to end and start you day.

  13. Cecilia says:

    Very, very nice! I love your headboard. It does look ver cozy and inviting!

  14. Looks fun and welcoming! Love the knobs on the nightstands.

  15. Oh my goodness, I love it so much. And the purple, OHHHH the purple. I can’t wait for the how to’s and sources, because I want to copy every detail. But totally not in a creepy way. 😉

  16. It looks wonderful, but most of all, it looks like you! Sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to not worry about what other people think, or what is on trend, and to simply make a place that we love and makes us smile when we walk in the room. Thank you for the reminder! P.S. That room totally does rock my face off 😉

  17. Jeanne says:

    Ashley and Jamin, the room is stunning! Love the striking teal/green and how the purple just pops. The floors are gorgeous, I’m drooling on my desk… So simple and serene. The bed just looks heavenly comfy! Looking forward to the sources. The sleep mask on the bust is a nice touch too (that would be my husband’s side of the bed, he’ll d.i.e to know I put that out on the interwebs, but yes, he does wear one) Happy Tuesday y’all!

  18. Laura G. says:

    Beautiful!!! I love the colors! When you do your “details” post, please include how you convinced Jamin to give up the ceiling fan. I need a “how-to” on that. 😉

  19. It’s so lovely!!!! Now I need to immediately redo my whole bedroom! 😛

  20. erin says:

    LOVE it! love love love it.

  21. Meghan M. says:

    I love the colors. I especially love the painting of the ampersand. Can you include either the source or a how-to if you DIY’d the painting? Thanks for sharing!

  22. Maureen says:

    Maybe I can snuggle in too?! It’s one of those rooms that makes you breathe in and let it go. Relax in peace….

  23. This turned out amazing! I love the color choices! When you get around to your how to’s, I would LOVE to know how you painted your dark furniture. We have the same dark furniture and I have been itching for a change for several years. It’s hard to find the time with homeschooling to do a big project like this, but you have inspired me!

  24. Jenn says:

    This is SOOOO good!! (As always 😉 ) LOVE The watercolor art and that Betty Draper headboard!!!

  25. Autumn says:

    I love those paintings above your nightstands! Did you make those or purchase them somewhere?

  26. Monica says:

    Can’t wait to hear the details, especially about the floral fabric on the bed. You have an amazing talent for color and pattern combinations. I just found your post on Centsational Girl. Thank you for sharing; you’re my new design inspiration! Look forward to following your blog.

  27. It is so gorgeous, you guys! It’s so “you” and I love all of your design choices– the colors, the textures, the lighting– beautiful! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    ~Abby =)

  28. Oh my. It. is. so. pretty. I LOVE it – the teal with hits of purple and all the pattern. So gorgeous- and I like the new orientation of the room too- with the bed against the big wall. You hit it way outta the park.

  29. Meagan Singleton says:

    I love the night stands!!! How were you lucky enough to find a matching pair? This is exactly what I want to do but I can never find a pair that are similar.

  30. Kari says:

    SOOOO fresh and beautiful!! Im about to paint my room the same colour, what paint colour is it ,if you don’t mind??
    Thank you!

  31. Katie Anderson says:

    This bedroom is stunning!!! I love everything and wish I could snap and make my bedroom look the same! Beautiful! I was wondering where a few of the pieces came from? The headboard/bed, the bedside table and the picture above your bed. I sincerely apologize if I’ve missed direct links, I am on my phone :/.

    Thanks so much!

  32. Veronica says:

    Oh my goodness those colors! I love it. That ampersand artwork is really simple, but beautiful. It’s so easy to let our bedrooms go uninspired or be last resort in the house. I’m hoping to really finish our room this year too. Unfortunately, I’m still sitting on boxes that are six months old in ours…eek!

  33. *lifes jaw off floor*
    Your bedroom is like my dream come true. Thats the exact color scheme I’m trying to redo my bedroom with! Those sidetable drawer pulls are too die for! & your headboard.. It looks absolutely fantastic!