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  1. We live in an old house, about 1500 sq ft. Our storage space is beyond minimal. Unfortunately, at this time, we have to use our young children’s closets to store winter coats and other things like that. We’re kind of always constantly purging items but this gives me the kick I need to push myself a little more. 🙂

  2. Just went through my boys closet this morning. I want to cry. So much stuff. I know we are blessed to have so much but oy. I stopped asking for broken toys. Even cheap Mcdonalds toys, they are sure they cannot do without!

    • Danielle – I am with you. When we started this process two years ago, our kids were younger and we’d been in survival mode all this time. So I did cry. A lot. I was convicted and it was so overwhelming. It gets better, as time goes on… just know you are not alone, and completely normal, in shedding the tears. ;}

  3. I also give my kids their own “special box” (just a rubbermaid bin). It is stored under the bed and they are allowed to put anything special to them in it. It has to be edited by them periodically when it fills to overflowing. This allows them some control and lets them save treasures that I would view as junk (old sunday school papers, random gadgets, etc).

  4. i knocked out the living room last week, but this week i don’t have much to do! we did a major purge before the holidays and then again right after. 🙂 i am so glad you are doing this.

  5. Perfect timing. I just dragged every stitch of furniture and clothing out of my girls room to paint over the weekend. I just started pitting everything back and of course I(they) are purging as we put it all back. It’s amazing what two girls cam manage to stuff into every nook and cranny of a room. It will be so worth it when I’m all done, especially knowing that we will be moving at the end of the year and it will be so much easier to drag it all across town and into its new space. Thanks for the motivation.

  6. Oh man! The Poltergeist pics! I laughed my *expletive*expletive*expletive off! Thank you. I needed that this Monday morning. Every time I go into my kids’ rooms with the intent to harvest the crap, I feel like Luke Skywalker in that trash compactor thing – with all the thousand random giant weird things floating around me and a possible monster waiting to stretch out its tentacles and eat me. Thanks for the encouragement to soldier on!

  7. Oh my goodness! This is THE BEST post I’ve ever read on organization! So funny and yet so informative! I’m a big fan of organizing even the tiniest spaces and loved your pictures and comments! Thanks for posting! Ü

  8. I always try to purge the toys before Christmas and their birthdays. My 5 year old is into a lot of Legos, dolls, and My Little Pony so her toy collection is big but made of actually small items. My one year old has giant toys, train tracks and the like, plus ride on toys. I love the little age but at the same time they have so many big toys. We end up keeping the majority in our TV room where we spend the most time but individual toys (especially for my 5 year old) are in her room. Barbies, board games, her stuffed animals and anything she doesn’t want her brother messing up. One big thing for us is the art supplies. I’m an art teacher, I have a ton of supplies from art school, and my daughter loves art. Her supplies may be more than mine now, so we’ve made my office into an arts and crafts room. It works wonders! But, unfortunately, is never clean due to all of the projects!

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