• state of the housing market

    Buyer's market, seller's market, no market, recession... you've probably heard all those phrases over the last year. Everyone's attempting to understand what's happening with the housing market and ...

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    state of the housing market
  • bright and colorful christmas mantel

    A sweet reader, Jackie, wrote a little note the other day and asked this:  I love how you do bright and colorful every year in your home for the holidays. This is probably a weird question but ...

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    bright and colorful christmas mantel
  • gift guide for 2022

    Anyone else still marking things off their list? Admittedly, I totally shared most of these last year. {If I hadn't admitted it, you probably wouldn't even know.} I still love everything here, and ...

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    gift guide for 2022
  • handmade savvy saturday

    Happy Handmade Savvy Saturday! We hope this sweet weekend is filled with recharging, and doing the things you love. I think we all need a little of that before the holidays. Here are a few things you ...

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    handmade savvy saturday

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