freshening up for spring : a few quickies.

All the lovely weather here in good ‘ole Alabama has me seriously geared up for spring. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’re a teensy bit over the cold. And as a result, I’ve found myself nesting like a crazy person giving our home a few simple flourishes, to lighten and brighten our spaces a bit.

Because I’ve got some serious spring fever, I thought I’d share a few simple tricks (on the cheap) I use, to get us and our home ready for a fling with spring.

1. Bring in some shoots of green. Nothing gets me pumped about the spring weather like a few fresh sprigs of baby plants scattered around the house. I’ve found that some fresh plants help our feelings when waiting out the cold around here. Bonus: the kids really like watching them grow. Aiden is fascinated with cactuses. {cacti?}

See what a fresh feeling they bring into any space? For just a few bucks you have an instant corner-lifter-upper.

2. Give something old a fresh coat of paint. A couple of weeks ago, I totally brightened up (and simplified) this mirror. Last year, I changed our dining room from a ho-hum dark brown to a light grey, and completely transformed the space. I’ll run this one into the ground because it’s my number one hard core die hard rule: paint. Give it a splash of color. Simplify. Enliven. And be fearless. You will NEVER regret it. {And if you do, just pick another color.}

3. Enlighten the senses. With a fresh new scent. I don’t mean to be all discontent or anything, but I had a bunch of cranberry candles left over from Christmas. And not that all cranberry candles are bad, but I was ready for a fresh-er scent. I will bring them back out, next Christmas. And so there you have it. My latest obsession: Mrs. Meyers’ lavender. SWOON doesn’t begin to describe it. I think I may have to take the dive and grab some of her cleaning stuff as well. I may actually start to enjoy the process again. It’s amazing how quickly a fresh scent can change your attitude.

4. Switch out your winter bedding with something fresh. It’s amazing how a quick switch out can make you feel fresh. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. I scored this quilt for 50 smacks at home goods. I threw it on top of a white duvet I already have, and lost the bedskirt. AHHHHH so fresh and so clean.¬†{squeeeee!}

5. Make the old new again. {+ bring shots of color into your home in an unexpected way} Im trying to bring more yellow into our home. This was my grandmother’s dish, and probably one of my most favorite possessions that I own. In the whole entire world. I remember being small, wandering into her kitchen, and finding this jar full of miniature candy bars. She would dole them out to us and with the squeak of the screen door, we were back out in the yard with chocolate running down our faces under the canopy of all her yard’s trees and moss. When she passed, and they started dividing her things, this is honestly the one thing I wanted. Isn’t it funny how those childhood memories can stick with you? So, I filled it with lemon drops and sat it on my kitchen counter. Lemon drops remind me of my mom. I think its cool how the little things around a home can have so many little meanings…and as a bonus-it’s super cute. Can’t beat it, right? Now that you think I over think everything…(quick: someone else tell me you’ve done something similar!)

6. Dress up your table with a new table runner for a pop of something fresh.

7. reupholster a chair {or two.} I’ve decided it’s time for a little ticking stripe on our dining room chairs, and to slipcover (THAT’s RIGHT-BRING IT) the giant green chair looming in our bedroom that I’m no longer happy with…{wish me luck!} but for the cost of fabric, (and a sewing machine that pays for itself after five projects} AND a little moxie…you can totally figure it out. {at least that’s what I’ll be telling myself when I’m pitching a spaz fit and throwing duck cotton everywhere…

8. break out the basics An assortment of shells are spring staples. They bring in subtle earth tones and beautiful shades of white. An instant way to brighten up the plainest of accessories.

9. simple dried flowers. don’t worry: I’m bringing in some fresh {tulips, please!} but even some of the basics, like dried hydrangeas can instantly add color, dimension, texture, and a fresh shot of interest to a space. Charming, no?

These are just a few simple, and totally affordable things I’m doing to re-enliven our home for some delightful spring weather! What are some tips that you use? I’d LOVE to hear!

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Responses to freshening up for spring : a few quickies.

  1. Minnesotamom says:

    Yellow. I have a love/hate relationship with it, and you definitely steer me toward LOVE. :)

  2. LOVE this post…makes me feel like Spring is actually near:) I just changed up my mantel a bit which is helping me slowly make the transition….and I plan on adding a bit of color to my rooms as well! Thanks for the inspiration! xo

  3. Lisa Hoover says:

    Wish we had a HomeGoods around here. Have to wait til vacation I guess!

  4. Wonderful post! I've been buying fresh tulips at Trader Joe's for our dining room. Just a little reminder that Spring is on the way!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  5. Exclusive ideas of decorating home in a short span of time.Nice one!!!

  6. Oona says:

    Can not wait for the slipcover post! Please tell me there WILL BE a post about your process. Maybe it will embolden me to finally tackle the slipcover I want to make.