grey with shots of watermelon : a nursery tour

When my dear friend Jillina posted photos of her nursery on her personal blog, I was gaga for these colors and just had to share them with you guys. A loving mom to two sweet boys, when she found out their third surprise was a little girl, she willingly embraced it with her fabulous color know-how and clever decor skillz.

I think when you take a look at these photos (she was so kind to send to me) you’ll see she clearly enjoyed the process. True to her and her husband’s (CPA) style, she did everything on a major budget, to boot. We all know that this only adds to the beauty of the space. 😉

There’s something about the simplicity in the contrasting colors, the combination of modern shapes with classic, and the infusion of charming, graphic prints that make this room completely wonderful. The precious baby girl added as the ultimate accessory only ups the ante on the awesomeness factor. {curtains are from Target.}

She reupholstered an old chair in houndstooth fabric from A fabric I simply adore, and I love the quiet way it introduces a classic pattern and additional texture into the room. This smart addition will grow with her for years to come.

This piece, of all things, is her grandmother’s old pie safe. (I know, right?!) She simply removed the doors, and put a back on it with some elegant scrapbook paper. A clever way to give a modern update to something for her daughter’s room…and make it relevant for modern day.


I love the way that she kept her bedding so simple. (I also tend to love the way we handle things with our subsequent children.) {If only I viewed things with my first the way I view them now!} This skirt was a garage sale find for 5 dollars, and the quilt is a handmade gift from her mom, via her late grandmother’s fabric collection. A family tradition that will be continued, in a way her grandmother would have appreciated. Accessories, with a real story behind them, are always the best kind.

The pair of booties seen here, were hers as a baby. the ones on the bottom shelf, she knitted herself for Katherine. {Impressed much?} The additional pieces of silver and china were her grandmother’s. Anyone recognize the K or the mobile? From yours truly. {mobile tutorial coming this week}

This dresser was hers as a little girl-she didn’t touch a thing on it. {talk about a piece that will grow…} It doubles as a changing table for now.

The mirror was from goodwill for two dollars. She originally bought it for her dining room, but it was a bad fit. {score for the nursery!} She simply spray painted it in watermelon and brought it into the space. The jars are from her grandmother, and the china is part of their wedding registry collection. I love the shot of color with a geometric shape over the simple, classic, quiet piece.

This simple vignette over the pie safe turned shelf adds some real girly personality for the rest of the space! {painting by a sweet friend.}

Didn’t she do a fabulous job? With simple, practical solutions all of us can use in the every day, and on a budget to boot, you can’t really help but find it inspiring…

As always, thanks for taking a gander! Happy holidaisical Monday, everyone!

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Responses to grey with shots of watermelon : a nursery tour

  1. Very pretty!! She did a great job! I love the color palette.

  2. michelle says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and very clever. love this post!

  3. Janice says:

    I love that grey. What color is that?

  4. Jillina says:

    I am so honored to have a room from my home on your blog!I I love your home and style and feel like every good idea I have has come from you! Thanks for all your kind words!! You are such a sweet treasured friend! Love you!!

  5. Ashley @ pure + lovely says:

    Hey Janice! It's Behr's dolphin fin

  6. Drea says:

    this is stunning!!

  7. Chelsea K says:

    My favorite is the 2 dollar mirror! Love the brilliant vignette! Very clever use of space and money.

  8. Elizabeth E. Kellis says:

    quite a charming nursery! She did do a great job! Love those colors.

  9. Layla says:

    SO cute! And I love her name too…so Southern! 😀

  10. Shannon R says:

    I love it!!! I did our little girl's nursery is grey, black and aqua. I got the weirdest looks from people when I told them my color palette. I'm excited to see someone else it "weird" too. I really like the watermelon with it. Great room.