building a vintage-esque crate

I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning around here…there’s nothing quite like a gigantic room redo {or two} to set off an organizational catalyst. That’s what I always say anyway. {read: I just totally made that up.}

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I’ve decided that because of the way we’re always changing things around here, we’ve turned our oldest son into a bit of a hoarder. He ‘has’ to share a room with his brother (so that’s just the end of the world) {I’ve decided that when Malone is older, Aiden will appreciate it more} and he’s always been driven to collect and protect, but things have taken a turn for the worse lately. Items shoved into corners, under the bed, into his closet…and he claims it’s his “fort.” First of all, we need to teach him the proper mechanics of a proper fort, because this is just embarrassing, and I know he can do better than that. And secondly, I’ve been going all Peter Walsh on him, making him throw things out and put them in their proper places.

Someone call HGTV. I have a new show. It’s called Preschooler Hoarding Intervention. Except it will be called PHI and sound a lot like CSI when you say it quickly. I’ll drive a kidnapper van with a hokey logo on the side, and they’ll play CSI music while I pull up to the curb in fast motion {via some smooth cam affects} and crash people’s homes. Me and my posse will all wear aqua jumpsuits. Monogrammed with said hokey logo. And I’m scoring some horn rimmed glasses so I can look like a freaky combo of Lisa Loeb and Rob Bell, (I have a funny jawline) and go through with a camera and feature it all, making children feel awful and cry about their toys being strewn around. I’ll even break out a megaphone like Ty and start screaming in their little faces. It will be awesome. Preschool hoarders be forewarned.

Moving along, this is the compromise from what we were, with multiple corners and generous stashes. And no, I did not yell at my son. A temporary solution as long as he keeps his room picked up…

but that laundry basket just isn’t cutting it in the style department. Nope. Not at all.

so I started browsing…

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I love the look of some antique crates in a room.

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via haven vintage

via shawnee 23

via hoof and antler

I ADORE the idea of casters. and a liner. but I think I want something without gigantic spaces in between the planks. I’m redoing the boy’s room this summer, anyway, to integrate the whole bunk/big/boy/bed thing so this will be a first step in that direction, to add a little personality. I need a certain size…

Of course, hudson goods {as always} have a fabulous selection in their store. I could browse their site for hours for inspiration and potential buys.

and ana white has plans for some.

via country living

but my absolute favorites…

SWOON! {via rose and grey-I love this store!} Note to self: aiden’s favorite color is orange…

serena and lily {swoon again}

So, I’ll be building one soon, which I’m sure will set off the construction of the boys room…because I just can’t seem to sit still. In the meantime, cut to my new crate with casters hurtling down the nearest hill {our driveway} at lightening speed…yeah. I’m probably asking for it.

side note: I totally saw this the other day on the internets. And I am in love. I just can’t resist a good vintage pure sign. AHHHH one day, people! Apparently this belongs to an awesome restaurant. You can check it here. I’m suddenly hungry.

What say you? Have you built one? {the crate-not the sign-but now I suddenly have another idea…} Do you use them for toy storage? Fill a gal in, will ya?

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Responses to building a vintage-esque crate

  1. Soooo funny, I’ve totally turned my 4 year old into a hoarder too…….she squirrels stuff away under her bed, behind pillows, under the sofa cushions……..anywhere she thinks I won’t look and either make her put it in it’s “home” or if it’s broken throw it out.

    Love the crate idea, can’t wait to see how yours turn out.

  2. maggie says:

    i just have to brag on my paw-in-law. he built a beautiful hope chest for my daughter for toys now and treasured items later. i love the crate idea! can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Oh, thanks, now I’m craving crates. (c;

    Can we be on the season opener? I have some of the worst hoarders known to man tucked under my roof. FIVE of them. I cleaned out under one girl’s bed last year and yanked out a falling-apart cardboard box full of acorns and had a heart attack thinking we had squirrels.

  4. Jennifer McGhee says:

    love the crate ideas! but, Pure Taqueria is a favorite date spot for my husband and i! sooo yummy, and by far one of the coolest restaurants in town. The original restaurant (they now have multiple locations) is actually in an old service station!

  5. Holly says:

    I did not build one but I am redoing my sons room in a fisherman/nautical not so themey theme but more color oriented jazz, but anyways these fit right in and I have a couple toys in one and some books in the other! I have one more thing to buy and a couple things to hang on the wall and I am going to do a post on his room! I did a super cool headboard for him that he LOVES!

  6. Christine says:

    I have about 400 used 1 bushel apple crates sitting in my barn. I’ve used them as storage-books, toys, magazines- all over my house. If you lived near me I’d give you as many as you wanted. Love your blog!

  7. LOVE the crates. We’re moving soon to our (hopefully) permanent for awhile home and I can clearly envision these coming into play. In the meantime – is it a 4 yr old thing maybe?! My daughter does this too! It makes me crazy…and like the commenter above – it’s even with things like acorns. come to think of it, my son does it too (7yo). they’re definitely going to need therapy after the big purge I’m planning when we move. 😉

  8. Reyanna says:

    I haven’t built one, but I found an old cranberry crate at a yard sale once… the guy wasn’t planning on selling it… it was just holding a bunch of old crap. I said, “I want this!” And he replied, “The crate?!” And I said, “Yeah! I’m just gonna dump this stuff out, and pay you for it, kay?!” And he took my money. Well, okay, he took my Bridge Tokens as payment because, let’s face it… in Rhode Island, everyone needs some of those, and that’s all I had on me! 😉

    Then I printed out a “28” (my favorite number) in a stencil font, cut it out with a craft knife, taped it on my box, then sponge painted it on. It’s pretty awesome, and I use it as a “catch-all” in my studio when I’m quickly tidying. 😉

    I have another crate I found at a yard sale, and you’ve just given me a great idea to add casters and baby’s birth date (when my baby is born in 3 months…) for his/her room! Perfect! Thank you!!! 😀