off the radar

For the last 4.5 days, we were truly off the grid.

I set a few things in order, had a few blog posts set to publish, and with the help of our fabulous mother in law to keep the kids, Jamin and I hightailed it with his brother and wifey, Michael and Shannon, to take a vacay.

I think its safe to say, we all had a blast. I think it’s also safe to say, that this ship had some serious bling. My eyeballs hurt.

when we went to bed on the first night, the water looked like this.

and when we woke up…

I have a hard time letting go. I’m a little high strung sometimes, and shaking like a chihuahua can be to my detriment. Jamin really wanted to try a cruise, and I can honestly say I’ve never quite taken a vacay like this. I was afraid to leave the cell off, the laptop at home, and just enjoy. To actually be in the moment.

What if something happened to our kids while we were gone? What if we got sea sick? What if a giant wave came and knocked the ship over and we were all Titanic and jazz clambering to the top? What if I had to swim in my contacts trying to survive, and they wouldn’t stay in my eyeballs so I could see, and then I died because I ran into a gigantic pole in the middle of the water, on my way to the top for air, all because I haven’t had lasik? Can I swim with glasses on? What if we were kidnapped and held prisoner in a place with sketcho dirt floors where they hide bugs in our food and I’m all brokedown palace circa 1999 a-la Claire Danes?Β What if we all caught typhoid fever with a delicate mix of swine flu mixed in with the black death, and my hair fell out? I could just see the other cruisers being interviewed on some 48 hours dateline oprah unsolved myseteries fest when we failed to return to the ship after some excursion.

And then the strangest thing happened.

it didn’t take me long to chill.

and soak up some local flavor.

and major inspiration.

my hair did not fall out.

the world did not end.

the kids were totally fine.

{shannon rockin the life vest.}

and we certainly did not die.

and that was nice.

I’m morbidly afraid of jelly fish. {I was stung really badly when I was 13.} And of all the people to be stung on the trip…they were all, SUP, SUCKA!? on my elbow. And I still lived.

bonus points if you can spot the eel.

the water was beautiful. the food was great. the people were fun. And we all had a blast.

now if only the room will stop swimming as I type this, I will have made a full recovery. {sensitive equilibriums + gently swaying ships = lasting impression.}

yes. I am easily humored.

I guess that’s what happens when you unplug for a while.

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Responses to off the radar

  1. Rosaleen says:

    So much fun! I am glad you had a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures!


  2. Tote says:

    Oh my gosh, looks like you all had a wonderful time! We all need to relax once in a while.


  3. jami nato says:

    looks like so much fun! totally jealous…although i get sea sick so maybe not jealous of the boat ride. ha.

  4. Minnesotamom says:

    My husband and I have been talking about doing a cruise sometime…I’d love to hear which ports of call you stopped at!

  5. I laughed very hard. I am the same way. I think the worst. All the what ifs! So glad to hear you had a great time. I love cruises, once I begin to chill :)

  6. Rena says:

    You totally make me laugh with your vivid imagination so glad the ship did not sink nor were you kidnapped by the local drug lords! Can’t wait to hear all about it just a few more weeks and we will be relaxing in the Bahamas!

  7. abra says:

    i’m so glad that you were able to get away–and get refreshed and not relive a scene from the titantic or catch the swine flu. you guys are adorable, by the way.

  8. Krys72599 says:

    This was my first visit to your blog, by way of Wendy Smedley’s “the possibilities are endless.”
    And I’m here to stay!
    Found your “off the radar” post and laughed out loud!
    Can’t wait to play catch up and browse your blog this weekend – plenty of time since I’m taking a few days off…

  9. Is that the Carnival Elation??? I was on that ship this last January for my honeymoon. I had strep throat and the weather sucked for us the whole time, but it was still fun.

  10. Cheri cosentino says:

    Hi…where can I get those sunglasses! I heart them….and please please tell me what happened to the bedroom with the jc penny day bed in the girls room? I really need to see the pictures again for inspiration,…glad you had a nice vacation!

  11. Janey says:

    I’ve been on several Cruises and everytime we had a ball. My Mom had never been on a vakay in her life, i asked her to go and she said YES , I was floored … Needless to say we took her and she had a blast… It was in June and we went for a week, Later that year in November she passed away, i was never so glad that i took her on her only vacation in her life… Out of 7 of us kids I’m the only one that she would go with… I thank God that I could give her that gift that meant so much to her… I love that Woman more every day… Thank you for the post your pics brought back so many good memories … Thanks again…