pumpkin + sour dough bread recipes

One of my favorite things about fall, is the smell of baking bread. Is there anything more delicious than the smell of home baked goodness wafting through your house? I think it might be a toss up between that, and fresh laundry.

And today, I thought I’d share a couple of fabo recipes with all of you. One requires a little planning ahead, and another is more of a cake like recipe, easy to whip up when you’re hungrrrrraaaaay or have some guests pop by for a visit. They also go perfectly with coffee. Yes, I do like some coffee with my creamer. Occasionally.

First up: Pumpkin Bread! Via my friend Jillina who is an excellent cook, who got it from another excellent cook kinda friend… Here’s what you’ll need:

• 4 eggs

• 3 c sugar

• 1 c oil

• 1 tsp cinnamon

Mix the above ingredients together. Then add:

• 2/3 c orange juice {not from concentrate}

• 2 tsp baking soda

• 2/3 small can pumpkin

Mix well and add 3 c of four

Bake at 350 for 55 minutes. You can bake it in bread loaf pans {recipe makes 3} 1 bundt cake pan, or with coffee cans. The coffee cans make gorgeous sandwiches with whipped cream cheese in between. Perfect for a partay! {Spread the top of your slices with cream cheese. The perfect indulgent treat!}

And next up: some trad homemade sour dough bread. Ya just can’t go wrong with this one, and it takes a little planning ahead. Stir or shake together in a glass pint jar:

• 1 cup warm water

• 1 pkg. yeast.

Add to yeast mixture and then stir or shake together:

• 3/4 c sugar + 3 T instant potato flakes

* Note: the first time I did this, I may or may not have searched in the grocery aisle for a box of potato flakes. In my defense, I was also 23 and I’m pretty sure everyone else knows but me: aka instant potatoes. You live. You learn.

Cover jar loosely with lid and let it sit 2-4 days to ferment. Pour fermented mixture into a large bowl. In the now empty jar, stir or shake together:

• 1.5 cups warm water + 1 pkg yeast + 2 T sugar

Add the new yeast mixture to fermented mixture in bowl. Stir into bowl mixture:

• 1/2 c corn oil + 1 T salt + 6 cups of bread flour

Generously grease a VERY large bowl. Put dough in bowl and turn over until all is greased. Cover with greased oil or waxed paper and let rise about 8 hrs or until doubled. After the dough has risen, {the fun part} punch down and knead on floured board. Divy into 3 parts and knead each part. Shape and put the portions into 3 greased or pammed pans. OR, roll into generous little balls, and place into muffin tins. Cover each pan with greased foil or waxed paper and let it rise 4-5 hours or until “swollen”

Bake loaves at 350 for 30 minutes. Turn out onto wire rack to cool, and pat yourself on the back for being the next Martha Stewart.

Tada! Hope you can use these recipes, if you don’t already. Just a little somethin’ easy I thought I would share for the fabulously fall-esque weekends ahead. The perfect staple. You can even wrap them in foil and butcher paper, and dole them out as the perfect gifts:

You could even use the tags here or here to adorn their top!

Happy fighting the early winter bulge, everybody! ;} Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Responses to pumpkin + sour dough bread recipes

  1. How yummy both of those sound. You lost me though at the 2-4 days with the sourdough bread. I am going to find a quicker recipe. I love sourdough bread.

  2. Jennifer says:

    YUMMMMMM. Nothing like homemade bread!
    Hope the sniffles are better; have a great weekend!

  3. Shaunna says:

    Yummy, mama! I think I’ll pick up these ingredients for the weekend…thanks for the recipes!

  4. Lesley T says:

    Thanks, my dear! I’ve never tried to make homemade bread (other than pumpkin bread). I’ve just signed up for the bread-making ministry at my children’s school and these both fit the bill! Have a great weekend!

  5. J. Williams says:

    oooh love me some pumpkin (anything!)..err, bread!

    I’ll add this to the upcoming week’s yummy goodness. :)

    Thanks! Happy Weekend!

  6. april says:

    just threw the pumpkin bread loaves in the oven… only filled 2. hmm… hope it still turns out pretty!! i’ve always had issues when baking loaf breads. the inside underdone, outside black and crispy. not too appealing. so, i always cut off the top and pop it back in to let the inside cook longer… please please turn out this time. 30 min. to go… crossing fingers.

  7. april says:

    okay, the top of one of the loaves did get too dark, so i did my usual ritual of scraping off the top too burnt for my taste layer… and let it go longer. it sunk in a little, but turned out fine.

    the other loaf turned out very good without burning on the outside. i think what i’ve done wrong is put too much batter in the pans. anyway, i am determined to keep making pumpkin bread because it is my fave… until i get it right! thanks for the recipe. love sourdough too by the way.

  8. Isabella W says:

    The pumpkin bread turned out so great! I haven’t done the sourdough, but I plan to. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes! :)

  9. Kathy Fletcher says:

    I have a question- do you let your fermenting mixture – ferment in the refrigarator or out on counter?