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It’s time for more of our small spaces series here at The Handmade Home! We’ve covered foyers + entrywaysliving roomsdining rooms, and kitchens. Last week we discussed small master bedrooms, and today, we’re discussing small shared children’s spaces. (Click here, to see the entire series.) I’ll probably cover individual spaces next week, but I think that ever since our own boys room redo, I’ve been obsessed with shared spaces. Our kids love sharing a space at night, and with the current economy, this is certainly a trending topic.

I know that for me, personally, my biggest hang up with planning a shared space was thinking beyond the usual expectations, and looking at the space in itself as an entire unit to utilize. What would work best? What made the most sense? What would look great spatially?

ps I love this

Obligatory disclaimer: space is all relative, isn’t it? Some of these rooms probably aren’t as tiny as we’d expect…but they all still had something in common: I found them to be packed full of great decor ideas, clever use of space, awesome styling, or a little bit of all of the above. This is more of a wide angled lens view for inspiration, if you will.

Originally found in Domino Magazine via the fab Sunshine Ruffalo, this space is perfect for the boy girl combo. It also shows us that not everything has to match. It just needs to ‘go.’ When I spied these beds, I knew I needed one for Emerson’s room.

Traditional bunk beds have really made a come back over the last few years.

And I think we’re only seeing the beginning of the built in phase. Especially when it comes to saving space.


Technically, this is not a shared space. But I do love this arrangement for a little one. {And of course, her style.}

I love how each little one has their own space.


Three boys share this space! Brillz.

I love the combo of the Jenny Lind again.

And how cozy this space feels!


I am loving the blown up photos of kids a-la rockstar to really capture their personalities in the space. I’m also adoring this color scheme.

Yes. I’ll take those headboards.


This kind of makes you think outside the typical when it comes to furniture arrangements. I love all their beds so lovely in a row!

Updated: Apparently I had the wrong link! Check out the rest of sweet Chloe’s beautiful nursery, here!


Look carefully: this is two beds in one space.

The ultimate storage.

Click on over to see this adorable room tour


Another adorable room tour. Love the clever play of color.

Note to self: get a cute guitar.

Not necessarily a child’s room, but it’s something to think about.



I’m not usually a red gal, but this room has me.

more fun citrus and pink


I love how real this room feels.




These window treatments make me swoon!

Wrapping it up: I think that the best shared spaces are considerate of the use of visual space and actual storage, while giving each child their own boundaries within the room. Aesthetically, they have a real consideration for proportions and elements.

Shared rooms are all the rage…at our house at least. Any of you share a space? What have you found works best for you?

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Responses to small spaces : shared children’s spaces

  1. Catherine says:

    You find the most beautiful pictures.

  2. love love love your roundups! currently trying to configure a space for the 3 boys…some great ideas here!

  3. Kristen says:

    My girls are 7 and 5 and while they have their own separate rooms, I’ve often thought about moving them in to the bigger room together. But then, when they fight or need alone time…well. Catherine was right, you have found some gorgeous pictures.

  4. Sarah says:

    Wow these are all lovely. I don’t have kids, and we had out own as children, but I think that we’ll eventually need to do something like this. I think the need for multiple kids in single bedrooms is pretty common.

  5. Aaron says:

    I blogged about a similar topic today. How funny?! I’m gonna need to put a crib and a twin or toddler size bed into one fairly small room in just a few months. It’s good to see that it can be done!

  6. Yby5 says:

    Love all these bunk bed ideas…my girls would love any one of them.
    I found you through Nesting Place…LOVE your blog. Gotta ask about the Nest painting…did you do that or where can I get my hands on one?

    You have a terrific sense of style and look forward to seeing what’s ahead.

  7. Rebekah says:

    Great pics and ideas!!! I wish I could do a loft like you put in your boys’ room, but it won’t work in our space. My boys (3 &1) have to share a room and they love it…so far. Organization (a.k.a. having a place for everything and everything in its place) really helps the room to function, get picked up, and keep mom happy! I also like to keep the palette fairly simple so that it is easy to change as the boys grow. Artwork, curtains, bins for toys (and even some bedding) are much cheaper and easy to change than furniture and wall color. Thanks again for another great post:)

  8. Rochelle says:

    Thanks for the inspiration ~ perfect timing. We’re turning our baby/toddler room into a boy/girl/baby room in the next month….now to find my own cohesive style to pull it all together!! Any ideas on helping it “stick” together with 3 ages, 2 genders and stuff we already have (vintage hangings/handmade quilt) in pink/yellow/red/blue??

    • sara says:

      could you help me please?
      I have a small bedroom with small bathroom for my son is one and a half years also my daughter 3 years old. The paint wall is blue and I’m confused how to make the decoration of this room. So I need somebody to help me for the decorations and details by photos.

  9. Clementine Moss says:

    Wonderful group of photos and ideas. The one with the more adult-looking four-nooks
    -with-beds-and-curtains really got me. I immediately sent it to my five siblings with the
    title “Bunkhouse?” We’re looking for more guest space on our family farm and I really think we could build a room just like that into one end of one of our barns. As much fun as I had camping as a child in the Ozark Mountains, doing so as an adult at our yearly gathering has a certain appeal to it as well. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Teresa says:

    Nice ideas..tnx it’s a great help.

  11. Candi Barber says:

    thank you for the great pics. Our kids are 10(boy), 8(girl) and 5(boy) now and we’ve had to make many configuration changes over the years due to numerous small rental spaces. I picked a basic color for each child – that would co-ordinate with the others – and have stuck with that over the years – some how it has worked. Storage is another key element – though it too is constantly changing as toys and likes change. We got a number of stackable plastic drawer systems and have been able to make those work repeatedly as well.

    My challenge now is the function. Getting these three to sleep every night, and off to school every morning is torture! Though I am thankful for their creativity and relationships, every thing turns into play or a game and they constantly distract one another when needing to focus on say… getting to school! The crazy thing is, we’re finally in a space where we could give them their own rooms, but they don’t want to part. I know, a complete blessing and I thank God. But still need help with those key times! Any suggestions any one? Thanks.