cottages and bungalows : june 2012

Happy Friday, y’all!

Anyone else out there relieved that it’s Friday? Confession: I am. I’ve been all kinds of discombobulated, and I’m trying to get my act together after a crazy couple of weeks. {Read: me recovering=mountainous piles of laundry a-la Mt. Vesuvius. Yes, I did spell that correctly on the first try…discombobulated, not so much. Spelling is hard.}

Remember this post from last fall?  Despite the fact that Jamin appears to be picking his nose with the tripod, our totally rad {can I say that?} friends, Kevin and Layla of The Lettered Cottage were shooting a room in our home for a magazine. And now the issue is out!

Kevin and Layla are some super talented, sweet, lovely people, and it was quite the learning experience for us to assist and observe. We had some fun that day, to say the least. Be sure to pick up a copy and check out their wonderful work. I still don’t have a copy of it in my hands (yes, the suspense is killing me) but it should be on newsstands in just a few weeks…For any of you mag subscribers out there, flip through it and find us! I think you’ll know it when you see it… ;}

Be sure to pick one up so you can take it to your friends’ houses like you’re still in high school, and you can be all ‘Dude, I’m friends with these people. We’re besties. On the internets…’ Then you can sign your copy and leave it at their home. Whispering ‘you’re welcome’ patting them on their heads as you saunter out of the door. We should have a competition to see who can create the most awkward scenarios. Let’s buy fifty copies and roll around in them, then glue them to our bodies and make up a dance routine. What?

What is it about that glossy magazine? There’s something humbling and surreal about seeing one of our spaces in print. We’re beyond completely honored they wanted to show us some love. Go check it out!

Have a happy, inspired day, everyone. I’m off to tackle Mt. Vesuvius. In what may or may not be a Cottages and Bungalows body suit.

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Responses to cottages and bungalows : june 2012

  1. amazing! Congrats!! I will have to go out and get this issue:)

  2. This IS exciting and fun news!
    First let me congratulate you on your awesome spelling powers. lol
    Next I’ll say a hearty congrats for the feature in “Cottages and Bungalows”!! That’s completely made of awesome :)
    Finally, if you find a way to conquer the beast known as “Laundry”, do share. I fear a battle loss is upon me. {insert roadrunner/coyote-type-sign here reading HELP!}

  3. Ashley, a few days ago I was at the grocery store, and flipped that mag open. Usually I just browse and put away, but low and behold, there you were! Woah! Totally purchased that one! :-) Great article!
    Have a super weekend!

  4. Julie says:

    Congrats to you, Ashley! I’m definitely gonna have to check it out!

  5. Lisa H. says:

    How cool is that?! Cottages & Bungalows is one of the few magazines that I still buy occasionally. Now I’m definitely going to have to pick it up!


  6. How FUN! Congrats!! :)

    ps- you crack me up – have such a happy weekend!


  7. Jenn says:

    So awesome! Definitely going to pick up a copy ASAP!!

  8. Holly says:

    Will pick that up for sure! Congratulations on the mag spread and recovering from the ‘episode’ (that is not easy with 3 little ones!!).

  9. michelle says:

    You are sooo funny! I so look forward to having a giggle with you, thanks for putting a smile on my face! You are so well deserving of the magazine love, and you should wear that bodysuit with pride:D By the way, I’m totally understanding your laundry pain. I almost found the bottom of my large mountain, when my adorable BUSY five year old super hero busted in and crumbled the mountains of folded laundry. Back. To. Square. One. I think I’ll do the sit on the couch and throw Cheerios with my kids and feel sorry for myself game now. By the way…how goes the couch search…is there a Chesterfield in your future?

  10. Dorothy says:

    How cool! I’ll have to run out and pick one up . I can spell, but frankly, I’d rather my house were as cute as yours if I had the ability to swap! :)

  11. Melanie says:

    AWESOME! You are hilarious; I would do that except I want to keep the magazine. I’ll just do the bragging and not the leaving part. 😉 Planning on picking one up next time I’m out and about!

  12. Hooray for you, internet bestie! That really is exciting :) And I love Layla and Kevin, too!

  13. ooooohhhh congratulations! YOU ROCK! and you!

    I already had a c&b bodysuit before this post – didn’t you? lol


  14. Jami Nato says:

    girrrrl, that’s major.